The Summer WAP Challenge is an annual contest in which users take on the challenge of reaching as many websites as possible within a month.

BitLife is a new game that comes from the WAP Challenge creators. It’s a simplistic game that requires you to make a simple task such as “Go to the store and buy the item”, or “Go to the subway station and take the subway”. There are two different levels of completion to the game: easy and hard. Easy is when you could complete the task, but without a lot of effort. Hard is when you have to put in a lot of effort to complete the task.

How to complete the WAP Challenge in BitLife

Bitizens, it’s that time of year again! The weekly challenge has come, and this week we’re taking on the role of Cardi B, the well-known American musician and actress. BitLife wants to test whether you have what it takes to live up to the moniker of the New York City native. We’ll show you how to accomplish the WAP Challenge in BitLife in this tutorial.

You’re correct if you believe this challenge includes cats.

Here’s how you accomplish BitLife’s WAP Challenge.

  1. In New York, you may be born a woman.
  2. Make a living as a stripper.
  3. Become a well-known rapper
  4. At the very least, you should have two double-platinum singles.
  5. At least five cats should be bathed.

Begin a new life as a girl born in New York, or continue an existing one. You should strive for excellent looks and intellect, since these characteristics will benefit you in the long run. It will also help you retain your intellect as you mature as a person by getting good marks. 

In BitLife, you may become a stripper.

You’ll need to obtain a job as a stripper when you’re at least eighteen years old. This job may be found by going to the professions page and then pressing on jobs. Because it is a sporadic work, it may or may not appear on your list. Continue to restart BitLife till it eventually appears.

As a rapper, how to achieve at least two double-platinum singles

You’ll want to acquire the unique music skill, which God Mode can help you with. If you don’t have God Mode, start learning to play an instrument when you’re six years old. Your character is given the talent at random, and you can determine whether you have it by how fast your ability to play an instrument improves. 

If the green bar doesn’t go up at all or goes up slowly, chances are you do not have it. You can keep creating new lives until you do get this. Once you have the special musical talent, practice your instrument three times a year by going into the Activities and Mind & Body tab. Keep doing this until it is at the maximum level. You should also get the option to do voice lessons at around age 11 or so, so switch to that when you can.

The difficult thing is still to come: becoming a rapper with two double-platinum songs. You should have some amazing musical ability if you followed the instructions above. When you’ve maxed out your stats, head to the jobs area and choose one of the unique professions. Choose solo artist from the musician drop-down menu. For the career type, choose rapper. Sign the deal, and you’re now a well-known rapper. 

If you work hard enough in your profession, you’ll be able to create several double-platinum singles. As your fame grows, be sure to release some singles. Staying on top of all of your social media profiles and ensuring that your popularity is at its peak may also improve your chances. Because it is a luck-based game, it may take a few lives to find someone with the appropriate amount of luck.

Bathe at least five cats

It wouldn’t be a full WAP Challenge in BitLife if Cardi B’s passion for cats wasn’t included in. Get yourself five different cats by going to activities, then pets. Then, from the relationships tab, touch on each cat’s name and choose the option to wash them.

I hope this information helps you in completing the WAP Challenge. Good luck with your endeavors!

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