When Alien came out in 1979, gamers had a tough time deciding which species of Xenomorphs to create a team for. Was it the big, lumbering monster? Or maybe the buff, brawny fighter, with his large, powerful claws and rapid attacks? Or is it the stealthy, swift-footed hunter with the deadly hold-out pistol? The answer, of course, is all of the above.

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Well, this is a pretty good list. I’ve never been a fan of the Xenomorphs in the Aliens franchise, but this list seems pretty accurate. I’m not going to argue with this list.

Aliens: Fireteam Enemy Types List – All the Xenomorphs

Publisher and developer Cold Iron Studios told IGN that has expanded the range of aliens featured in the films. At launch, the game will feature over 20 types of enemies, including 11 xenomorphs that leave a pool of acidic blood when killed.

You can see what some of them are capable of in the video above, but if you don’t have 25 minutes, below we list the confirmed bad monsters so far.

  • Facehugger
  • The bishop is cannon fodder. They form the bulk of the enemy forces and usually attack in groups.
  • Burster – shines in the green. Explodes when killed and releases a deadly acid.
  • The sprinkler is a wide field sprinkler. Throws sour balls from a distance.
  • Hunter is a red casing. Jumps in closer on the prey, pushing it to the ground and damaging it.
  • Drone. Escape. Pursuit. Jumps on enemies and hides in nearby air mines.
  • Warrior – Indestructible, strong.
  • Praetorian – Very difficult to kill. Bulletproof head plate, used for ram loads.
  • Androids

The entire scope of Alien: Fireteam’s list of enemy types will likely be revealed closer to launch, but the list may offer some surprises. Fortunately, the Colonial Marines have five classes at their disposal, each of which offers different tools to deal with the Xenomorphs.

Aliens: Fireteam is scheduled for release in the summer of 2023 on PC and consoles.

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