Arrogant anime characters are a staple of the genre, but some are more rude than others. This list includes both male and female characters who have made their mark on anime culture for being downright mean to other characters.

The rudest is a list of the most rude and arrogant anime characters from both genders.

I believe that everyone is a jerk at some level; the majority of us just don’t know how to control or conceal it.

Some individuals, on the other hand, are incapable of self-control. Their harshness may be sensed from a long distance.

This rule applies to anime as well, since for every saint character, there is at least one that spits in people’s coffee.

And for this list, we’ll be looking at the worst of the most obnoxious characters ever created.

Please keep in mind that just because I think they’re nasty or arrogant doesn’t imply they’re unlikable. So, if you see your waifu on here, don’t create a mob.


Sei Handa is number fifteen.

The Most Rude & Arrogant Anime Characters (Male + Female) –

Barakamon is a Japanese anime series.

I’m going to start with Sei since he immediately ate some humble pie and turned into a saint figure.

That does not, however, justify his initial attitude.

He envisioned himself as a brilliant artist who would be content with nothing less than first place. And if anybody tried to criticize his work, Sei would physically strike him in the face.

Sei gets bonus jerk points since he’s a young, powerful guy, and his victim was an elderly, weak man.

The island has changed him for the better, but his attitude when he first arrived was at best troubling.


Sakura Haruno is 14 years old.

The Most Rude & Arrogant Anime Characters (Male + Female) –

Naruto is a Japanese anime series.

Yes. Despite the fact that this episode has ninja terrorists and scary snake guys who just want your body, I found Sakura to be the most nasty.

I would add, though, that she is only really cruel to Naruto.

It was absurd that he was subjected to a torrent of insults and physical blows just for being. But it was when she granted herself the right to complain to Naruto about her loving family that she revealed herself to be an arrogant, out-of-touch, and mean-spirited person!

You know, the kid whose parents died when he was a baby and who has lived his whole life as a loner.

Yes, you total tool, go whine to him about your spoiled existence. The only reason she isn’t higher on this list is because she improves as the series progresses, and she is only truly nasty to Naruto.


13. Fango

The Most Rude & Arrogant Anime Characters (Male + Female) –

91 Days is a Japanese animated film.

This guy is nothing more than Cartman on steroids.

He doesn’t give a damn what other people think, and he’ll pee on your shoes simply to make you laugh. He’s also a little crazy, so you’ll have a hard time figuring out why he does anything.

And I say he’s like Cartman because he did the exact same thing he did (spoiler warning ahead):

He forced them to consume a meal containing their boss’s body. Although it isn’t as terrible as devouring your parents, the intent is still there.

His roughness and unpredictability, on the other hand, contributed a lot to the performance. Every situation he was in became instantly more vibrant.


Satoru Gojou is number 12 on the list.

The Most Rude & Arrogant Anime Characters (Male + Female) –

Jujutsu Kaisen is a Japanese anime series.

This one may seem strange at first, but bear with me.

Just image what it’s like to be up against this guy.

He’ll always tell you that you’re an useless piece of scum who he’s amusing to pass the time. “Now watch me as I beat my opponent senseless,” he’ll say as he teleports off with his pupil.

Even villains don’t deserve to be treated that badly.

Furthermore, he has publicly said that he would assassinate senior members of his own group if he does not agree with their tactics.

In terms of arrogance, he’s at the top of the heap.


Sam Ibrahim is number eleven.

The Most Rude & Arrogant Anime Characters (Male + Female) –

The Great Pretender (anime)

On this list, this has to be one of the most brutally realistic, nasty, and arrogant individuals. He’s simply a guy with a lot of clout and a lot of cash.

So, of course, he believes he is God’s gift to Earth – particularly to women – and that we should all be revered in his presence.

It’s a classic “money=importance” kind of guy who would criticize a woman’s appearance if she refuses to sleep with him.

His brother isn’t any better, so it must be a family problem.


Motoyasu Kitamura is number ten on the list.

The Most Rude & Arrogant Anime Characters (Male + Female) –

Anime: The Shield Hero’s Ascension

Motoyasu is a foolish knight with a neckbeard, and I despise him.

He’s so arrogant that he refuses to perceive anything that contradicts his point of view, and he makes it his personal mission to contextualize every event.

Consider how far up on your horse you’d have to go to say that a woman is in danger or being misled just because she’s hanging out with a guy you don’t like.

And don’t get me started on his attitude toward women.

He’s simply a regular pathetic loser.


9. Aqua

The Most Rude & Arrogant Anime Characters (Male + Female) –

KonoSuba is a Japanese anime series.

The disclaimer at the beginning of this article was mostly written for this selection.

Aqua is one of my favorite colors. Her thigh-loving club has more members than my humiliating recollections.

She is, however, a jerk.

Imagine dying and having a real goddess mock you for it.

Death is the one thing that brings people together, and Aqua can’t even accomplish that.

Being a goddess also entails that her ego can reach the moon and back, and she is always boasting about her immense power and significance.

It’s amusing when she receives a jolt of reality, however.


Escanor is number eight.

The Most Rude & Arrogant Anime Characters (Male + Female) –

The Seven Deadly Sins (Anime)

Escanor has the same problems as Gojou, but they are more obvious.

It’s not like anybody expected humility from the man who is actually the sin of pride.

He also has the most devastating one-liners you’ll ever witness when he’s in his day form.

He’s so arrogant that he can actually say in front of a guy who would turn you to stone if you lie, “I am the strongest.”

God himself might appear from the skies and inform Escanor that he isn’t the greatest at everything, and Escanor would just respond with a “who determined that?”

The guy is a complete jerk who has no fear of anybody because of his rudeness and attitude.


Shougo Tagushi is number seven.

The Most Rude & Arrogant Anime Characters (Male + Female) –

That Time I Was Reincarnated as a Slime in Anime

This guy genuinely believed he was the show’s main character.

He had the audacity to laugh at every other character on television, despite the fact that they had not been subjected to the isekai treatment. When he’s cornered, he just murders his companion, claiming that she’ll be more useful that way.

He was certain that he was the most significant character in the whole anime. And watching him get thrashed by a supporting character was the most entertaining thing I’ve watched in years.


6. Louis

The Most Rude & Arrogant Anime Characters (Male + Female) –

Beastars is a Japanese animated series.

I really understand Louis, and I have a great deal of respect for him, but he isn’t renowned for being kind.

He dedicated his life to demonstrating that a prey species can be on top, even if it meant stepping on a lot of toes in the process.

The way he addressed Legoshi and essentially humiliated him for being meek reeked of hubris and racism in the world.

He does have moments when his arrogance serves to highlight his overall toughness and drive, but antagonizing my boy Legoshi is something I can’t overlook.


Takumi Ichinose, No. 5

The Most Rude & Arrogant Anime Characters (Male + Female) –

Nana is a Japanese anime series.

Takumi is the kind of person who would slander you in front of your mother while you’re in the room.

He is unconcerned with bothersome emotions like empathy, and will wreak havoc on a person’s mental health if it means getting his way.

He’s the person that every parent dreads.

I can’t fully comprehend the severity of what he’s done since they all need a lot of context… Give Nana a look if you have some spare time.

You’ll see why he’s in the top five very soon.

It’s also a fantastic show.


Katsuki Bakugou is a character in the anime Katsuki Bakugou.

The Most Rude & Arrogant Anime Characters (Male + Female) –

My Hero Academia is an anime series based on the manga My Hero Academia.

No one should be shocked that Bakugou is on this list, although some may be surprised that he isn’t at the top.

This is because Bakugou, particularly later on, still has his moments of compassion.

Even his compassion, though, is disguised by a thick coating of rage and screams.

When he has something on his mind, he can’t help but shout at the top of his lungs. And he’s been in a foul temper for at least the last five years.

He’s no stranger to bullying, and he holds his colleagues in the same regard as wealthy people hold taxes.

There is, however, still hope for him.


Metori Saiko is number three.

The Most Rude & Arrogant Anime Characters (Male + Female) –

Anime: The Misadventures of Saiki K.

Metori comes to mind when it comes to wealthy individuals.

He’s somehow worse than the typical YouTube billionaire when it comes to flaunting his cash.

He’ll stare you down and simply ask how much money you’d like to become his step-stool for.

His ego, on the other hand, is frightening.

He went through a phase when he essentially wanted to starve to death rather than consume “peasant cuisine.”

In the few episodes that he has been in, I’m not sure he has uttered a single positive thing about anybody.

But I’m sure that he mentioned his brilliance in each of them.


2. Haruhi Suzumiya (Haruhi Suzumiya)

The Most Rude & Arrogant Anime Characters (Male + Female) –

Haruhi Suzumiya’s Melancholy (Anime)

Given that she is a deity, I can see why she would do such a thing.

But she is completely unaware of this!

In her mind, she’s just another high school student, but she still believes it’s OK to behave the way she does.

She has no qualms about taking advantage of people around her, and she treats supporting characters like cardboard cut-outs.

Plus, while never explicitly stating what she intended to accomplish, she started one of the worst arcs in anime history just because she didn’t have the “picture perfect summer.”

I get that she’s adorable and that her dance is akin to a mating ritual for OG anime lovers, but you have to agree that she’s not known for her excellent manners.


Eren Yeager is number one.

The Most Rude & Arrogant Anime Characters (Male + Female) –

Attack on Titan is a Japanese anime series.

Eren would have barely made my top fifteen in season one, since he was still arrogant but not as much.

However, the fact that he continued claiming that he was the one who would kill all the Titans, despite the reality that mankind as a whole had been unable to do so for years, irritated me.

And the entire training camp attitude of “weak people should go now” was a huge oof.

However, it was the first half of the previous season that propelled him to the top of the rankings.

I’m not sure whether he’ll explain his reasons since the series hasn’t finished yet (as of this writing), but what the heck was his discussion with Mikasa and Armin?

To speak so disrespectfully about your life-long pals who have saved your back numerous times, you must be insane.

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