Love Stories are important enough that they have their own genre of shows, movies, books and other media. But, what are the best romance anime characters? How do they compare to those who have been in other romantic storylines?

If you’ve enjoyed the anime you’ve watched, chances are you also enjoy reading. If you enjoy reading manga, you’re probably curious about the differences between anime and manga. If you’re an anime fan, you might want to discover the best anime that feature strong, well-developed female protagonists.

Can’t date anime characters these days? How about dating real people? Here is a list of the 15 best romance anime characters, from both genders.

What is your favorite couple in the anime?

Who is your favorite main character in a romantic series?

Love stories (or the search for love) need compelling characters. It takes different and well-defined personalities to create a relationship worth nurturing. There’s also no point in watching a romantic harem anime if none of the guys or girls are interesting enough.

Who are the MCs who go out of their way to make viewers get butterflies in their stomachs, yearn for love and share their heartbreak?

I’m going to tell you about some of the best romantic anime protagonists who carried their series effortlessly through their unique personalities, aspirations, and events, and how they celebrated not only love, but life itself.

15. Takaki Toono

15 Best Romance Anime Protagonists (Male + Female) –

Anime: 5 centimeters per second

Some of you may be wondering why Takaki is here, when he only appears in an hour-long film and says almost nothing.

But that’s exactly where the strength of Makoto Shinkai’s 2007 masterpiece lies:

In 5 Inches Per Second, viewers see Takaki grow in life and in love, even if it ultimately breaks hearts.

In the beginning, Takaki is a boy who spends his days with his close friend and first mistress, Akari Shinohara. She has moved to a distant home and a new school, but they struggle to keep in touch.

The first part of the film ends on a strong note, with Takaki and Akari showing pure love.

Then come the next two parts…

They are just as beautiful to look at as in the first part, but Takaki has changed.

He’s grown up.

But there is a sense of longing and emptiness in his eyes and his general demeanor.

Viewers will never get to know everything that happened (and didn’t happen) between Takaki and Akari during their teenage and adult years, but that doesn’t matter.

You only have to look at it to see its evolution – and the realism of it against a striking backdrop is heartbreaking.

14. Hirotaka Nifuji

15 Best Romance Anime Protagonists (Male + Female) –

Anime: Votakoi: It’s hard to love an otaku.

For once, this is a well-made romantic comedy with working adults at its center, and all four characters are otaku.

My favorite main character in Wotakoi is Hirotaka Nifuji, the same beardless man who made Narumi Momose a fan of all things otaku.

People usually joke that someone is too smart or reads too much if they wear glasses.

But in Hirotaka’s case, it has to do with his undying love of video games, which is certainly understandable in the age of Minecraft, Blockbusters and Twitch broadcasts.

And while some people think otaku are socially undesirable (especially in Japan), Hirotaka isn’t ashamed of it – and that’s admirable.

He loves anime, manga and video games, but never lets his interests ruin his productivity at work.

Finally, he is charming and romantic in his own otaku way. Not only is he reliable in normal relationships, but he is also willing to actively support Narumi in her hobbies.

13. Katharina Claes

15 Best Romance Anime Protagonists (Male + Female) –

Anime: My next life as a villain: All roads lead to ruin!

Yeah, it’s funny that she’s on my list of protagonists while she lives on as an antagonist in an Otome game.

Seriously, though: Katarina Klaes is a refreshing MC in an equally refreshing take on the oversaturated isekai genre.

First she is trapped in a harem of men and women.

Since she is designated as the villain of the game, Katarina herself must challenge the system to ensure her survival and success in her new life.

Sure, Katarina may be dense as the usual male harem protagonist, but she certainly looks better from episode to episode.

From the character design and development to the diversity of her harem and the unique mechanics of her Iskai situation, Katarina has solidified her status as one of the best new romantic anime MCs.

12. Izumi Miyamura

15 Best Romance Anime Protagonists (Male + Female) –

Anime: Chorimia

Despite the surprising inconsistency of the direction (and the chapters covered), Horimiya has become one of my favorite series of Winter 2023.

And while I praise this show for having such instantly appealing and likable characters, I know it’s Izumi that kept me watching every week.

In terms of character, he is distinguished from many male MCs in teens by his tattoos, piercings and shoulder-length hair – although he soon cut his hair short as a sign of maturity.

Miyamura is an inspiration, both as a person and as a partner of Kyoko Hori.

He had a traumatic experience at school. When he was younger, he was almost always alone and in a negative mood. Even when he had Kyouka and new friends, Miyamura was still skeptical of his positive social development.

But he persevered and fought his demons. Slowly but surely he accepted the truth that he was worthy of a real human relationship, of love and friendship.

Plus, you can’t go wrong with a man whose family runs a popular candy store.

11. Yuuta Takemoto

15 Best Romance Anime Protagonists (Male + Female) –

Anime: Honey and clover

There are five complex and realistic young characters in this classic josei series.

And yet, Yuuta Takemoto is still an impressive author.

Yuuta is studying architecture at the university. But he is worried about the long and unknown road ahead.

On the contrary, he knows he is in love with Hagumi Hanamoto, but he finds it hard to admit his feelings to her.

And when he finally gathered the courage to do so, Yuuta didn’t get a concrete answer.

It will resonate with anyone who has experienced uncertainty about themselves, their chances in love and their future, especially when the people around them are confidently laying the groundwork for their future.

10. Hachiman Hikigaya

15 Best Romance Anime Protagonists (Male + Female) –

Anime: My teenage romantic comedy SNAFU

Hachiman and the entire Oregairu franchise have been hailed as masterpieces, but also derided as trendy and lacking real substance.

Given his place on my list, Hachiman has clearly made me his fan.

And it’s not like he’s a whole new type of teenage protagonist.

It’s just that Hachiman has undergone considerable character development over the course of the impressive series – and his development seems perfectly natural.

At first he was a cynical, unsociable boy who doubted girls would be nice or pay attention.

He eventually accepts that he cares more about others than he would like to admit, especially when he becomes a permanent member of the volunteer club.

For a man who is negative towards women, Hachiman has developed amazing relationships, not only with the two main women (Yukino Yukinosita and Yui Yuigahama), but also with Saki Kawasaki and Shizuka Hitasuka, among others.

9. Arata Kaizaki

15 Best Romance Anime Protagonists (Male + Female) –

Anime: ReLIFE

ReLIFE is a blessing, not just as a romantic series, but as a reminder that it’s never too late to change for the better.

Arata Kaizaki had a difficult start in adult life.

After leaving his first job after only three months, he found it difficult to make a career. At 27, he felt desperate.

Then Ryo Yoake came along and gave him the extremely rare opportunity to become 17 again (at least on the surface) and rebuild himself.

By spending more and more time with his teenagers, Arata recognizes and develops their strengths while working on their weaknesses.

He makes new friends, approaches the case with maturity and a strong sense of justice, and reunites with Chizuru Hishiro, a sweet and fun girl with a mysterious past.

Arata is also a great protagonist because he stands up for others and wants to help people in a similar situation, just like Ryo did for him.

8. Megumi Noda

15 Best Romance Anime Protagonists (Male + Female) –

Anime: Lolita Cantabile

It’s hard to find a relatively long romantic anime these days that continues to impress with each episode – especially with a couple as fine and mature as Megumi Noda and Shinichi Chiaki.

Unlike Shinichi, Megumi’s musical talent is unusual:

She prefers to play by ear – and generally her approach is less professional and more eccentric, although there is a very good reason for that.

Megumi also doesn’t have a respectable family like him.

She is generally on the lookout for food, but her cooking skills have not improved yet.

Despite everything, she is in love with Chiaki, calls herself his wife and is already very dependent on him.

But life can’t be as easy as she’d like.

Megumi has to face her past, her goals for the future and how her attitude towards music might affect her relationship with Chiaki, who takes music much more seriously.

Her evolution as a musician and as a person in this series is one for the books. and that makes his relationship with Chiaki all the more endearing.

7. Taiga Aisaka

15 Best Romance Anime Protagonists (Male + Female) –

Anime: Clannad: After the story.

Clannad: After Story is probably the most popular romantic drama anime of all time.

The different degrees of pain, hope and love are universal – and Tomoya Okazaki carries all these emotions within him.

As you might expect, Tomoya starts out as a cynical teenage hero in the first part of Clannad.

But when the After Story begins, he becomes more sympathetic and gains a positive outlook on life.

Unfortunately, the show is not so kind to him.

To say that Tomoya has a harrowing experience in After Story would be an understatement.

He falls into depression and misery not once, but twice, and that doesn’t seem fair after what Tomoya went through.

But that’s life – full of unwanted surprises, but also full of humanity and hope that people enjoy the time they spend with their loved ones, knowing that nothing lasts forever.

5. Kyoko Otonashi

15 Best Romance Anime Protagonists (Male + Female) –

Anime: Ikkoku House

With the sequel, the 96 episode House of Ikkoku series is a classic Seinen romance that more people should see.

Yusaku Godai is a great guy to watch become a better person, and Kyoko Otonashi is quite a character.

Kyoko has a natural beauty and charm. So it’s easy to understand why Yusaku fell in love with her at first sight, even though she’s two years older than him.

But there’s a big problem:

The new director of the boarding house, 21-year-old Godai, is a widower.

Remarkably, her husband died just six months after the marriage.

Finding a new love is clearly not in his plans. And she believes that no one can heal her broken heart.

That’s something they both need to work on, and that’s why I really admire Kyoko.

Yes, she found love very early and lost it quickly. But that didn’t stop them from trying again.

It’s a slow and emotionally difficult process, but Kyoko has managed to rediscover herself for love and new opportunities in life.

4. Kaguya Shinomiya

15 Best Romance Anime Protagonists (Male + Female) –

Anime: Kaguya-sama: Love is a war

Kaguya wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen is already considered a modern classic by many anime fans – and I understand why.

The main character is absolutely amazing.

Kaguya Shinomiya is a well-written character, beautifully realized in animation.

Of course, she’s also an MC who excels at everything she does (even when love turns out to be a challenge), comes from a wealthy family, and has trouble communicating because of her background.

But she’s still nice and very interesting.

The scenarios that play out as she and Miyuki Shirogane don’t want to be the first to admit it to each other are hilarious and creative.

Also, their character designs are great.

I love his quirks and the way the series has his id, ego and superego constantly fighting.

The source material of the manga was top notch, and I’m sure Kaguya’s third season will further elevate her status among the best female MCs in anime, romance or not.

3. Lawrence Force

15 Best Romance Anime Protagonists (Male + Female) –

Anime: The herb and the wolf

There he is, Kraft Lawrence.

The highest ranked male lead on my list.

And why shouldn’t he be the witness here?

The 25-year-old handyman is a rather unflappable man, but competent, caring and, admittedly, handsome.

But Kraft had the misfortune to grow up in a wealthy family. On the other hand, he spent his childhood in a poor village.

So he learned to be a merchant at an early age.

By the age of 18, Kraft was an itinerant merchant and began to build his business network and hone his craft (pun intended).

One day he meets Holo.

During their journey together, the viewer learns that Kraft is much more mature than the other men and not as familiar with the way women make their feelings and intentions known.

But their chemistry is undeniable.

Just as Holo gives him a different perspective on many things, Kraft makes him see the world (and money) in a whole new light.

Finally, I congratulate Kraft for always making the effort to be a man of his word. And for comforting Holo in her difficult moments, telling her that it wasn’t so bad, that people didn’t depend on her like a deity anymore.

2. Hitagi Senjugahara

15 Best Romance Anime Protagonists (Male + Female) –

Anime: Bakemonogatari

Hitagi Senjugahara is one of the best anime girls of all time.

Anyone who has seen Bakemonogatari will admire his character development.

She’s a woman who’s had a difficult time.

Of course, when she was young, she was impeccably smart and athletic – and everyone loved her, despite her family’s considerable wealth and all her accomplishments, because she was modest.

Overall, it was perfect.

Then she fell ill with a mysterious illness.

This was the beginning of his nightmare.

Without going into details here, her family lost all their money, her mother abandoned her and she was left traumatized.

And because she didn’t want anyone to know she was sick, she changed her behavior, talking to no one and adopting an unwelcoming tone.

Hitagi, however, is always sincere.

Bakemonogatari perfectly illustrates his pain, his fascination and his evolution. It is encouraging to see her recover from her injury.

Hitagi’s scene with Araragi, the starry sky and his knowledge of astronomy will forever remain a masterpiece.

1. Tohru Honda

15 Best Romance Anime Protagonists (Male + Female) –

Anime: Fruit basket

The new anime adaptation of Fruits Basket is one of the best things in recent years.

This time, she edits the entire manga to the end – and as a result, Tohru has become my favorite romantic anime heroine.

As in some of the other articles, Tohru’s family life has not been perfect:

Her father died when she was only three years old. Then his mother got in a car accident and died.

This is how the story of Fruits Basket begins: Tohru becomes an orphan when she would go to high school, and lives in a tent.

Fortunately for her, she unwittingly pitches a tent on the Soma family’s property, and Yuki and Shigure welcome her.

And you can’t help but love Tohra.

She is incredibly kind, positive and willing to do anything for others.

But that’s just the problem:

Tohru endures the problems of others and sees everything with a smile because she is hiding something.

Yeah, she really cares about the people she loves.

But she uses her altruism to keep herself busy and not have to face the harsh reality that her beloved mother is no more.

It’s clear she has issues with abandonment and her self-esteem.

But Tohru won’t be defeated, he overcomes his past and gets better every day.

It can sometimes be called naive and reckless, but make no mistake:

Tohru is an inspiring woman, always insightful and completely human.

It’s no wonder that many men of the Soma clan like (and love) her so much.Anime. It’s an enchanting world where people from all walks of life and sizes come across love. Some of those anime love-birds are together but some are separated by life. So who are the best anime love-birds? These 15 male and female anime love-birds are the best examples of how true love can start.. Read more about romance anime with good plot and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What anime has a female protagonist?

The anime series “Sailor Moon” has a female protagonist.

What are the top 10 romance animes?

10. Clannad 9. Angel Beats! 8. Toradora! 7. Your Lie in April 6. Kimi no Na wa 5. Your Name 4. K-On! 3. Hana Yori Dango (Flower Boy Ramen Shop) 2. Kimi no Na wa 1. Your Name

What is the number 1 romance anime?

The number 1 romance anime is Clannad.

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