Trove is a sandbox MMORPG that has existed for several years, with big updates every now and then. No, the game doesn’t look like Minecraft, but it’s basically the same idea. You build up your home and your farms, gather materials, fight monsters and develop based on your character’s skills and your level. The most interesting thing about Trove, however, is the way it’s not designed around a central MMO server, but instead runs on a “blocky” server. This means that your character can move around the world in different ways, as long as they’re not in water. This means that you’re not always forced into an encounter, and that you can go back to hunting for materials, if you aren’t

Trove is a sandbox game created by Trion Worlds in 2012. It was originally released for the PS3 and later ported to the PC. The game allows players to build virtual worlds made of cubes in a 3D environment, and create their own creative worlds.

Trove is the latest indie sandbox game from Trion Worlds, and it has finally landed on Nintendo’s hybrid console – the Nintendo Switch. It’s a game that allows you to build your own world (much like Minecraft) and explore it, craft items, and fight monsters. However, unlike Minecraft, Trove allows you to mix and match two different kinds of sand into the landscape: organic and inorganic.

Blocky sandbox Trove has finally launched on the Nintendo Switch

Trove’s summer outings have only just begun: Just a week after the release of the Bard update on PC, Gamigo’s hit MMORPG is also coming to Nintendo Switch. The game is very popular here, thanks to its convenient housing and club system, flexible class mechanisms, and ever-growing crafting tools.

In a seamless blend of adventure, world building, and thrilling combat, players can explore a game full of challenges and new friends with each of Trove’s 17 unique and quirky classes. Trove is different from all other games on the market. It is constantly evolving and is shaped by the community, literally. Players can create their own weapons, items, dungeons and more. They can enjoy these new creations in their own game worlds, and by sending them to the Trove team, they can be added to the full game – over 5,000 player works have been added so far, for all Trove players to enjoy.

It should be noted that Trove is not cross-platform. So if you’re already a PC gamer, you can’t play on a console with your existing account.

According to Gamigo, which bought the game from original developer Trion Worlds a few years ago, the game now has 28 million players on PC and consoles. Let’s see if Switch can add more. Trailer!


Source: Press release

ViewTrove has finally launched on the Nintendo Switch, and it’s a dream come true for Nintendo fans who have been waiting a long, long time to play a little bit of Trove in a portable way.. Read more about nintendo switch models and let us know what you think.

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