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Ever wonder what you can do with empty yarn spools, empty paint cans, empty peanut butter jars, etc.- or have a lovely idea that you want to share with others? Well, today I want to share my latest obsession with all of you: My latest featured project is a craft project that involves all of the above.

Do you want to decorate your home, or just eat better food? Do you want to save money, or just plain enjoy shopping? The first are a whole lot easier than you may think. In this blog, we’re going to show you how to get all three done for free! I’ll be taking you through a whole bunch of different décor activities you can do for free, all of which will make your home feel more like home, and all of which will help you save money as well. I’ll also be showing you a bunch of different food and drink ideas that will help you save even more money, so you can eat healthier and eat out less.

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and turkey stuffing.

Smoked ham is in high demand. And after the year’s largest dinner, everyone is unable to move.

For most people, this is also the final big holiday before winter sets in, and before we get to bring out all the wonderful Christmas CC.

As a result, for this article, we’ll look at some of the most important Thanksgiving CC for The Sims 4.


Shovels and Rakes for the Garden

Décor, Food & More (All Free) –

Take a Look At This CC

With this fall tool set, it’s time to clean the leaves.

And because the youngsters are certain to make a mess, having a rake on hand is a smart idea.

When the trees begin to lose their leaves, this rake and shovel CC set is a must-have.

Also excellent for scavenging in pumpkin patches throughout the Thanksgiving season. It includes everything you’ll need to tidy up the yard in time for the big meal.


Cheese with Ham

Décor, Food & More (All Free) –

Take a Look At This CC

The turkey is unquestionably the most popular Thanksgiving dish.

The smoked ham, on the other hand, is an underappreciated treasure in my opinion.

All of us ham lovers may now enjoy this dish with some delectable white cheese on the side, thanks to SIMcredible.

It’s a lovely décor dinner with two color options.


Pillows for Cozy Falls

Décor, Food & More (All Free) –

Take a Look At This CC

Are you ready for a sleep after your Thanksgiving meal?

neinahpets, a CC Creator, has created a fantastic cushion set that is great for Thanksgiving and the autumn season in general.

Classic auburn and orange hues are available in five different combinations, ideal for bringing out when the leaves fall to the ground.

Just looking at these items is making me weary. I’m going to take a 5-minute break before returning to this…


Leaves Falling

Décor, Food & More (All Free) –

Take a Look At This CC

It’s a good thing we brought the rake with us since it’ll come in handy with these falling leaves.

We get a nice patch of fallen orange leaves with this CC.

And this will undoubtedly create the ideal atmosphere for a Thanksgiving dinner.

This is also ideal for when Turkey Day arrives for those who have Seasons installed.


Sweaters That Are Perfect For Fall

Décor, Food & More (All Free) –

Take a Look At This CC

With these warm autumn sweaters from SimmieV, we have our next item.

There’s something about this time of year that makes me want to be warm and comfortable, especially with a good thick sweater to conceal my Thanksgiving tummy.

The sweaters are one-of-a-kind, with 16 distinct patterns, including my personal favorite, a rough orange finish with falling leaves.

This is a great look for guys to wear to Thanksgiving dinner.

Also, if you’re looking for more sweater inspiration, have a look at this other CC list we put together.


Clutter in the Aurum Bedroom Decorations

Décor, Food & More (All Free) –

Take a Look At This CC

Wondymoon, a famous designer, has put together a great clutter collection with different decorations.

A “Autumn” lettering décor piece, gorgeous branches, a light-up pumpkin, and my personal favorite: a Thanksgiving wreath composed of fall leaves are all included in this package.

It’s a wonderful set to use to add additional decorative pieces for Turkey Day, and to wow your Sims’ relatives with all the fall-themed things you have laying about their house.


Sticker of a Cornucopia

Décor, Food & More (All Free) –

Take a Look At This CC

The traditional cornucopia is another Thanksgiving staple.

While I was unable to locate a real cornucopia décor item, this fantastic sticker would suffice.

Perhaps we could get the help of one of the CC designers to create a décor one? For the sake of the table and such.

In any case, this big sticker may help you get into the mood by serving as a pleasant reminder to your family…

It’s Thanksgiving Day!


Tracksuit for Thanksgiving

Décor, Food & More (All Free) –

Take a Look At This CC

We must not overlook the children.

To be honest, they do contribute to the enjoyment of many holidays.

You know how it goes: Christmas presents, Easter egg hunts, and so on.

They’re usually just useful for creating a mess during Thanksgiving.

But, apart from that, have a look at these unique Thanksgiving-themed child tracksuits.

These designs are all one-of-a-kind, and they all include a fantastic turkey and chick animation.

The all-smoky brown tracksuits with the tiny turkey guy in a top hat are my favorites.

These tracksuits are simply extremely amazing, with a variety of imaginative patterns and even the care to make every bird distinct throughout all 6 colors in this CC.


Paintings for Thanksgiving

Décor, Food & More (All Free) –

Take a Look At This CC

If you’re having trouble deciding how to decorate your Sim’s home for a holiday like Thanksgiving, adding some new artwork may always help to brighten things up.

In this collection, creator spitzmagic provides us with four wonderfully created paintings that depict all of the major elements of Thanksgiving.

We’ve got a cornucopia full of goodies, pumpkins, and the ever-popular “Happy Thanksgiving” painting with floating leaves.

With distinct designs across all four canvases, this is a simple addition to your game for a fast Thanksgiving feel.


Apron for Feast Day

Décor, Food & More (All Free) –

Take a Look At This CC

This Thanksgiving, it’s the guys who are doing the heavy lifting in the kitchen.

Well, I suppose it doesn’t matter who cooks – but today we’re putting the burden on the guys.

SimmieV’s aprons come in eight different designs, the majority of them are plaid patterns in fall hues.

We also have a few with a turkey on them, with a pattern and color palette that is similar to the toddler tracksuit CC we described before.

These aprons are ideal for Thanksgiving, since they include the holiday’s culinary elements.

Furthermore, each of them has a distinctive design that is appropriate for both the Fall and Thanksgiving seasons.

This package has made my life so much easier!

This text is sensitive. Try generating new copy.. Read more about food decoration techniques and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are some examples of garnishes?

Some examples of garnishes are lemon wedges, lime wedges, orange wedges, and grapefruit wedges.

What is food decor called?

Food decor is called food styling.

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