In Star Citizen, the money you spend on your ship is only the beginning. You also need to purchase the necessary components to operate it. The bigger the ship, the more money you need to spend on fuel and ammunition, as well as the longer it takes to fly it. The real cost of operating a large ship is the cost of the modules that make up the shell that holds your ship’s components.

Star Citizen is one of the most anticipated games of the year. It is a space simulator that is totally free and open-source. The game allows players to explore the universe, mine asteroids, take part in ship-to-ship combat, and much, much more. It is also the most successful crowd-funded project in history, raking in more than $127 million in pledges from more than 800,000 backers. The game is set in the year 2064, where players will lead their factions to victory in epic battles.

Welcome to Star Citizen news for the week ending the 27th. June 2023.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.14 is in Evocati, and we expect it to go to PTU Wave 1 soon (at least I think so), probably next week.

This week’s weekly issues were all above 3.14

ISC was the last episode before the 22nd. July. They take a break when they release a big quarterly update. When he comes back, we’ll see a lot more information and content focused on 3.15.

Anyway, I’ll summarize the ISC and SCL information here, we had a great episode that gave us a much deeper look into Crusader and Orison, the whole area is fantastic and represents one of the best things Star Citizen’s technology currently offers, however the cloud technology there is still being developed and improved and will have updates well beyond 3.14, especially for lighting and performance. Illuminating Orison’s clouds and platforms was a real challenge, as they had to look good from all angles.

But we also got a lot of questions and information about the 3.14.

You said that the Orison uses large thrusters to maintain altitude and that it technically falls back to the planet if it runs out of power… but personally, I don’t think that’s going to happen. The Orison will look like a static object, not a ship, I think.

In 3.14, we won’t see any live space whales. In the future there will be a hospital, a boat showroom, whale watching and much more in the landfall area. There are currently no plans to add any additional attractions on Crusader.

The Nine Tails Lockdown event is focused on PvP, at least as far as we know. Your crime score will affect the help you are offered by Crusader Security or Ninetails. It will be run several times during 3.14 and should happen on all servers at the same time… Or at least at the same time.

XenoThreat Remastered will also be released in cycle 3.14. This is a much improved version of the event, and I think it’s pretty cool. It looks like the phases are sequential now, so you supply supplies to the spear and defend it, then immediately engage the fleet when it’s ready, possibly with a damaged Warhammer (that’s what the spear is called)…..

The Taurus Constellation will be included in version 3.14, but it will take a lot of work to bring it up to current levels once it is released. They also confirmed that they will be looking at Connie Struts in the future.

The Crusader itself is just clouds of gas, and you can fly into it, but your ship will eventually be crushed. This area took longer because they wanted better cloud technology and more clouds. In the future, these clouds should also move.

They made corrections to the 890 jump and its loading problems.

There will be many updates to the court system and crime stats in this patch, the surrender mechanic doesn’t really give you an advantage in that area, but those will come in the future.

New patches usually create 3000 new problems and fix 3000 in each patch …..

First officers and crew can use missile operator mode in 3.14 to operate missiles.

The new energy management system was also updated and revised all ship statistics. There may be problems with the statistics if they are incorrect or if they need to be rebalanced during PTU…. Feedback is very important here.

MFD power now directly affects the direction of your energy.

Capacitors recharge over time, so good power management pays off.

The laser weapon must be reloaded from time to time.

Heat is no longer a limiting factor in the short term.

Scanner and radar signals can be obscured by larger vessels in the vicinity.

HUDs are fully materialized so third-party developers can see them on ships, but MFDs are not yet configured for this. Terrapin has nothing special in this patch, but in future patches he will be able to use his stamina and his improved scanner.

Desynchronization is still an issue they are working on, hopefully it will be a bit better in 3.14.

Port Olisar will not disappear without a fight. Maybe it will be forgotten or become a different kind of POI. There are plans to build a new station above the Crusader in the future.

Gatak Raylen held his Q&A, I will highlight a few points.

Cargo capsules are solid and cannot be inserted or removed. They will fill the capsules manually and, in the future, with a pull beam or by an NPC/service from the station. Shield emitters are new physical components that are placed outside the ship and project a shield bubble or surface. Smaller vessels, such as B. hunters, usually have 1 transmitter and thus a call…. Larger ships may have four, one for each zone….. although there may be exceptions. Shield generators provide a source for shields.

By destroying the emitters, the shields can no longer project.

It looks like they plan to slave all turrets and lock them forward so the pilot can fire if you have room for an AI turret.

CitizenCon is a virtual event that will take place this year on the 9th. In October, CI announced a virtual cosplay contest that you can enter until October 31. August to submit your cosplay photos for a chance to win boats and an exclusive forum badge/title. I will also provide a link below to the newsletter with all these links.

The picture showed a kind of door, similar to those we saw for outposts or colonial farms.

Star Citizen All About Alpha 3.14

Boom, that’s it for today and this week’s news…. Hopefully next weekend we’ll do a lot of 3.14 content…. Once the patch is published in the 1. The wave of PTU is, I will do all the content!

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