Destiny 2 is one of the most anticipated games this year, and it’s coming out September 6. You may be wondering which exotic weapon you should start with in the game. And if you are, you’re in luck, as we have a Destiny 2 exotic weapon guide to help you with that. Here you’ll find all of our Destiny 2 exotic weapons guide with all exotic weapons description, stats, and more.

Destiny 2 is the latest in Bungie’s shooter series, and it’s a sequel to the original that launched back in 2014. This time around, the game has been set in the past, and it is set two years after the first game, with players taking the role of a Guardian who’s trying to stop a new evil from rising up from the bottom of the ocean. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic Earth that’s been conquered by an ancient evil called the Darkness.

Today we will be going through the first Scorned mission mission. The mission is called “Escort the Ambassador”.

Destiny 2 Scorned Mission Walkthrough

  • Type of assignment: Leaving (inheritance)
  • Place of employment: Tangled coasts

The spider has given you a clue to the location of all the barons, so you can find them all close together.

While you search for the Barons, Petra Venge will search for Uldren before he escapes and must be searched again.

Your task in this mission is to track down and destroy the Barons before all is lost.

Operational objectives

Destiny 2 Scorned Mission Walkthrough

Storming the Barons’ Den (Part 1)

They’ve discovered the Barons’ hideout, and it’s time to do something about them before something happens.

Follow the waypoint that marks the location of the Barons’ hideout and attack them once you know where they are locked up.

Retrieving lost objects from the spider

Spider has some valuables left behind when Uldren took over the coast, and he wants you to help him get them back.

In return for your help, Spider will reward you with his assistants to help you in this task.

Go to landmarks and collect geocaches by interacting with them. You will be accompanied by spider helpers (2 geocaches in total).

Storming the Barons’ Den (Part 2)

After searching for geocaches, you meet the train driver, who leaves shortly after you damage him.

Continue your way to the next point, where Spider will ask you to pick up his stuff.

Recovery of spider stock

There is a hideout there, interact with it to transform and you will be joined by other Spidey helpers.

Storming of the Barons’ Den (part 3)

After you surrender the spider’s lair, you’ll encounter the shooter in the next room and must deal enough damage to make him flee.

Follow the landmark and continue your attack on the Barons’ hideout, but be prepared for a stronger group of enemies that will be nearby.

Victory over contemptTank

A Scorn tank will be placed in the area in front of you, which you must destroy before moving on.

There are Scorch cannons nearby with which you can easily destroy the Skorne tank.

Storming the Barons’ Den (Part 4)

You will enter the Hallowed Lair, where you will encounter several Scorn enemies on your way to the waypoint.

In front of you is Spider’s lair, just before you reach the door that blocks your way to the next area.

Find the spider’s hideout

When you touch the geocache, it disappears, leaving a small detonation that you can destroy after discovering it was a trap.

You will then be attacked by various Skribes, which you should be careful of, as they do a lot of damage and explode at the same time.

Thwarting the ambush of contempt

In addition to the Scribes, other Scorn enemies appear in the area and must be destroyed in order to move forward.

Enter Scorne shelter

When the ambush enemies are defeated, the door will open and you can sneak into Skorn’s lair by following the landmark.

As soon as you approach the bridge, the Executioner will appear and start attacking you with his fire attacks, including a fire attack over a distance or just hitting you with his weapon.

Overcoming Fanatical Contempt

The executioner will run away after you have damaged him, and you will have to continue on the bridge and follow the waypoint.

In the next area, you must defeat the fanatic, but after that, the fanatic will let you go instead of attacking you, as you are considered more useful alive at this point.


  • This mission is just an attempt to find out what the Barons can do to you, and introduce them before you meet them all.
  • They need to do enough damage to push back the barons and force them to leave.
  • Since there will be a lot of enemies, take weapons that do a lot of damage to the targets, it will speed up the process.


Destiny 2 Scorned Mission Walkthrough

It seems the Barons knew you would attack them, and they all escaped in the end.

Fanatic seems to have something else in mind though, resulting in a move where you bump into him.

If you fail to defeat the barons, go back and Spider will tell you more about the enemies to help you understand their abilities.So you’ve been playing Destiny 2 for months now, and you just got your first character on your current path. You’re getting there, and you’re playing the game hard, but you have a good feeling that you’re going to have a really good time doing it. As you start to peruse the last two missions on your current path, though, you realize that something isn’t quite right. You’re not quite sure what it is, but you’re putting it down to the fact that you’re just not getting the grade you want.. Read more about destiny 2 the rider walkthrough and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the scorned mission in Destiny 2?

The scorned mission is a quest that can be obtained by speaking to the Speaker in the Tower.

Where is the scorned barons hideout in Destiny 2?

The scorned barons hideout is located in the European Dead Zone.

How do you beat the hangman in Destiny 2?

The hangman is a boss in the Prison of Elders.

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