The world is full of beautiful, breathtaking nature. The world is also full of ugly, depressing people. And with all the beauty in the world comes the need to beautify things. It’s just how we operate.

There are so many great things you can do with a vase and flowers, but sometimes it can be hard coming up with something new. That’s where these free vase templates can help you to save money and create something beautiful.

Not sure how to spice up your Sim’s living space?

Add a plant. Or two.

Okay, ten.

Plants and flowers are one of the easiest ways to add a touch of comfort to your living space.

Depending on how many packages you have, you have a wide selection to choose from. Still, it can’t hurt to add to your collection, right?

Also, there aren’t many options in the game that are unique to vases.

Sometimes you think a plant looks nice, but you don’t like the vase.

Then load some CC vases from that list, use bb.moveobjects, and you never have to worry about it again.

10. Tables and vases

Custom Vases & Flower Vase CC (All Free) –

Check out this AC.

The vases in CrazySimLady93’s Paintings and Vases collection are more accessories than centerpieces.

But they are still a beautiful addition to any living space.

The set of three vases has a different height, shape and design for contrast.

And they all look great in combination with the little pictures that are in the set.

We counted three designs for the vases and 22 designs for the paintings, so there’s plenty to choose from!

9. Live Vase 3 Grid

Custom Vases & Flower Vase CC (All Free) –

Check out this AC.

A vase or a bottle of gin?

Either way, we think this DOT CC looks good.

This seven o’clock vase has a spherical base and widens into a very thin opening.

It is attractive on its own, but can also be combined well with wild plants.

It is also part of the Living set, which has the same vase with a woven texture on the bottom and can also be transformed into a table lamp.

8. Coastal additions – Flowers and vases

Custom Vases & Flower Vase CC (All Free) –

Check out this AC.

The creator of Simcredible lives up to his name, because his creations are always of a higher level.

This CC Coastal Extras set includes 20 pieces of unique vases and plants in a beautiful coastal theme.

There are so many beautiful options here, but my favorites are the vase filled with shells and the yellow roses in a white vase with a shell accent.

And if 20 new CC items is too much for your collection, you can download them individually here.

7. Collector’s vase large

Custom Vases & Flower Vase CC (All Free) –

Check out this AC.

Looking more like a bottle than a vase, the Collector Vase CC by Pilar is one of those decorative options that doesn’t need plants to stand out.

Described as a mix of vintage and modern, we think that’s a good way to describe its shiny, metallic look.

Of course, this doesn’t work for every house you build. But such a photo will certainly attract the attention of the guests.

This vase is for the basic set, and if you like it, also check out the Collector’s Study set it comes with.

6. Vase v02

Custom Vases & Flower Vase CC (All Free) –

Check out this AC.

With such a simple name, you may not know what to expect here. But it’s a brilliant piece of CC work:

Beautiful on its own, but large enough to bring extra sparkle with other plants.

This Severinka creation is part of a set, but this collection is also very beautiful on its own.

The colored marble textures look like the Sims took them on a trip to Selvadora, and these patterns are almost shaped like a lava lamp.

There are five colors in total, and you can find it in buy mode in the decor/junk section.

5. Coastal living Vase

Custom Vases & Flower Vase CC (All Free) –

Check out this AC.

Simcredible is back with new coastal themed vases!

This Maxis matcha has a wide neck, with a beautiful starfish pattern on the front.

It is available in four colours: light blue, navy blue, white and light brown.

And with the bb.moveobjects cheat, it can be linked to many plants in the game.

Like most of Simcredible’s creations, this game needs no packaging. He is also a member of the Coastal Living ensemble.

4. Chinese vase

Custom Vases & Flower Vase CC (All Free) –

Check out this AC.

The CC Chinese Vase from NanaTec is not only beautiful with its intricate Chinese-inspired design, but it would also make a great story for wealthy Sims (maybe they picked it up in Shang Simla!).

Here are four colorful examples, each with a different mural and pattern.

They also seem to be HQ, so simmers who play with this QC might want to add it to their collection of QC decorations.

3. Oppen Lounge Accessories

Custom Vases & Flower Vase CC (All Free) –

Check out this AC.

Vases, but make them into art.

There is absolutely nothing practical about this ArtVitalex CC.

But that’s what sets them apart.

You don’t have to worry about which plants to plant, and you don’t even have to worry about not having an inch. Because these vases are too couture to be anything other than high-end sculptures.

Download them all in one package at the link above or download them separately here. The kit also includes a mat.

2. Toulton Clutter Vase

Custom Vases & Flower Vase CC (All Free) –

Check out this AC.

The Tulton Cluttery vase from BuffSumm is perfect for any offbeat sim.

Seriously, from the twisted neckline to the fun floral pattern, you could imagine someone like Delia Dietz making this garment or Moira Rose from the series Schitt’s Creek buying it (are there any fans reading this?).

Remember to place them with bb.moveobjects enabled.

And if you’re looking for an equally unusual set of furniture, here’s a collection of vases that even Tim Burton would love.

1. Monumental vase

Check out this AC.

This vase is for all historical sims or those who only have rich sims living in castles.

Anyway, this monumental vase by TheJim07 is well named:

Not only is it huge, but it is also very ornate, with depictions of people holding it at the base and people at the outer edges.

The designer was inspired by a real vase by Italian sculptor Lorenzo Bartilini.

And best of all, you don’t spend a lot of money, because each vase costs only 700 simoleons.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you customize a vase?

You can customize a vase by adding flowers, ribbons, and other decorations.

Can you engrave a vase?

Yes, we can engrave a vase.

Can you decorate with empty vases?

Yes, you can decorate with empty vases.

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