While Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a great game, the actual fighting mechanics are a bit on the boring side, especially if you have already played the previous game and know the basic moves. That is where the Skill Books come in. These books can be combined in various ways to create powerful abilities, such as being able to cast two fireballs at once or summoning a small flame spirit to distract enemies.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a game about the players’ decisions and choices. It’s about how they interact with the world and the consequences of those interactions. It’s also an RPG game. At it’s heart, it’s about skill books. What you say when you talk to NPCs, how you approach a fight, and what you use your skill books for, can all have a profound effect on your game.

There are various ways to level up Divinity: Original Sin 2. One technique that has worked for many players is to string together skill points earned by repeatedly using actions that grant XP. Since this method is often a little tedious and time-consuming, we have written a list of all the combinations of skill books that grant the same amount of XP.

Most representations of magic in popular literature are no different from those in science; some obscure rules and knowledge may be used, but at its core it’s mostly about throwing concepts against the wall and seeing what sticks. Like mixing two kinds of chemicals, mixing two elements of magic can have surprising (and deadly) results. Here is a list of skill book combinations for Divinity: Original Sin 2.

In Divinity: In Original Sin 2, you can combine skill books – books that equip a character with various magical and non-magical abilities – to create entirely new skills. Two skill books can be combined to create something new, noting that different skills are created when one of the skill books is used for a resource skill that consumes resource points when used.

Divinity: Original Sin 2Skill Book Combinations

Here is a complete list of skill book combinations in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

  • Fire + necromancy = corpse explosion (makes a corpse explode like a bomb)
  • Fire + Polymorph = bleeding fire (enemies create burning areas nearby when hit).
  • Fire + War = Sparkling Momentum (physical attacks bounce from target to target).
  • Fire + fighter = fall (laying an explosive mine)
  • Fire + Sneak = Sabotage (detonate explosives in the target’s inventory).
  • Fire + challenge = fire injection (train a minion to make fireballs, make him fire-bound).
  • Air + Necromancy = Vacuum touch (damages, suffocates and dampens at the same time)
  • Air + Polymorph = Evaporation (cures petrification and frostbite, turns surfaces into clouds)
  • Air + War = Bubble (Makes you immune to clouds and suffocation)
  • Air + Fighter = Wisp (the target is thrown to a random point when hit).
  • Air + stealth = smoke protection (create a cloud around you)
  • Air + Summoning = Electric Infusion (causes a servant to become electrically charged, binding them to electricity).
  • Water + Necromancy = Blood Rain (makes enemies bleed permanently, extinguishes fire)
  • Water + Polymorph = Healing Tears (heals nearby allies)
  • Water + War = cleanse wounds (removes condition effects such as burning, disabling, rotting, poisoning and bleeding).
  • Water + Hunter = Cyrotherapy (obtaining magical armor from frozen surfaces)
  • Water + Sneak = Vampiric Hunger (steals half your opponent’s life for two turns).
  • Water + Summon = Water Infusion (trains a servant to recover, makes them water-bound).
  • Earth + Necromancy = Corrosive Mist (sprays acid in a conical beam)
  • Earth + Polymorph = transforms into oil (transforms other liquids into oil, eliminates stickiness and shocks)
  • Earth + War = Oily Shell (gets physical armor from oily surfaces)
  • Earth + Hunter = Vacuum (damages and blinds enemies, removes surface and cloud effects)
  • Earth + Rogue = Protection from poison (enemies attacked with weapons take poison damage).
  • Earth + Summon = Poison Injection (train a minion with Poison Arrow, make it poison-bound).
  • Polymorph 2 + Fire 2 = Flame Skin (insensitivity to fire damage, fire bleeds on contact, reduced water resistance)
  • Polymorph 2 + Water 2 = Ice Skin (insensitive to water damage, bleeds ice on contact, reduced resistance to fire)
  • Polymorph 2 + Air 2 = Jellyfish Skin (immune to electrical damage, bleeds lightning on impact, reduced resistance to poison and earth).
  • Polymorph 2 + Earth 2 = Poisoned Skin (immune to poison and earth, bleeds poison when hit, reduced air resistance).
  • Fire 2 + Necromancer 2 = Massive Corpse Blast (blows up all the corpses in the area).
  • Fire 2 + War 2 = Spark Master (applies spark treatment to the entire group)
  • Fire 2 + Hunter 2 = massive traps (laying multiple explosive mines).
  • Fire 2 + Sneak 2 = Mass Sabotage (detonates two explosives in enemy inventory)
  • Summon 2 + Earth 2 = Acid Injection (trains a minion with Poison Dart and Acid Spore, makes him acid bound).
  • Summon 2 + Air 2 = Cursed Electric Injection (causes a minion on Electric Discharge and Closed Circuit, makes it linked to Cursed Electricity).
  • Summon 2 + Water 2 = Ice Infusion (causes Restore Servants and Steam Plant, makes them ice bound).
  • Summon 2 + Fire 2 = Necrofire Injection (teaches a Servant Fireball and Fire Epidemic, and pairs him with Necrofire).
  • Summon 2 + Necromancer 2 = Blood Injection (trains a minion from the mosquito swarm, makes him bloody).

The skill books themselves are fairly simple to pick up and combine, but there are a few things you need to know about them, such as: – Skill books can be combined in any order, but you have to pick one to start with. – You can only use a skill book on a skill you have already learned. You cannot learn a skill from a skill book when you are not on that skill path. – Skill books can have a positive or negative effect on a skill, so pay attention to that.. Read more about divinity original sin 2 crafting and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What skill books can you combine in Divinity 2?

Divinity 2 has a skill tree that you can spend points on to improve your character. -Weapon skills -Armor skills -Skill books -Spells Weapon skills Armor skills Skill books Spells

Can you make blank skill books Divinity 2?

Yes, I can make skill books for Divinity 2.

Can you combine spells Divinity 2?

Yes, you can combine spells.

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