Today is the day we turn back the hands of time and take a trip through the history of Nintendo’s gaming industry, where we find many of our favorite games had a big launch day. So, what was released on this day in the history of Nintendo?

On this day in Nintendo history on June 27th, 1981, on this day, the Japanese video game company, Nintendo, releases the first game in the company’s long-running, successful series of games for the Nintendo Entertainment System, titled “Punch-Out!!” This game was released in North America later in the year, titled “The Contender”, though it was never released in the UK.

From the dawn of video games, Nintendo has been the undisputed king of the industry. But the company has a long history of pushing the envelope, both in terms of technological innovation and the exploration of new ideas. This lesson traces Nintendo’s evolution through a series of blog posts, highlighting the company’s early years, the early days of home consoles, and the wide-ranging legacy of its first home-console console, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

On This Day in Nintendo History: VS. Pinball; VS. Stroke and Match Golf; VS. Wrecking Crew; Stack-Up; Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge and more

On this day in Nintendo history (July 26),…

  • In Japan, VS. Pinball was released in 1984 as an arcade game. This Nintendo pinball game has all of the features seen in traditional pinball machines, but with a few tweaks. Players may choose from three different screens, including a bonus level featuring Mario and Pauline from the Mario Bros. series. Dual flippers are controlled by the players. The ball may be thrown at different speeds and velocities based on how long the player keeps down the action key at the start of VS. Pinball.

  • Stroke and Match vs. Golf was launched in Japan as an arcade game in 1984. This Nintendo sports game is an 18-hole golf game in which the player may play stroke play or match play against a human or machine opponent. It’s configured to enable a specific amount of credit swings. Depending on the result of each hole, the golfer earns or loses swings.

  • In Japan, the arcade game VS. Ladies Golf was published in 1984. This sports game is a golfing game created by Nintendo.

  • In Japan, the arcade game VS. Wrecking Crew was published in 1984. Unlike Wrecking Crew, this Nintendo platformer game does not scroll vertically, and the action takes place on a single wraparound screen divided into five levels. The single player is essentially the same, except with Luigi serving as Foreman Spike in all stages. However, since the game was created especially for the VS. DualSystem, it had unique dynamics that could only be achieved with dual displays.

  • In Japan, Stack-Up for the Family Computer was launched in 1985. As Professor Hector, hop on the command keys to make R.O.B. stack the colored discs and fit the pattern displayed on the screen in this Nintendo puzzle game. The nefarious Bugs, on the other hand, will attempt to perplex R.O.B. by giving him erroneous instructions.

  • Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge was a Game Boy game published in Japan in 1991. Dr. Wily has resurrected his Robot Masters and built a “Mega Man Killer” in this action/platform game from Capcom and Minakuchi Engineering. Return them to the garbage bin! Dr. Wily is up to his old tricks once again! Dr. Wily, fresh off his defeat at the hands of Mega Man, has resurrected his Robot Masters and even built a new “Mega Man Killer” called Enker, all in the name of advancing his goal for world dominance.

  • Rekishi no Katasumi de, Rekishi no Katasumi de, Rekishi no Katasumi de, Rekishi no Katasum In Japan, (Disk 1) was launched for the Family Computer Disk System in 1991. Fortune telling has become a big trend in Japan, according to this adventure game created by Nintendo in collaboration with Pax Softnica. A young guy is watching a fortune-telling program on TV, and the host recommends that you go to the Demon Museum and perform an incantation to attract the lady of your dreams. He rushes there, and sure enough, the girl of his dreams is waiting for him.

  • In 1991, Time Twist: Rekishi no Katasumi de… (Disk 2) for the Family Computer Disk System was launched in Japan. He recites the spell in this adventure game co-developed by Nintendo and Pax Softnica, but it frees a demon from its prison. The wicked monster switches bodies with the child and flees through time, leaving the boy in the body of a dying demon. As the kid, you must use a time travel belt to track down the monster, changing bodies along the way.

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