Teleports have also been a major omission in the past from the Old School RuneScape game. In this guide we will list the 10 most useful teleports for those that are looking to use them. As with all guides, this is not a comprehensive list, but represents the most essential teleports for professional players.

Teleports are a great way to get around the game world quickly, but where do you use them? There are many locations where using a teleport is quite simple, whether it’s to reach the bank, or just to run away from a boss. But, there are also numerous places that are unique to a certain skill level, meaning that they can only be accessed or used by players with specific skills. Here is our list of the 10 most useful teleports in Old School RuneScape.

RuneScape is a free to play MMORPG that has been around for quite some time and is still played by thousands of people today. It is a game that uses an in-game economy to acquire new and powerful equipment for your character. While the game is about killing monsters and completing quests, it also has a large inventory of items that can be used to enhance your character. Some of these items can be very powerful allowing you to gain an edge.

Teleportation in OSRS is an integral part of the game.

Without this feature, navigating on such a large map would be extremely tedious!

There are spells you can use to teleport to certain locations, and items you can teleport too.

So there are dozens of possibilities when it comes to this topic.

So what are the most useful teleporters in old school RuneScape?

Let’s take a look at the best ones you have to unlock!

10. Domestic teleporter

10 Most Useful Teleports in Old School RuneScape –

We’ll start our list with the houseporter, which is just one of the most useful in the game.

There are no terms of use, the only restriction is that it can only be used once every 30 minutes.

This teleporter will send you to the currently defined respawn point, which can be at various locations, e.g. Lumbridge, Warrock or Edgeville.

You can use it almost anywhere!

It is important to note that this teleporter has a very long animation. It cannot be used in combat or emergency situations.

How to use it: Comes free at the beginning of the game, no strings attached, and can be found in any spell book.

9. Teleportation Camelot

10 Most Useful Teleports in Old School RuneScape –

The Camelot teleporter is another useful teleporter, as it takes you to the central area of the game: Camelot.

This spell requires level 45 magic, so you should be prepared for it.

But this teleporter won’t really come into its own until you finish Candarin’s journal.

It will then teleport you near the Bank of Elders, making it one of the closest teleporters to a bank.

This also reduces agility training time, as teleporting to the bench after completing a round of the course is a common practice to reduce execution time.

Other nearby locations include Sherlock, Linen Fields, Farm Properties and Quest Cake.

How to use it: You must have a normal spell book and 1 law rune and 5 air runes.

8. Teleportation Warrock

10 Most Useful Teleports in Old School RuneScape –

You will be teleported directly to the capital of Mistalina and arrive in the center of Warrock, where there is a large fountain.

And this teleportation only requires level 25 magic, which makes it easily accessible.

Like the Camelot teleporter, this teleporter doesn’t really start to shine until you complete the Warrock intermediate log.

Completing this log will change the location of your teleporter, which will send you to the Grand Exchange.

It’s very practical! After all, you can now teleport to the largest shopping area in the entire game, making it easier to sell loot and buy supplies.

How to use it: Requires 1 law, 3 air runes and 1 fire rune. You’ll also need a regular spell book.

7. Ectophilus

10 Most Useful Teleports in Old School RuneScape –

Ectophial opens after completing the game Ghosts Ahoy and opens an unlimited number of teleports to Ectophuntus.

It’s very convenient to get around in Moritania. The reason is that there are not many teleporters in this area.

It’s also a great way to teleport with a click, making it very useful for escaping!

And with this teleporter you can quickly get to the Moritania farm, which is what most players use it for.

But in other cases you can quickly reach Ectofuntus, Port Phasmatsys and Canifis.

How to get it: Unlocked as a reward for completing the game Ghosts Ahoy.

6. Horrock Teleport

10 Most Useful Teleports in Old School RuneScape –

Our first and only ancient magical teleporter on this list!

This is a very high level spell, requiring level 96 magic. So it’s going to take some work.

And as with most ancient spells, this spell teleports you deep into the wilderness – specifically, to the ice plateau in a level 45 wilderness.

This can be useful for a number of reasons.

The teleportation location is very close to the Chaos Altar, so it is easily accessible for prayer training.

And it’s near the lair of the Black Dragon King and near the Chaos Fanatic.

And finally, it’s even next to the desert rune stones.

Be very careful when using this spell, as it teleports you directly to popular Pk’ing areas.

Don’t do anything you’re not willing to risk.

How to use it: First of all, you need to have access to the book of ancient spells, for that you need to play out Treasures of the Desert. The teleporter requires 2 law runes and 8 water runes.

5. Ardugn’s Teleportation

10 Most Useful Teleports in Old School RuneScape –

Another very useful teleporter to another major capital that you will use often.

Arda’s teleportation requires a magic level of 51. It sends you straight to the market in the lively town of Ardugne.

Most other teleporters in and around the city are very limited, which is what makes this teleporter so great.

This teleporter also gives you direct access to a variety of learning opportunities, such as. B. Warrior knights and market stalls, skills on the roof and quest cake.

How to use it: This teleporter is closed after completing the Plague City quest. You also need 2 water runes and 2 law runes. Teleportation is in the normal spell book.

4. Trollheim Teleportation

10 Most Useful Teleports in Old School RuneScape –

The Trollheim teleporter is mainly used for two things, but they are both very important.

The first is for the God War dungeon, because the teleporter is the fastest way to get there.

The second use is access to the troll fort, where there is a grass bed that many players use to farm.

Note that you must have at least level 68 magic to use it.

The only reason to teleport here is to get the occasional roll of clues or assignment.

Some players also use it to enter the troll conspiracy for troll destruction missions.

How to use it: To teleport here, you must complete the Edgar’s Trick quest and have 2 fire runes and 2 law runes. It’s in the regular spell book.

3. Flamenco boots (4)

10 Most Useful Teleports in Old School RuneScape –

This is another teleportation object, just like the Ectophial. So it’s not the kind of spell you cast.

Freemnik’s boots (4) are located behind the diary of an elite Freemnik and give you unlimited teleports to the city of Rellecca.

The only problem with these boots is that they are pretty hard to get. They require high stats such as 77 runic skill and the ability to wipe out all DKS, as required by the elite Fremennik journal.

But it’s very useful, there’s no two ways about it.

There are no good teleporters in this town, except for those boots and a winch that is hard to use.

Most players who use these teleportation boots are PvM players fighting Vorkat, Dagannoth kings or Basilisk knights.

How to use it: Fill out the Fremennik Elite Log to receive these great boots.

2. Barrows Teleport

10 Most Useful Teleports in Old School RuneScape –

As a teleporter from the latest OSRS spellbook (Spellbook of Arceus), this teleporter requires at least 60% favor from House Arceus to use.

And this particular teleporter is particularly useful for… You guessed it, to get to the hills!

Burroughs is generally hard to find. Too bad, because it’s incredibly lucrative and very easy once you get the hang of it.

It’s a start-up, but because it’s so lucrative, it’s served by all kinds of accounts and builds.

Barrows’ teleporter sends you straight to the mini-game – and it’s the fastest way to get there.

Teleportation is also useful for getting to Mort, as other means may be too slow.

You can also turn them into teleportation tablets, which can be very handy if you want to use a regular spell in Barrows.

How to use it: Requires 1 Blood Rune, 2 Soul Runes and 2 Law Runes to use. This spell can be found in the Arceus spell book.

1. Construction section

10 Most Useful Teleports in Old School RuneScape –

The best teleporter in OSRS, the Construction Cloak, allows unlimited teleporting into a player-owned house.

So this item may be the best teleporter in OSRS – but it’s up to you!

If you build an epic house, it should have almost every teleporter in the game.

This means that with teleportation in your home, you can go almost anywhere.

If you really want this cape to shine, I recommend making sure you have a nexus, a portal room, and a full jewelry box in your home.

This gives you the ability to travel and go wherever you want.

How to use it: You must first reach level 99 in construction and buy a skillscape. Then you can use the teleportation screen for as long as you like.Teleports are an essential part of any old-school game. These are objects which teleport you to different places across RuneScape. They are most useful for travelling to and from the Grand Exchange. Some are even used for shortcuts and are more beneficial than the direct route.. Read more about how to teleport runescape and let us know what you think.

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