In this post, we will introduce the Best Valorant Agents for Beginners, which are the best skill games for beginners. If you are a beginner, you should select only a limited number of Valorant Agents, and try them out, and do not re-login to any of them, else you will get the feeling of being lost in a desert.

In the world of video games, gamers are often divided into two broad categories: the casual gamer and the hard-core gamer. While they may share a love of video games, these two groups have very different ways of playing the games they love. In the past, this may have been an issue, but today there is a growing number of games that cater to the needs of both groups. If one type of game doesn’t suit your needs, there is another type for you!

In this article, you will learn about the best Valorant Agents to start with. Valorant Agents are one of the best products released by the company in the past couple of years. These devices are really small and compact, so you can take the ones you want with you anywhere you go. They are easy to use, easy to carry around and easy to place on the table.

It may be intimidating for a novice Valorant player to see all of the agents available to play. You may also be unsure which agent to use your hard-earned Radianite Points to unlock. We’ve got you covered, don’t worry. We’ll talk about it in this article. All of these agents are good choices since they don’t need a high level of expertise to be useful to a team.


5 Best Valorant Agents for Beginners

Brimstone is a superb all-around utility player that can fit into any squad. He isn’t the most showy agent, but his skills are very helpful, making him an excellent choice for novice Valorant players.

Brimstone possesses a molly, several smokes, and an orbital strike ultimate that detonates whole sites. To aid your team’s entrance frag, utilize the smokes and attack speed increase at the start of each round. Molly and orbital strike are excellent at delaying spike defuses and even capturing kills from distance.

Brimstone’s powers are very simple to utilize, which is another reason for his beginning friendliness. His molly is the only ability that may need lineup knowledge, although even then, there are only a few places on all of the maps that you must remember.

Because Brimstone’s abilities provide so much value on their own, if you utilize them effectively, you can frequently get away with not having the greatest kills/deaths numbers. If you’re new to Valorant, this might be another incentive to choose him. Brimstone who smokes entrances and assists his squad in planting/defending spikes is already a great asset.


5 Best Valorant Agents for Beginners

If you’ve ever played another shooter, Raze is most likely the agent you’re most acquainted with. That’s because she gets a free grenade every round, which is a frequent feature in other FPS games. This nade is an excellent zoning technique for clearing areas or securing kills on opponents in confined places.

Her boom bot, satchels, and rocket launcher ultimate are among Raze’s other powers. The boom bot is a great entry tool on attack because it targets and explodes on an enemy in sight. Once you’ve mastered Raze, the satchels may be utilized as a zoning tool or a mobility boost.

Raze’s ultimate is one of the more entertaining abilities in the game, enabling you to use a rocket launcher to shoot opponents in the face. Every time you have it up, it’s basically a free kill.

Raze’s skills work well together and, because to their AoE effects, don’t need much accuracy to utilize. If you’re looking for a fun agent to play, give her a go.


5 Best Valorant Agents for Beginners

In Valorant, Phoenix is an excellent introduction to the realm of duelists. Flashes, self-heals / absorb damage, barriers that act as smoke, and his ultimate that basically grants you a second life are just a few of his skills. As a result, Phoenix is probably the most beginner-friendly of the duelists.

Your objective as a Phoenix is to enter frag for your squad. This entails flashing around barriers or erecting a flame wall to get access to locations first. You’ve done a good job if you can score a kill before dying, provided the rest of your squad follows suit and arrived on time.

The only thing to watch out for is flashing your own teammates!


5 Best Valorant Agents for Beginners

Killjoy is a fantastic choice for gamers who aren’t quite sure how to use their guns yet. Her turret, nanoswarm grenade, and alarmbot are all simple to operate and capable of grabbing kills on their own.

Killjoy can hold down a site on defense by herself because to her versatility, since her turret and bots effectively serve as extra players. On the offensive, KJ excels at delaying spike defuses with well-timed nanoswarm grenades.

Lockdown, Killjoy’s ultimate power, also enables you to securely clear a site of opponents, lest they stay under lockdown, giving you some easy kills.


5 Best Valorant Agents for Beginners


Sage is an excellent agent to play for novice Valorant players, since she rewards a cautious playstyle and complements any team composition, filling the often-overlooked support role.

Sage’s skills, which include a slow, ice wall, heal, and resurrection ultimate, all work together to help her allies.

Your duty as a Sage is to protect and heal your injured companions. Her heal is a free ability with a 45-second cooldown, thus staying alive as long as possible to receive many heals each round is crucial.

Sage’s ice wall and slow orbs are especially effective in slowing opponent advances on defense. This allows your squad to rapidly rotate in response to an opposing assault.

Another reason Sage is an excellent choice for novice players is because playing support characters like Sage frequently gets you a free pass when it comes to having a low KDR. Teammates are aware that you don’t have the same level of kill potential as them. However, since Sage favors cautious play, if played properly, you may frequently finish up with a decent KDR.


That concludes our list of the finest Valorant agents for beginners. All of these characters are very simple to pick up and make great additions to any squad. Try them out and tell us who your favorite agent is to play!

In the virtual world of video games, there are few modes more fascinating than Valorant. A few of the games in this genre, like Defiance, have gained notoriety for their amazing backdrops. But a vast majority of players simply enjoy battle royale gameplay and the thrill of survival. In this guide, we’ll show you the best games for beginners.. Read more about valorant starting agents and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which agent is best in Valorant for beginners?

The best agent for beginners is Agent 007.

Which agent should I choose Valorant?

You should choose Valorant because he is the most powerful agent.

What agents do you start with in Valorant?

I start with the Agent of Valor.

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