The FIFA series has been around for a long time, and it’s one of the most popular games in the world. It’s also a game that is so large, with so many features and options, that there are bound to be questions about what you should do next.

The fallout 76 plans worth buying is a question that many people have. If you are planning on buying the game, it is worth knowing what the questions are.

I’m planning on buying FO76 and I have a LOT of question ?

EDIT: Thanks for all the answers; I’m certainly going to purchase this game; the community seems to be just as wonderful as those who responded; I’ll see you in Appalachia (I believe that’s the name of the area). and PvP doesn’t appear to be an issue, so I believe I’ll have a lot of fun with it, which was my major worry, thanks to everyone!


I’d like to get some of my questions answered, and since there isn’t a FAQ on this sub, I’m asking them here.

I’ve been a long-time Fallout fan, and I’d want to play alone or with a buddy, so I have a few questions. Thanks in advance to those who take the time to respond =)


  • Some tips on what’s worthwhile and what’s time demanding but not very rewarding (like for example in FO4 I ran out of duct tape by the end if I knew I would have foccussed my scavenge on it from the begging).
  • Is there a friendly emote simply to say hi, or is it preferable to not respond at all and go on your path than welcoming other players?
  • Is there a hidden meaning to certain emotes that seem nice but that I shouldn’t use?
  • What if someone starts firing at me, but I don’t want to get into a firefight with him? How can I get out of it? Will I be forced into PvP if I accidentally shoot someone?
  • Are the folks that are still playing the game mostly nice or a bunch of jerks out to spoil your day?
  • Is assisting in the completion of a mission considered toxicity by other players (for example, if I’m simply scavenging or exploring, would killing a monster at a location where someone needs to kill them get me in trouble?)
  • I know I don’t want to participate in PvP, so I’ll remain passive (although I’m not sure how it works, so if you could explain it to me, that would be fantastic).
  • How does griefing happen if it is possible? What can I do to avoid it?
  • Will everyone be able to open the storage box (not the one connected to my character) and therefore have access to some common treasure if I set up a camp and then a storage box (not the one linked to my character)?
  • Is it possible to find legendary weapons? If that’s the case, are they tied to an instance or may both my buddy and I plunder it?
  • What exactly is the idea behind nuclear weapons? Is it utilized in low-level zones to irritate newcomers, and how does it work?
  • Will the mob difficulty be changed or will he have a difficult time if I play without my buddy and then he joins me after I acquire certain levels?
  • Is the narrative being played for both participants at the same time? (For example, if we follow my main quest, would my friend’s main quest be updated after he leaves my instance?)
  • What constitutes a toxin?


By writing those questions down, I noticed that another, more general issue had arisen in my mind: Can I play alone without being disturbed in any way?


PS: I have no intention of playing Fallout 1st.

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  • Regarding a future Fallout game, I have a question.

    Would anybody be interested in a Fallout game set much farther into the future, when civilization has started to reconstruct itself, similar to Mr.idea House’s for New Vegas but with a larger global scope? You’d clean specific areas of the map (presumably the cities) of all trash and replace everything with fresh…

  • Fallout is spreading outright falsehoods about FO76.

    This morning on the top page, I came across the following thread: “As a 76 player, the gaming subreddit is delusional.” a player of 76 the games subreddit is/ This sub (fo76), according to the OP, informed him that problems and glitches are his, the player’s, responsibility. There are now 2083 upvotes on this post. The post he’s referring to has now been removed. …

  • FO76 perceptions that aren’t skewed

    I notice a lot of people commenting about the game who are either die-hard fans or who just despise it because of a youtuber. So here are my unfiltered thoughts: The visuals are what you’d expect from a Bethesda game: a little old but not bad. It’s essentially the same as Fallout 4, with a few minor tweaks. The engine is…

For the game Fallout, write “I’m planning on purchasing FO76 and I have a LOT of questions?”

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