Eternal Return is a mod for Terraria that adds a huge number of new items and enemies for players to use. It comes with its own unique mechanics and it’s a great way to spice up your Terraria experience. In this guide, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about Eternal Return and its items and enemies. This guide will be divided into three parts, covering all of the new Eternal Return content in detail. You’ll learn how to find the new enemies and items, how to use them, how to beat the new bosses, and more.

When you program your game, you may find that you need to create a character to fill a role and – this is important – keep that character alive. There are many ways to accomplish this, and many different advantages to doing so. One of the most popular is to create an Eternal Return Character. This is a character that will always return to life in a game, no matter how the player dies.

When you first start playing Eternal, you probably want to play a lot of Warmode (the 1-3 player version with no solo mode), but what do you do after that? Maybe you play a 2-player game like Team Ladder, or take the Challenge Coin Challenge. But what if you want to play as a single player, but you’re not done with the character yet? Then Eternal Return is for you.

For novices, Eternal Return is a tough game to master. You’ll need to master a variety of concepts, like crafting, routing, dueling, mid-game transitions, and more, since it mixes features from both MOBAs and battle royales.

As a result, you may wish to start with the fundamentals by learning one character before moving on to others. Let’s see which characters in Eternal Return are the most approachable to newcomers. In single, duet, or squad play, all of these characters are excellent.


Best Eternal Return Characters for Beginners

Jackie, the violent, chainsaw-wielding lunatic, is first on the list. With her Q and R abilities, she possesses excellent single target dueling skills. If they remain and fight while she has her chainsaw out, she can defeat almost anybody in a 1v1 battle.

Jackie’s W and E skills allow her to engage and disengage well, which is one of the reasons she is so good for novices. As a novice player, you may not be aware of a character’s skills or who wins certain matches. You always have the option of fleeing or leaping out to disengage if you notice a battle isn’t going your way.


Best Eternal Return Characters for Beginners

Luke is another character that is simple to pick up and immediately start placing high. At lower levels, Luke is a fantastic pubstomper, as he can easily rack up early kills and snowball quickly.

Many new players don’t know how to cope with Luke, declaring him to be OP after he repeatedly kills them. Luke, on the other hand, gets very little action at higher levels and is a considerably lower ranking character. He gets extremely weak if you can avoid his bottles and final bullet.

To play Luke successfully, all you have to do is begin with your Q. The R is a fantastic finishing move, although it isn’t always required. If you can get near enough to an opponent, press W to boost your attacks, and then auto attack them to death.

Luke’s flaw is that he is an all-in character with no ability to back out of battles. As a result, once you’ve committed to a battle, you’ll almost always have to fight to the finish.


Best Eternal Return Characters for Beginners

Magnus is a forgiving character to play since he’s one of the game’s tankiest characters and also has a high disengage with his R. When he uses his W spin, he becomes unstoppable, which may also be used as a means of escape.

Assuming you have similar mastery levels and have completed your build, opponents will often ignore you as a Magnus. Fighting Magnus is generally a fruitless endeavor that takes too long, allowing a third party to step in and clean up the mess. As a Magnus, you may often get high rankings just by doing your own thing.

Magnus, on the other hand, isn’t simply a beefcake; he can also do a lot of damage, particularly if he can strike opponents against walls. Overall, Magnus is a good character to start with for newcomers.


Best Eternal Return Characters for Beginners

Hyunwoo is, without a doubt, the most popular character among newcomers to Eternal Return. He’s tough and has a fast base movement speed, making him difficult to kill.

Hyunwoo’s passive feature Dogfight allows him to recover HP anytime he attacks or is attacked, and his W grants him extra defense, allowing you to escape out of dangerous situations without taking damage.

Because he’s so difficult to kill, Hyunwoo, like Magnus, can frequently make it to the late game simply by surviving or “ratting,” which is when you play like a rat by avoiding confrontations. This enables novice players to gain experience with additional elements of the game, such as crafting, transition goods, and final zone play.


Best Eternal Return Characters for Beginners

You’ll note that Aya is the only ranged character on our list of Eternal Return characters who isn’t difficult. This is due to the fact that ranged characters’ skillshots are more difficult to land than melee characters’. Ranged characters are also less forgiving to play, since it may be tough to escape if you’re caught out of position or jumped by a melee character.

Aya enters this list because all of her abilities are simple: you simply want to strike opponents in a straight line while remaining far away. Her builds all progress fast, enabling you to get an advantage in early encounters and perhaps snowball from there.

In addition, if you are attacked, Aya’s passive envelops you in a protective film, preventing any damage and allowing you to dash away with her E ability.

When partnered with a melee character that can go in and initiate/tank damage, Aya is especially effective for duos and squads.


That concludes our list of the finest Eternal Return characters for newcomers. But, in the end, everyone has their own tastes, so you’ll have to test each one for yourself to figure out which one is best.

If you’ve ever played League of Legends, DoTA, or any MOBA, you probably already have a favorite character. In such case, go to the testing mode in the game and try out all of the characters to determine which one looks the most like your main character. You’ll probably have little trouble adjusting.

Let us know in the comments which characters for beginners you prefer!

When you’re just starting out in RPGs, the first thing everyone wants to know about is which characters to roll, and which to avoid. The eternal-return-er (or “ER” for short) is the ultimate newbie. They’re probably new to role-playing games, and are eager to learn all they can.. Read more about eternal return best players and let us know what you think.

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