Range Training is a training method that involves spacing out your reps. The idea behind this training method is to not only make you stronger, but also to make you more efficient. By doing shorter, more intense bursts of training, you’re more likely to see results. This can be done with both free-to-play games and pay-to-play games. You can use the following websites to find some of the best range training spots.

Black Desert’s new training range is one of the most exciting features of the new update, but it also has some frustratingly difficult areas. This post will introduce you to some of the best areas to train, plus provide tips for how to avoid being gimped in the first place.

“F2P” stands for “Free to Play”, and this is the game mode we’ll be talking about here. F2P is a word that can also be used in the context of “free to play” video games, but in this case, it’s not referring to the game itself, but the way it is played and the way you can play it.

Range is an important skill in OSRS, as it allows you to attack enemies from a distance without directly injuring them. It also allows you to fight in terrain you wouldn’t normally be able to cross.

There are many ways to practice this skill. But only a few of them will offer you the best and greatest experience.

Not to mention that sometimes the best monsters to train against are hidden in the darkest places …..

So let’s see which monsters are the best to train with and where you can find them in Old School RuneScape.

10. Ankus

Best Range Training Spots & Monsters (F2P + P2P) –

We’ll start with the F2P option, which can be completed in the Forgotten Graveyard or the Guardian Sanctuary.

Ankous you should attack from level 60+, as you can hit them quite often due to their low defense.

There are also many safe spots at both locations.

Ankous can also drop wet runes and marked archers in F2P, which should bring money back into your bank!

For best results, I recommend using adamantium arrows with short maple bows.

You should also make sure you have a full green D’hide before you fight these monsters.

Where to find : Ankous in F2P can only be found in a forgotten graveyard or in Stronghold Security.

9. Stone crabs

Best Range Training Spots & Monsters (F2P + P2P) –

Stone crab fishing was once one of the best places to practice your range, with a very specific technique.

Here you can install a cannon that will greatly enhance the experience you get.

And you can’t do that at the Sand Crabs, which makes it a unique place for professionals who just want to gain experience in this field.

It is recommended to use this spot from level 20 – 60, depending on the purpose of the account.

Puros can technically start here at level 1 with a Robin Hood set and a cannon.

You won’t make any money here, but the experience comes very quickly!

Where to find : On the northern beaches of Relleckee or on Waterfowl Island.

8. Ice Trolls

Best Range Training Spots & Monsters (F2P + P2P) –

This is a very underrated place to train, and easily one of the best in OSRS if you only want to use one weapon.

You can simply locate the ice trolls in a safe place and let your cannon do all the work, while grabbing valuables with telekinesis.

You can even make money with this method by earning 70-100k experience per hour.

And I’d say it’s incredibly good!

Note that you need to complete the Fremennik Trial quest and start the Fremennik Island quest to get to this location.

Be careful when you fill your gun, because ice trolls can do a lot of damage to you.

Where to find : On Neutiznoth, available during the Fremennica Island quest.

7. Yaquis

Best Range Training Spots & Monsters (F2P + P2P) –

The yaks, a different enemy than the ice trolls, are in a much safer area, just outside the city gates of Newiznoth.

I would recommend practicing on them with iron blades, which do a lot of damage very quickly, since the blades themselves are pretty cheap and throw at an insane speed.

After all, knives are one of the fastest weapon classes in OSRS.

And yaks have extremely weak defense and offense, but lots of hit points.

This means that you do a lot of damage, but suffer little or none at all. But it can take a while, even if it is a pretty safe place.

As with the aforementioned ice trolls, you need to complete the Fremennik Trial quest and start the Fremennik Island quest for this area.

Where to find : The yaks are kept in a pen on the island of Neuthesnoth.

6. Nightmare Zone

Best Range Training Spots & Monsters (F2P + P2P) –

This is a great method to train at the XP range if you can get there.

If you use the poison breathing tube with steel arrows, you can gain about 85k experience per hour.

This can be increased to about 95k with Mith darts, which requires a lot of spending on your part.

With super range potions and absorption potions, you can do much more damage and last longer in the arena.

You can also use a rune crossbow with broadsides or blades, that should yield about 60-70k. XP per hour.

In the end, there are many options. So the whole place is really worth exploring.

Where to find : On Janil Street, near the bank.

5. The captured monsters

Best Range Training Spots & Monsters (F2P + P2P) –

So this is a method often used by level 1 to 80 purebloods, who can gain experience very quickly, but are extremely expensive.

The reason for this is that it depends on the use of the weapon to get each experience point.

You can easily track down these monsters and quickly damage them.

It is also a very AFK method, which makes it very attractive.

And this is done almost exclusively by people who have a basic bank account. The cost here is very high, so don’t underestimate this part!

You must also complete Biohazard to access the combat training camp, and complete Dwarf Cannon to access the cannon to begin this method.

Where to find : A battle camp near Ardugna.

4. Hunter Tasks

Best Range Training Spots & Monsters (F2P + P2P) –

This is the method I used to get a range of 99, due to the number of missions you will be doing with the fighter that require a range.

This method is also very advantageous, as some boss fights (and enemies along the way) involve a lot of loot.

With this method, you also get the benefit of combat experience!

You can also use your pilot’s helmet. This gives you a 15% bonus on accuracy and damage, which ultimately increases the total amount of experience you receive per hour.

I would recommend having up to 55 fighters to use big bolts for this, and also use the cannon if possible.

Highly lucrative quests include Skeleton Wyverns, Alchemical Hydras, and Gargoyles.

Where to find : You can find murder missions everywhere in OSRS! Just talk to a master fighter to find your chance, or read this article where we tell you more about the fighter skill.

3. Sand crabs

Best Range Training Spots & Monsters (F2P + P2P) –

Sand crabs inhabit the island of Zea just below the home of Hosidius and are the new rock crabs.

They give a lot of experience, are easy to kill, and can be found near teleporters and bench points (unlike rock crabs).

The only thing they have trouble with is that the gnomes’ multiple cannon cannot be used to kill sand crabs.

But with knives you can gain experience very quickly.

And since there are literally dozens of sand crabs on the beach, your experience should add up pretty quickly!

Remember to change clothes on the field as often as possible. Usually this is the best place for level 1 to 50.

It is also not necessary to enter this area, but be aware that it can be very crowded.

Where to find : On the southern beaches of Zea. There are alternatives, such as Crab Claw Island, where there are more crabs, but the cost to get there is $10,000.

2. Skeleton monkeys (Apenatol)

Best Range Training Spots & Monsters (F2P + P2P) –

After completing Monkey Madness I, you can kill Skelton’s monkeys – they offer some of the best ranged feats in the game.

This place is more for those who can make it to Monkey Madness I, but not Monkey Madness II.

The best method here is to use Void or Elite Void ranged armor, as well as Salve (egg), which gives a 30% increase in damage and accuracy!

You should pray in melee and use red chines to maximize damage – black chines are not recommended unless you have a lot of money.

Experience can drop between 200k and 400k per hour depending on your efficiency, the equipment you used and the type of chinstrap you used.

Where to find : The skeleton monkeys can be found in the Monkey Atoll dungeon, which you enter during the Monkey Madness 1 quest.

1. Manic apes

Best Range Training Spots & Monsters (F2P + P2P) –

Monkey Madness monkeys are the highest form of Skelton monkeys and can be found in the dungeon during Monkey Madness II.

They offer the fastest form of experience in OSRS.

At this point, the player can earn between 350,000 and 400,000 experiences per hour if you count level 55 with red chins.

While those who are level 90 with black chinchpins can get up to 800-900k experience per hour.

It is recommended to use a full void here to enhance the effect of the damage set, and to take prayer potions if possible.

And the crazy monkeys also throw prayer potions that will keep you going longer.

Using the bone crusher chain is also a way to regenerate prayer points, which you can keep almost indefinitely.

Where to find : Found in Crook’s dungeon on Monkey Atoll during Monkey Madness II.We are going to take a look at the best farming spots and monsters in the game. From these spots, we will try to get the most profit.. Read more about best way to train range osrs and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I train my range fast?

The best way to train your range is to use the pistol at the range. What is the best way to learn how to shoot a pistol? The best way to learn how to shoot a pistol is to use the pistol at the range. What is the best way to learn how to shoot a pistol fast? The best way to learn how to shoot a pistol fast is to use the pistol at the range.

Where can I train low level range?

There are a number of low level training spots in the game, but the most convenient is the Training Ground in the capital city of each faction.

What should I train range Osrs?

You should train your range Osrs by using a ranged weapon and attacking with it.

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