This supply center, created by the Enigmas of the Hidden World, will open the doors of a new world to you. To enter this new world, you must complete the mission “Enigma of the Hidden World.”

The Ignis Wraith, also known as the Wraith from the popular series Final Fantasy 15, is an enemy type in the game Final Fantasy 15. These enemies are horrific monsters that are a lot stronger than their lonesome appearance would suggest. Before you get yourself into a situation where you need to fight Wraiths, make sure you have enough Ignis to help you do so, because Ignis is the main resource in Final Fantasy 15 that is needed to upgrade your weapons and armor.

Every week the IGNIS Wraiths Supply Center changes. This week you get a chance to get free Ignis Wraiths to help you complete your quest. To grab your free supply of Ignis Wraiths you must complete 2 quests for the Supply Center and you must be level 88 or above.

Mr. Rebore is returning to the Supply Center in August. My trip, which I just returned from, was very pleasant. If you need to contact me, please contact Rebore#2819 on Discord and Rebore in-game. Remember that this is simply a game that we all play for fun, so show love and care to others.

Free Ignis Wraith Supply Center

To receive your own batch of 6, fill out the form below.

  1. Go to to join the conversation.
  2. On the center popup, type #discord-role-setup.
  3. To see the #9 response, click here (Gets you the Ignis Wraith Supply Center Channel).
  4. Under the Management category, go to #ignis-wraith-supply-center.
  5. Make a request in #ignis-wraith-supply-center while you’re online in-game.
  6. In the Ignis Wraith Supply Center channel, for example, Rebore/PC/Mr30/Online.
  7. If you go offline and need to refresh your request in the channel, you may always submit another request.
  8. Please don’t start other conversations in this channel; it’s a business channel, and the less irrelevant spam it has, the more people we can rely on not to mute it.
  9. Because we do not currently have a discord for any console clans, players on consoles other than PC will have to wait a long time to be replied to.
  10. Wait for someone to contact you; it may take some time, but you will be contacted.
  11. For those who want to attempt this without using Discord, there is a list of in-game suppliers at the bottom of this article. These players have promised to provide Ignis Wraiths. This is the more difficult approach, however it is an alternative for people who hate conflict.
  12. Please leave a comment with your in-game name, platform, and “join list” if you want to be included to this list.


To become a supplier by joining our clan, which possesses the Ignis Wraith research. Make sure you have adequate credits since each Ignis Wraith BP costs 15k credits.

  1. Go to for further information. for further information.
  2. Remove the welcome screen from the pop-up window.
  3. Go to #officer-requests.
  4. “Become Ignis Wraith Supplier” and your in-game moniker, MR.
  5. Wait for someone to contact you; it may take some time, but you will be contacted.
  6. You must leave your current clan to join Syndicate Synergy, which has the Ignis Wraith BP, and you must leave your current clan to join Synergy, where you may purchase as many BPs as you want.
  7. You have no commitment to the server or clan after you have gotten your Ignis Wraith supply, and you are free to quit and rejoin your clan, or remain if you want.


In Warframe, here’s how you disperse your BPs.

  1. Place a sell order for 1p on
  2. For free Ignis Wraiths, post WTS orders in trade chat.
  3. Set up a trade conversation filter for “Ignis Wraith” and give it for free to anybody who wants it.
  4. When making trades in WF, whether selling or buying anything, always add at least one BP into the transaction on the house. You may either check if they already have one or simply throw one in as I do to help spread it out.


In our Ignis Wraith supply center channel on Discord, here’s how to disperse your BPs.

  1. Go to
  2. On the center popup, type #discord-role-setup.
  3. To view the channel, click the #9 response to acquire the Ignis Wraith Comrade role.
  4. Under the warframe category, go to #ignis-wraith-supply-center.
  5. Keep an eye out for requests for Ignis Wraith.
  6. To check whether someone is online, copy their in-game name from a request and contact them.
  7. Respond to a request by typing: When you’ve finished the request, it’ll be accepted.
  8. When they couldn’t obtain an Ignis Wraith because they were AFK or not online, respond with :denied:, and when they are back online, they may make a fresh request.
  9. Offer players 6 Ignis Wraith instead of 1 when feasible to promote supply saturation. This way, they’ll be able to give their 5 friends or clan members an Ignis Wraith, sparing our supply chain the effort.


There are a few more methods to acquire it in Warframe.

  1. For 250k credits and 550 Ducats, go via Baro.
  2. Rare prizes may be obtained via the Railjack Cache.
  3. In trade conversation, I’m offering WTB Ignis Wraith BP for free or for 1 plat.


Why do we do it?

There are many compelling reasons to do so. The most important is just giving back to the community that has helped the Syndicate clans achieve their success. We’ve all heard that big clans are wicked and that they don’t cherish their members. The community has done an excellent job of seeing beyond the stigma to appreciate the work we make to make every player count. Today, we’re extending our commitment to making every player count outside of our own community, to all of you. Syndicate clan policy has always been to never charge a clan member for Ignis Wraith; we’re just extending that principle to the community. Now, here are a few more compelling reasons to do so.

  1. Supporting newer players during a time when Warframe was at its lowest point in history.
  2. To assist the community, we do not need to be a lotus guide or a partner. All we have to do now is figure out what we have that others don’t.


The majority of them are DE’s fault, according to the rules:

  1. To collect, you must be MR9 (DE rule).
  2. Two-factor authentication (two-factor authentication) is required for account security (DE rule).
  3. For the system-wide trade tax, you’ll need 12,000 credits, and for clan tax, you’ll need 0 credits (DE rule).
  4. You must put any random object for trade, we recommend an ammunition box since it is more valuable than an opinion (DE rule).
  5. Individuals went out of their way to DM and harass people that sold Ignis Wraith for plat the last time we released this. That’s something you shouldn’t do. Don’t get yourself blacklisted because of that. Simply add them to your ignore list.

Additional Information:

If you’re able to provide blueprints to others, leave a comment with your IGN and platform, and I’ll add your name to the list.

Another option is to become a member of the Free Ignis Wraith Supply Center

Message individuals in the #ignis-wraith-supply-center who have made a request in-game to check if they are online and trade them a batch of 6 bps on

Players may contact Ignis Wraith without having to go to a discord server.

PC Providers

  1. MagicaJ
  2. -VS-Tora
  3. 2ollux capt0r
  4. MCXL
  5. ThePurpleGuyCZ
  6. Man in White
  7. RaddyRoach
  8. Funky Ducky
  9. Nacnud1
  10. jackalope33
  11. .Raf
  12. Theguyver
  13. Truenerge
  14. TinyMemeLord
  15. thedude0000
  16. MuggyBG
  17. Atilla0076
  18. LeakingAmps
  19. KaiWingless
  20. Violence
  21. James Skyminer
  22. …huh
  23. LupaChalupa
  24. Rebore
  25. jazz
  26. Krugsmash
  27. DarkGamerZero
  28. eragonawesome
  29. ckae84
  30. TheLastCrazyPerson
  31. Lust
  32. Opyt
  33. TheodanePrime
  34. Leogaz
  35. Animisty
  36. Itztaytay
  37. FlameisTired
  38. Effion
  39. xomp
  40. Blue
  41. Naefu
  42. CortezTheConqueror
  43. DrLego
  44. Red.ThePurpleGuyCZ
  45. RawBeard
  46. xtrm_
  47. Lyrinux
  48. -The-Duck-
  49. Penguinbuddy91
  50. DeaconCuff
  51. MarkasLin
  52. OmegaForce
  53. ChubbyPuppyYT

PS4 Providers

  1. TwitchVigilMain
  2. Racingboom
  3. Xenneth369
  4. TookSick
  5. metroid23
  6. TheSinhound
  7. Kakurine2
  8. BiscuitsJoe
  9. maurice1600

Xbox Vendors

  1. ExoSin
  2. Sir Despair
  3. XBL Vulcan
  5. bongheadbaz09
  6. Micha Hana Park is a Japanese actress.
  7. Sweatlock

Original source: link

  • Ignis Wraith Supply Center is available for free. Yes this is still going and will always be going. These are the new rules Ignis Wraith will forever be 0 plat as the Syndicate Community’s gift to the Warframe Community. How to participate To get your personal batch of 6 Go to Click #discord-role-setup on the center popup Click…

  • Ignis Wraith Supply Center is available for free. Yes this is still going and will always be going. These are the new rules Ignis Wraith will forever be 0 plat as the Syndicate Community’s gift to the Warframe Community. Yes we see you Ignis scammers mass downvoting and manipulating the forum mods to take down the post we had there.…

  • Ignis Wraith Supply Center is available for free.

    Hi I’m Mavolent also found on discord as Mavolent#3526 or in Warframe as Mavolent I’ll be running this months Ignis Wraith Supply center on behalf of the Syndicate. Yes, we see you Ignis scammers mass downvoting and manipulating the forum mods to take down the post we had there. You cant…

For the game Warframe, post “Free Ignis Wraith Supply Center.”

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This page was created to give the current players a chance to obtain Ignis Wraiths for free, if they so desire.. Read more about ignis wraith price and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Ignis Wraith for free?

I am sorry, but I cannot answer this question.

Where do I get Ignis Wraith?

You can purchase Ignis Wraith at the in-game store.

How do I get the Ignis Wraith blueprint?

The Ignis Wraith blueprint is a reward for completing the game on hard difficulty.

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