The protagonist of the popular Japanese series, “Rimuru Tempest” has been a fan favorite since its release. As one of the most powerful characters in the world, Rimuru is often compared to other famous anime characters. Here are ten anime characters that could beat Rimuru in a fight.

The who can beat rimuru in anime is a question that has been asked many times before. In this article, I will list 10 characters that could beat Rimuru Tempest.

Rimuru is building up to be one of the most powerful characters we’ve ever seen, if you’ve been watching That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.

And if you’ve read the light novel/web comic, you’ll know that Goku is a toy.

So, before Rimuru becomes an unstoppable deity, let’s take a look at how he compares to other anime characters.

Expect a lot of hilarity.


10. Eri

10 Anime Characters That Could Beat Rimuru Tempest –

My Hero Academia is an anime series based on the manga My Hero Academia.

It would take a lot of head-cannon for Eri to win this battle, but it is conceivable.

Eri can rewind the physical bodies of everyone around her, including phasing them out of existence, when she releases her full power.

Rimuru is notoriously tough to kill, since he has every conceivable kind of resistance as well as near-infinite regeneration.

Even him, though, is vulnerable to time-altering powers.

At least, that’s how it seems in the anime.

The length of the rewinding seems to vary, since she just snaps a few individuals, while Deku was affected for a long time, which is where the head cannon comes in.

It’s GG if Eri was able to unleash her entire strength all at once when Rimuru was near by.


Ainz Ooal Gown (nine)

10 Anime Characters That Could Beat Rimuru Tempest –

Overlord is a Japanese anime series.

“Rimuru has yet to reveal his full Demon Lord powers at the time of writing this,” I have to say, since the matchup is already incredibly tight without any power-ups.

These two characters have a lot in common: they were both reborn as monsters, they both rule a country of monsters, and they each have about 1 billion talents in their armory.

They’re also resistant to almost anything and can metagame the battle if necessary.

So the only reason I believe Ainz can win is because he can set a lot of traps and distribute a lot of sheer destructive force all at once. Rimuru may have difficulties as a result of this.

But it’s very near.

And there’s a good possibility that by the conclusion of the season, I’ll be regretting my remarks.


Giorno Giovanna is the eighth child of Giorno Giovanna and Giorn

10 Anime Characters That Could Beat Rimuru Tempest –

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind (anime)

Giorno’s ability to get near enough to Rimuru to trigger his Golden Experience Requiem will determine the outcome of this battle.

The battle is over the second he does.

Golden Experience Requiem, you see, has this very cool power where he can throw you into an endless cycle of death from which you can never get out. It’s all really entertaining.

He does, however, need to get near.

So, either we depend on Geiorno’s ability to approach near without raising suspicion – and then one-shot Rimuru – or we rely on the head canon that Stands aren’t formed of magic and therefore Rimuru can’t see them.


7. Voldigoad Anos Voldigoad Anos Voldigoad Anos Vol

10 Anime Characters That Could Beat Rimuru Tempest –

Anime: Demon King Academy’s Misfits

Consider Anos to be a little more powerful version of Saitama, since he does some of the most incredible feats ever seen in anime.

And I’m not talking about the typical things like destroying a planet.

Through the sound of his own heartbeat, the guy was able to inflict harm on his opponent.

By blinking at strikes coming his way, he was able to deflect them.

Even Rimuru’s Great Sage couldn’t think of a strategy against a guy who can blink assaults away.


Shigeo Kageyama, No. 6

10 Anime Characters That Could Beat Rimuru Tempest –

Mob Psycho 100 is a Japanese anime series.

This should go without saying, but Mob would have to be completely focused on killing in order for this to function.

Even then, I don’t believe the fight would be easy.

Mob can throw buildings about like they’re nothing and withstand city-destroying bombs with ease when he’s at 100%.

That wouldn’t be enough to eliminate Rimuru on its own.

However, I believe Mob will prevail in the long term.

In the season 2 finale, we saw how long he could keep up with the devastation.

Rimuru would initially regrow everything, but he wouldn’t be able to withstand being ripped to pieces for the millionth time.


Saitama is number five.

10 Anime Characters That Could Beat Rimuru Tempest –

One Punch Man is a Japanese anime series.

We may as well get Mob’s elder brother out of the picture now that we’ve spoken about him.

I generally avoid placing Saitama on lists like these, but Rimuru certainly deserves it.

Saitama’s sheer numbers are just too great to be defeated by any combination of abilities, tactics, or trap cards.

Even exploits like being thrown to the moon don’t seem to thrill him, thus I doubt he’d be all that enthusiastic throughout the battle.

Rimuru, on the other hand, has never been struck so hard that his body switches between five time zones.

Without a doubt, Saitama would win this bout.


4. Otsutsuki Urashiki

10 Anime Characters That Could Beat Rimuru Tempest –

Boruto is a Japanese anime series.

For all intents and purposes, Urashiki is simply a better version of Rimuru at the moment.

I say this because he has the ability to just take other people’s talents and utilize them as he sees fit.

Urashiki, on the other hand, accomplishes it from a distance, practically quickly, and consumes a significant amount of your energy in the process.

So long as he doesn’t be devoured by Rimuru, he can simply keep chipping away at his energy pool until it’s depleted.

We already know that strikes that touch the soul are effective, thanks to Rimuru’s fight with Hinata.

And, since Urashiki’s speed and endurance are comparable to Naruto’s, I believe he has a good chance of winning.


Reinhard van Astrea, number three

10 Anime Characters That Could Beat Rimuru Tempest –

Re: Zero is a Japanese anime series.

As a canon ability, this guy possesses plot armor.

That is to say, he has so many blessings that he will always have the precise flawless capacity to beat any adversary at any time and in any location.

Even if we don’t consult the data books (or wikis) for this character, we can tell that he has a strong chance of defeating Rimuru, since he practically one-shots Puck in the anime.

Puck was at the point in his development where he could destroy the whole planet at the moment. And he was turned to ash in a matter of seconds by Reinhardt.


2. Novachrono, Julius

10 Anime Characters That Could Beat Rimuru Tempest –

Black Clover is a Japanese anime series.

If the Eri choice was too much of a reach for you, this one should be a better fit.

Everything is on steroids, yet it’s the same argument as Eri’s.

Julius’ range is vast, and he can cover a whole nation with it. He’s no stranger to murder, and he travels at the speed of light.

In reality, each of his talents is a one-time use since it just ages you to death.

I’m not sure whether aging Rimuru forwards would be fatal to him.

However, we’ve seen Julius use rewind powers before, so he could simply send Rimuru back to his former existence – or at the very least, put him back to his slime form.

In any case, rewinding all of those insane bonuses makes Rimuru a lot simpler to defeat.


1. Altair

10 Anime Characters That Could Beat Rimuru Tempest –

Re: Creators in Anime

My favorite hax character is Altair.

She is capable of defeating anybody. In fact, by writing this, I’ve already validated that statement.

She’s a self-aware fictional character that derives her strength from her admirers, acquiring the capacity to do anything anybody writes in.

As a result, if Clayman just scribbled on a piece of paper, “Altair has all of Rimuru’s abilities but is like 100 times stronger,” that suddenly becomes a reality.

And, given the number of individuals who reject our slimy messiah, someone would certainly put that in.

The can rimuru tempest beat goku is a question that has been asked by many people. Rimuru Tempest is a character from the game Rimuru Tempest. 10 anime characters that could beat him are listed below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What anime character can beat Rimuru tempest?

Rimuru Tempest is the protagonist of Overlord. The anime is currently airing, so I cannot answer this question.

Is Rimuru one of the most powerful anime characters?


Who is the strongest enemy of Rimuru?

The strongest enemy of Rimuru is the Dragon God.

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