Samurai Warriors 5 is a real-time action game that allows the player to take control of both the Samurai and the Ninja as they fight against numerous enemies.

This week, we’ve got two new tips and tricks for Samurai Warriors 5’s combat system. The first one is an easy way to charge your heavy attacks without using your stamina gauge or waiting for your health to regenerate. The second one is a trick that allows you to poison the enemy even if they are blocking.

The lengthy and intense Samurai Warriors series is one of the most popular games on the Playstation 2, but it’s also one of the strangest, thanks to its unique combat system. Every character has their own fighting style and fighting style is affected by several factors, including how the character performs during the heat of battle. So, what are the best ways to survive and win in Samurai Warriors 5?

The fighting system in Samurai Warriors 5 is crazy, and it may be intimidating to beginners. It’s difficult to see what’s going on since there are so many opponents on screen, and each character seems like they should be played differently. If you utilize these basic fighting tips and techniques every time you go into battle, the game will become considerably less intimidating and much simpler to master.

At first, ignore the combo meter.

In Samurai Warriors 5, there is a combo meter, but it doesn’t have to signify anything if you don’t want it to. When you achieve a specific amount of combinations with each character, their stats will be boosted and they will momentarily become more powerful. However, there is no need to pay attention to it at the outset of a fight. Instead, think of it as a scoreboard that you can use to come back and beat later.

Don’t be scared to go head-on into your foes.

Samurai Warriors 5 is set up such that you may throw each of your characters into battle and tear opponents apart. Soldiers should be flying around everywhere as you fight your way through them. Holding back and focusing on smaller groups of opponents at a time will not get you far. Rather, concentrate on slicing through swaths of troops until you reach the next goal. It’s excellent practice and provides you extra Musou energy, at the very least.

Keep your eyes peeled for the map.

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A vital tool is the map in the top right-hand corner of the screen. This allows you to keep track of huge groups of opponents, observe the primary boss, and identify any additional named bosses in the region. As you fight, keep an eye out for the larger red dots and head towards them to earn more bonus objectives. By pressing the left joystick, you can zoom in on the larger enemies, making it easier to track them.

Musou should be saved for bosses and identified opponents.

As you battle bosses and named foes, your Musou meter will fill up. However, only use it if you’re fighting one of these enemies. It’s tempting to spam your Musou Attack anytime it’s fully charged, but you’ll regret it if you have to confront a difficult opponent with no Musou energy.

Use as many Musou Attacks as you can against as many opponents as you can.

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Musou Attacks have the ability to strike hundreds of opponents all at once. You should attempt to utilize them against as many opponents as possible since they’re the most powerful techniques in the game. Known opponents and bosses are typically hidden amid a swarm of allies. If your Musou Attack is completely charged, try to strike as many of these opponents as possible before unleashing it. You’ll raise your combo meter, harm the specified opponent, and eliminate a large number of enemies all at once this manner.

Wait until the last boss to unleash your anger.

When a character’s anger meter is completely charged towards the conclusion of a fight, they may enter rage. Their attacks and stats are all boosted when in this condition. While fury is engaged, Musou Attacks are much more potent. As a consequence, you should reserve this condition for when you’re facing the ultimate boss at the conclusion of a battle. Even a strong final monster will be destroyed by a rage-fueled Musou Attack precisely when you need it. So don’t squander it on a smattering of troops.

As you battle, heal.

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Healing supplies may be found in containers all around the battlefield. As you travel between regions, you may shatter them and pick up the healing things within. Because they’re limited and very helpful, try to utilize them carefully. Only heal a character when their health reaches the yellow or red zone. If not, you should be able to fight through at least one more combat before needing to rest.

To defeat strong opponents, combine your strikes.

As you advance through the game, you’ll come up against specialist troops that can block your assaults. There are also named opponents and bosses who will do the same. While you may resist incoming strikes from these opponents and wait for a chance to strike, it’s far simpler to overcome their defenses by combining light and heavy blows. By experimenting with attack combinations, you may create elemental bursts of entry that can shatter any enemy’s defense, enabling you to close in and strike them more effectively.

To go between objectives, ride a horse.

While you are undoubtedly aware that you can summon your horse in the midst of a fight, you are unlikely to do so. Horses seem to be slower than characters at first, but they soon become the quickest method of transportation on the battlefield. If you need to go to a location on the other side of the map, you’ll need to utilize a horse. Getting to an objective fast may be the difference between passing and failing a bonus objective. The quicker you can complete the fight, the more prizes you’ll get at the end.

To move quicker, swap characters.

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You’ll be able to switch between several characters in certain fights. The secondary character will show on the map as a tiny image, and you’ll be able to watch them moving about, either fighting opponents or pursuing goals. Bonus goals may require you to guide a character to a certain location or to eliminate bosses on the opposite side of the map before they murder your friends. If your second character is closer to the goal than your current one, switching to them is considerably quicker than getting your main character to run or ride all the way across. Don’t be scared to switch characters and fight for a while; your main character will eventually come, and you may switch back to them as soon as they arrive.

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