Seven Days To Die is a first person survival game that is in early access right now. The game is available on Steam and is getting a huge amount of updates every week. One of the many updates the game is getting has to do with making it easier to obtain Molotov cocktails. In the game, you can craft Molotov cocktails in the chemistry lab which will allow you to throw them at zombies from a safe distance. I am going to show you how to craft one of these cocktails in the game.

A fireball is a type of weapon that can be thrown at enemies. It’s a very dangerous melee weapon that can be used to take out enemies in a quick fashion. If you’ve never seen a fireball before, here is a video of me throwing one around and having some fun.

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The Molotov cocktail is one of the firearms you can have in the game 7 Days To Die.

It can be very useful when fighting hordes during the Night of the Blood Moon.

You can also throw it at the door and it will burn the zombies from the door.

Here you will learn how to get Molotov cocktails in the game 7 Days To Die.

How to make a Molotov cocktail

Of course you can get a Molotov cocktail from a dealer, from loot, or even from the air.

The alternative is to make them.

You just need to, from alpha 19.3 :

  • Tissue fragment x 1
  • Gas bottle x 300
  • Oil x 1
  • Empty water jug x 1

Articles such as. B. a gas cylinder can be obtained by dismantling the vehicle with a key.

7 Days To Die: How To Get Molotov Cocktails

Once you’ve made Molotov cocktails, you can use them against the zombies. Set it up and hold the LMB to determine how far you want to throw.

7 Days To Die: How To Get Molotov Cocktails

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