The 11.16 patch for the version 1.14 is here! The highlights of this patch include: – New features : New features include the following: * New feature: Skill acquisition progress now follows the player to a new guild, and can be used for advancement. (Available for players of all levels.) * New feature: A new “Seal of Ordeal” system has been added, which allows the player to improve their skill acquisition rate. (Available for players of all levels.) * New features: * New feature: The guild name can now be changed. * New features: * New feature: New quests have been added to the Grand Exchange. * New feature: The “I Live

We have been receiving a lot of questions regarding the new patch, and we have received feedback from some of our players. We have taken their input to heart in creating the new patch, and we hope that you will like it as well.

As the Patch 11.16 Preview is being released, I think it’s a great time to go over the patch notes, as well as take a more thorough look at the balance changes, some of which have profound effects on the game.

Patch 11.16 Preview [Full Changes]

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This is a follow-up to yesterday’s post.

Patch 11.16 Preview [Full Changes]

Riot The impending changes for patch 11.16 were announced by Jag on Twitter.

The 11.16 Full Preview is now available!

Please note that this patch will be released one week later than usual.

Version on Imgur:

>>> Systems Nerfs <<<

Dark Seal

>>> Systems Buffs <<<

Footwork on the Move


>>> Nerfs <<<



  • Monster Damage: 300 >>> 250%



Lee Sin


  • Omnivamp: 10-30% >>> 5-25%



  • Cooldown: 15-11 >>> 16-12


  • Cooldown: 110-80 >>> 120-80

Kench Tahm



Xin Zhao

Stats to start with


Stats to start with

  • Mana: 420 >>> 480 (11.4 Revert)


>>> Buffs <<<

Jarvan IV


  • Current HP Damage: 8% >>> 10%


  • Bonus AD Ratio: 150% >>> 180%



  • Damage: 50-190 >>> 60-200


  • Min Damage AD Ratio: 20% >>> 25%





Stats to start with

  • Movement Speed: 340 >>> 345


  • Total Damage: 54% AP >>> 90% AP


  • Bug corrections, as well as restoring Q’s appearance in Fog of War from 11.15 to 11.15.



  • AD Ratio: 30-70% >>> 30-90%



>>> Champion Adjustments <<<

Patch 11.16 Preview [Full Changes]Sona

Version on Imgur:

P stands for Power Chord.

  • Sona has perpetual Accelerando stacks thanks to her fundamental abilities. She gets +.5 Non-Ultimate Ability Haste each level, up to a maximum of 60. Instead of receiving extra Accelerando when she achieves 60 Non-Ultimate Ability Haste, she lowers her Ultimate Ability’s current cooldown by 1.5s.

Q – Valor’s Hymn

Aria of Perseverance (W)

  • Mana Cost: 105-125 >>> 80-100

  • Each time you cure another wounded teammate or block at least 25-125 damage from another ally with shields while they are protected by Aria, you get a stack of Accelerando.


E – Celerity’s Song

  • Mana Cost: 90 >>> 65

  • Accelerando is never granted.


Crescendo (R)

  • REMOVED Reduction in the Cooldown of Basic Abilities

  • Hits: Champions >>> Champions, Minions and Monsters

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For the game League of Legends, write “Patch 11.16 Preview [Full Changes].”

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