If you love Yu-gi-oh! and yu-gi-oh! The dark side of Dimensions, you might be interested in this blog post explaining how to solve its first level: “Eye Monster”.

Everything you know about Yuoni is true. It’s a puzzle that’s been around since time immemorial, when humans first began taking pictures with cameras. The first users of this mysterious technology would have been the people who invented them, and the generations that followed have been trying to figure out its secret, which has followed a never-ending cycle of discovery and rediscovery.

Yuonibank, a free to play Japanese-style mobile game, is a hide and seek game in which you place as many of your character’s eyes as you can around yourself. The first round has you placing two, the second round has you placing three and so on. Once all eyes have been placed, your character is “alive” and can run around freely. However, once all your eyes are taken, you are no longer alive.. Read more about eyes the horror game walkthrough and let us know what you think.

Because the eyes are the most expressive feature of the human body, seeing a dozen of them gazing at you with a specific monster in Yuoni is especially unpleasant. To escape its clutches and avoid its wrath, you must flee as quickly as possible. In this horror game, we’ll help you find your path to temporary freedom.

When you return to Yuoni with the second doll, you must burn it in the first chamber you were called to for this level. The eye monster appears at this point. Everything the game wants you to do at this point in the narrative is diametrically opposed to what we’ve been told before. Run. As quickly as you can, run. Here are some guidelines for effectively avoiding the evil eye monster.

This demon is especially difficult to outrun, so you must keep an eye on the ground at all times. There are red splotches that have appeared, and stepping on one will cause a ghostly kid to grasp you and hold you for a terrifying five seconds. Avoid the splotches as much as possible while running. However, there is one exception. A doorway is blocked by a red blotch, which you must pass through. We’ll talk about it later. You should also be aware that as the eye monster gets near, the screen becomes black and white. In these circumstances, be vigilant and hide if it hasn’t spotted you yet.

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Continue running through the school corridors and make your way around the classrooms, barely missing the ghostly youngsters that occupy them. You’ll be back at the home after sprinting through the second classroom. Turn right down the corridor and then enter the door directly front of you. It is embellished with a swan artwork.

Hide beneath the right side of the bed to recover your breath once you’re in that room. You’ll see the black mist coming in from the eye monster. Wait until it’s gone, then stand there for approximately 10 seconds before running away. To regain stamina, use the square button (or Y on an Xbox controller).

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To get to the dolls on the table, turn left into the bedrooms and slide the doors in front of you. Turn left and go ahead into a crimson corridor. Keep an eye out for glass fragments on the floor, since they may warn attackers nearby.

You should be in an office after this section. Turn left and left twice at the locker. Continue ahead and turn left a second time. To the right, open the door. You should now be in a room with a hospital bed and a flickering television screen. As you go ahead, you should find a room filled with these TV displays. Enter the first door on the left.

Don’t worry about the grey ghost on your right; just keep going. A red blotch may be seen on the left side of the room. This is the one you must complete in order to continue. Continue sprinting ahead once the child has grabbed you. Instead of heading to the right-hand door, turn left. Continue ahead and turn left again to find a locker. This is the second place where you should hide.

Continue using the same approach as before. Hide in there until the eye monster passes down another corridor, then recover your strength and jump out of the locker. On your left is the next door, which has lighted candles on both sides. Turn right after passing past the chamber with candles. Continue sprinting down the corridor until you reach a bright red door. After reading it, you’ll be transported to a different educational setting. Continue down the same route as the previous school segment, but keep an eye out for the bigger red splotches on the ground. After passing the washrooms on the right, turn left. At the end of the corridor, a door will close on you, but you should enter the second-to-last door instead.

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Finally, you’ve arrived at your destination. You’ve completed the first chapter by burning the doll.

When you’re stuck in a game, you feel like you’re not going anywhere, but it’s all a matter of perspective. Here’s how you can change your perspective and make things more interesting.. Read more about eyes the horror game secrets and let us know what you think.

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