I make CC (Creator Content) for The Sims 4. It is free, and I am always updating my creations. There are only CCs that I have made for the game. These are: *FRIEND* (free) *REVENGE* (free) *RELIEF* (free) *PINK* (free) *INTELLIGENCE* (free) *FELICITY* (free) *LATINA* (free) *JUJU* (free) *REVIVAL* (free) *CULTURAL* (free) *CYBER* (free) *BEST* (free) *PARADISE* (free) *

Check out the list of the best free Sims 4 CC. Some of them are free for a limited time, some are free forever, and others are subscription based. All of them are awesome and good for the game. But, some of them are popular because of the spy theme.

Espionage. Intrigue. Drama.

What’s not to like about spies?

Although the career as a secret agent is more familiar in The Sims 4, there’s something exciting about our Sims leaving their normal lives behind to sneak into dangerous situations.

But it’s not enough to be a spy, you also have to look like one and live like one.

Therefore, these CC spy items are essential for the spy simulation in your game.

Secret Spy House Lot

Best Sims 4 Spy-Themed CC (All Free) –

Look at this game.

Simlicy is one of the most popular Sim YouTubers, and for good reason:

She shares amazing creations like this one!

The secret spy house is a 40×20 living space with a twist.

The ground and upper floors represent a typical single-family home. But there’s a secret spy room in the basement for Sims who live double lives!

You can buy it in the gallery for 300,546 § or pay a little less if you choose the unfurnished option.

Security cameraLyne

Best Sims 4 Spy-Themed CC (All Free) –

Check out this AC.

There is no need for security if your salvation is a utopia.

For the rest of us, with disruptive models, we need all the observations we can get.

And the creation of CC NynaeveDesign gives us exactly what we need: a stylish and sophisticated looking outdoor camera.

But one can imagine Sims spy them at home or in his secret hideout.

They come in six patterns, and you can find them in the Miscellaneous section of Decor for §29.

men’s winter jacket

Best Sims 4 Spy-Themed CC (All Free) –

Check out this AC.

Capes evoke two kinds of people:

The spies and Castiel from Supernatural.

But this is the Sims we’re talking about. So, fashionable male spies who wear it will definitely not go unnoticed.

Lonelyboy’s creation here would also look great on a tracker (which you can buy here if you’re interested).

Coats are classified as tops in the game, so your Sims can wear the pants of their choice.

Plus, you get ten colors and compatibility with the base set, making it a versatile cover for your CAS file.

Women’s Trench Coat

Best Sims 4 Spy-Themed CC (All Free) –

Check out this AC.

Equality for all, especially when it comes to dick.

This chic alpha trench coat from Sim’sHouse features buttons, a belt and a dramatic collar.

We would call it hiding in plain sight. Which, of course, spies are known for.

It is available in 8 colors, including a beautiful flame black.

It’s also a top, so choose a bottom to add personality to your look.

Muse concealed door

Best Sims 4 Spy-Themed CC (All Free) –

Check out this AC.

Secret rooms need secret doors.

But the one made by sg5150 is not just a hidden door.

It is also a huge library that visitors will not guess. Double feature, right?

Although it’s no longer used as a shelf, it’s a small price to pay for something so great.

You’ll also find it in EA’s 18 standard colours, so it won’t clash with other furniture.

Ladies general

Best Sims 4 Spy-Themed CC (All Free) –

Check out this AC.

There are spies and thieves dodging lasers and opening safes.

Do you have a female simulator that fits the last description?

She needs a busra-tra costume!

The close-fitting yet breathable design allows for freedom of movement with minimal risk of discovery.

You can walk, climb and crawl in style and comfort. Available in classic black or 9 other colors, it can be worn by teens and seniors alike.

secret agent homework

Best Sims 4 Spy-Themed CC (All Free) –

Look at this model

Beginning secret agents need personal guidance.

But shouldn’t experienced spies be able to work from home?

We still do that today.

They can do it now with EA’s NoelleBellefleur modding for the vanilla career. With this installation, you don’t have to leave the house. As your Sims gain professional experience by performing various tasks while working at home.

Discover other Sims, plant insects, fight criminals and much more.

Modern Spy House

Best Sims 4 Spy-Themed CC (All Free) –

Look at this game.

A house fit for a spy.

The first property on our list is more suitable for a large family.

But Caradriel’s 30×20 plot is just big enough for a bachelor or bachelorette party.

Facilities include a bedroom, bathroom, wine cellar and a secret room for requests.

We love the brick facade and dark interior.

Note that you will need multiple sets for this item, so compare before adding to the set.

And make sure your spy has some savings before you buy that house for §146,569!

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