We tend to think of a game, such as World of Warcraft, as a single entity. You log in, make a character, and start adventuring. However, it’s not like that in the real world. A game is a lot more than just a bunch of people playing some game. The reason a game is so popular, is because it gathers a lot of people, and it encourages them to come together and play.  There are a lot of similarities between games and reality, but there are also a lot of differences. In the real world, there are a lot of things the game world doesn’t have: people, places, and things that are unique to the real world. That’s why there’s so much

For a while now, mythics have been overlooked in favor of other card types: rares and epics. Creatures are the most frequently played card type in the game, and as such, they have seen a variety of powerful mythic creatures over the years. However, there has been a significant lack of mythic support for the creature type. The lack of highly-powered mythic creatures in creature-heavy formats like Commander has been a frequent complaint, and the lack of powerful mythic creatures in the format has been another.

In my opinion, the main difference between the classes in the game is customization. Some people may think there are simply more classes but it’s just a matter of how you look at it. If you look at it as “what you do”, either you are a tank, healer, or damage dealer you will find yourself with a “class” in WoW (or any other RPG). But if you look at it as “what you can do”, then you are a mage, striker, or rogue who can do pretty much anything you want with the same amount of gear and talents. You can be a DPS, but a caster that can heal, or a tank that can also DPS that can heal, or a hybrid of DPS and tank.

I realize this is the umpteenth article on how to enhance things after they’ve been reworked, but I’ve had this thought in my mind for a long time. I admit that I’m a mage and a tank player, so I don’t have a complete picture, but I believe my ideas may be applied to a broader approach.

Is anybody familiar with boot enchantments from the past? This was how it looked: What mythics are missing is customization, use enchantments to help level mythic power


After you’d finished your boots, you may add an inexpensive enchantment to them to give them a distinctive passive. Mythic artifacts, I was thinking, might benefit from the opposite approach. The mythic would have a fair number of basic stats and an intriguing passive, and then a gold-efficient upgrade like the enchantments above that offer you attributes your champion may desire, either for the champ in general or for the match-up. Luden’s Tempest, for example, might go from:

What mythics are missing is customization, use enchantments to help level mythic power

3200 gold

to a simplified version:

2400 gold

and the following enchantments are available for 600-1000 gold each:

+30 AP and +20 ability haste while a member of the Council

of the Archmage – +400 mana and mana regeneration at 100%

+10 magic penetration and +20 ability power for the assassin

of the Hermit – haste +10, armor +15, and magic resistance +15

of the Sadist – For 4 seconds, Echo’s passive now deals 40% more severe wounds.

It would greatly aid in better tuning the legendary item to your character, and the above are just a few ideas off the top of my mind; they would very certainly need a lot of tinkering. The aim is to make everyone happy with their first mythic buy, since there are presently certain champions and items in the game that have an enormous surge at legendary, and others who acquire it because they don’t have any other choices (e.g., no mana items for mages outside of tear). I believe it would offer a great deal of potential variety to the meta:

  • Mages that need a lot of mana may round out their numbers by surrendering some of their early stats in exchange for a bigger mana increase. Alternatively, mages who don’t need a lot of mana may go through the manaless AP mythic artifacts and pick up a mana enchantment to complete their set.
  • Tanks may choose enchantments to assist make their legendary more effective for lane matchups, so they aren’t forced to purchase an item with split Armor/MR simply to achieve good waveclear against an all AD opponent.
  • You’ll hopefully avoid having to purchase a legendary with a lot of useless stats, and you’ll be able to customize it to your champion’s preferences.
  • To obtain greater slot efficiency out of the item, you may switch out enchantments later in the game (at a higher swapping fee to prevent early misuse).

I’m not a game designer, so I understand there are a lot of flaws in some of the details I’ve outlined, but I’m curious to hear what others have to say.

PS With champions like Malzahar, Brand, and Lillia around, you’ll never be able to balance things like Liandry’s, Demonic Embrace, and Rylai’s. Add a per-champion cool down (I believe 4.5 seconds will enough) to prevent DoT users from using the ability more than twice per ability.

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The most defining characteristic of a mythic is its ability to customize and tweak its power level for use in the game. Many new players fail to grasp this concept, but it’s a crucial aspect of working with the mythic system, and allows those players to tailor their mythics to their playstyle. For example, a player may feel that their mythic’s damage-over-time ability is too weak, or they find it’s too hard to control the target’s life total with a constant damage effect. Their errors can be easily rectified by adding a damage-over-time nuke and a life steal enchantment, respectively.. Read more about divine sunderer wiki and let us know what you think.

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