It is the year 2044. We are living in a “futuristic” game simulation where there are no natural disasters or war.  There are no diseases either. Everyone is healthy and fit. At the same time, everyone needs to work to earn their daily living. It is a normal and “normal” life that we have in the year 2044.

Gameplay is the core of the game, so I will focus on that. The game starts with a tutorial, which is very easy and can be skipped. The controls are very simple: Arrows to move left and right, X to jump, and space to attack. The game is very short, and ends with a boss.

If you are looking for answers regarding glitches, walkthroughs, and guides in ‘Grounded’, then you have come to the right place. Grounded is an award-winning action-strategy game where you must balance your team in order to navigate through the game. To accomplish this, you’ll need to strategically choose which team members to assign to different areas.

Looking for the list of subjects, curriculum and course details for a degree in Economics?

Get all the details about Bachelor of Economics like course list, syllabus, course details, fees, admission procedure, salary, eligibility criteria, job profile etc.

If you are interested in writing, reading and analysis, a degree in economics is one of the best courses for you.

Bachelor of Economics Course Details

The Bachelor of Arts in Economics is one of the best undergraduate programs for post-secondary students.

Economics is the study of social sciences that deals with the production, consumption of goods and services, distribution, use of human resources by the society, etc.

Selection criteria – Grade 12

Course duration – 3 years (6 semesters)

Admission procedure – Direct / performance / entrance exams

Course fee – 10K – 30K per year

Salary – 3 lakhs – 6 lakhs per annum

List of subjects and study plan for the Bachelor’s programme in English

Semester 1

Introduction to microeconomics

Supply and demand : How markets work, markets and prosperity
Fixed and perfect market structure
Imperfect market structure
Factor markets

Mathematical methods for economics-I

Functions in one variable
Optimization in one variable
Functional integration
Differential equations

Compulsory Skills Development Course (CSDC)-I

General course (GE) I

Semester 2

Introduction to macroeconomics

Introduction to macroeconomics and national accounts
Short-term closed economy

Mathematical methods for economics-II

Differential equations
Linear algebra
Functions of several real variables
Multivariate optimization

Mandatory course on capacity increase (MECC)-II

General option (GE) – II

Semester 3

Advanced microeconomics – I

Consumer theory
Production, costs and perfect competition

Intermediate in Macroeconomics I

Inflation, unemployment and expectations
Models of open economy

Statistical methods for economics

Introduction and overview
Basic probability theory
Random variables and probability distributions
Random sampling and jointly distributed random variables
Point and interval estimation

Advanced Training Course (ATC)-I

General option (GE) – III

Semester 4

Advanced microeconomics II

General equilibrium, efficiency and welfare
Market structure and game theory
Market failure

Macro-economics-II for advanced students

Economic growth
Microeconomic foundations
Fiscal and monetary policy
Macroeconomic mindsets

introduction to economics

Nature and scope of econometrics
Statistical concepts
Simple linear regression model : Case with two variables
Multiple linear regression model
Violations of classical assumptions : Consequences, detection and recovery
Specification analysis

Continuing Education (SEC)-II

General electives (GEC) – IV

Semester 5

Indian Economy-I

Economic development after independence
Population and human development
Growth and distribution
International comparisons

Development Economics-I

1. Development concepts
Growth and empirical models
Poverty and inequality : Definitions, policies and mechanisms
Political institutions and public functioning

Specific elective course (DSE) I (one of the following options)

i) Economics of health and education
ii) Applied econometrics
iii) Economic history of India
iv) Topics in microeconomics-I
v) Political economy-I
vi) Money and financial markets

Specific elective (SES) – II (one of the following subjects)

i) Economics of Health and Education
ii) Applied Econometrics
iii) Economic History of India
iv) Topics in Microeconomics-I
v) Political Economy-I
vi) Money and Financial Markets

Semester 6

The Indian Economy-II

Macroeconomic policies and their impact
Policies and indicators in agriculture
Policies and indicators in industry
Trends and indicators in the service sector

Development Economics-II

Land, labour and credit markets
Individuals, communities and collective outcomes
Environment and sustainable development

Specific elective (SES) – III (one of the following subjects)

viii) Political economy-II
ix) Comparative economic development (1850-1950)
(1857-1947) x) Financial economics
xi) Topics in microeconomics-II
xii) Environmental economics
xiii) International economics

Specific electives (DSE) – IV

viii) Political economy-II
ix) Comparative economic development (1850-1950)
(1857-1947) x) Financial economics
xi) Topics in microeconomics-II
xii) Environmental economics
xiii) International economics

Job profile

Executive assistant
Civil servant
Human resources officer
Policy analyst

1. Master of Arts (MA)

2. Master in Social Work

3. Master of Business Administration

4. Master of Fine Arts

5. Master in Mass Communication

6. Bachelor of Education

7. Digital Marketing

Leading universities

Daulat Ram College, New Delhi
Chandigarh University, Chandigarh
Indian Institute of Art and Design
Presidenti University, Kolkata
Amiti University, Gurugram
Lady Sri Ram College for Women, New Delhi
Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, New Delhi
Hansraj College, New Delhi
Miranda House, New Delhi

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List of courses and curriculum for the Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, detailed information about the program.

List of subjects and syllabus for the basic history course, course details

Q1 – What are the best post-baccalaureate courses in history?

A – There are high level courses like MA, MFA, MBA, Digital Marketing, MBA etc. after the undergraduate degree.

Q2 – What are the subjects studied in the first semester of a degree in economics?

A – Introduction to Microeconomics, Mathematical Methods for Economics-I, Compulsory Skills Enhancement Course (CSEC)-I, General Elective (GE)-I.

Q3 – Is a bachelor’s degree in history a good study?

A – It’s a very good job after the 12th. Humanities. You can learn for your future.Hi there! My name is Brad, and I’ve been making games for over 2 years now. I studied game development at TU Delft, and I got my first programming job at a game studio there. I also worked in game design, and I was one of the many that helped make the original Flappy Bird.. Read more about grounded crafting guide and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you proceed in grounded?

I am currently working on a game I first started developing in the summer of 2014. I have been working on it ever since, and its grown a lot since then. It is still incomplete, but it is making progress. I decided to make a blog to track its progress, and to share it along the way. Grounded is a sci-fi first-person adventure set in a space station inhabited by an all-female team of astronauts. The game follows the story of Captain Xi-Ren as she tries to earn their trust and uncover the truth behind their abduction.

What are you supposed to do in grounded?

The whole city is grounded and all the planes are gone. The world is in ruins. But you’re a pilot. What’s stopping you from picking up a plane and flying away? No game is perfect. Grounded is no exception. We are constantly working to improve the game, but we’d like you to take a look at the 1.2 update so that you know what’s new. This update adds a lot of cool features:

How many missions are there in grounded?

The “Grounded” game is a futuristic first-person shooter (FPS) game playable on your PC and Xbox! It is set in a quasi-science fiction world where several countries have banded together to form the “Galactic Council” to guide the development of the human race. But, something is wrong, and the Council will use any means necessary, including espionage, to try to stop the emergence of a secret group of individuals who are attempting to destroy the Council. You must decide who to believe, and who to trust, and then work to thwart the plans of the opposing side. We all know the basic formula for a good video game: excellent gameplay, stunning graphics, a complex story and of course a catchy soundtrack. But not many of us have played a game that is as much about exploring mind-bending puzzles as it is about fighting evil. The latest title from indie developer Austin Peery, however, is a game that has it all. The developer calls his latest project “a puzzle adventure game”.

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