Microsoft has signed an exclusive agreement with Kojima Productions to develop games for Xbox One. The Japanese game studio is best known as the creator of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Microsoft’s partnership with Kojima is the result of many years of collaboration between the two companies. It is an example of the new spirit of openness and collaboration that has become a hallmark of Microsoft’s approach to delivering the technologies and services that consumers and partners need to innovate and compete in the fast-changing world of technology.

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here! Responding to a letter of intent announced by Microsoft back in March, gaming giant Konami has officially finalized its acquisition of Hideo Kojima’s studio, Kojima Productions. Konami–which owns the Metal Gear and Castlevania franchises, among many others–will be taking over the development of future Metal Gear titles, but the big news is that Kojima himself will be returning to the director’s chair for at least one title. There’s no word on the game’s title or platform, but Konami has promised to make it the studio’s “most ambitious project yet”.

Microsoft signed a letter of intent with Hideo Kojima’s studio, Kojima Productions, to develop a new intellectual property for the Xbox gaming console. The deal was disclosed in a company filing detailing a deal with the Japanese company. Microsoft is also working on a motion-sensing controller for the Xbox One console.

Interesting details have surfaced about one of the most anticipated games in the Nintendo Switch catalog. We’re talking about Metroid Dread.

In the text we leave for you below, representatives from Nintendo offer content regarding the game’s second review, which focuses on E.M.M.I and beyond. Remember, we received his game this morning.

It’s right here:

In this episode, we focus on the threat against Samus Aran: E.M.M.I. Once sent by the Galactic Federation for reconnaissance, these large, agile and deadly robots are now dedicated to the relentless pursuit of Samus.

Read on to find out more about these powerful machines and the changes they will bring to the world of Metroid …

What is the I.M.S.?

The Interplanetary Multiform Mobile Explorer (or E.M.M.I.) is a maneuverable robot designed to explore the area and extract DNA from collected samples. The Galactic Federation has sent some of them to the unknown planet ZDR to study Parasite X, a life form capable of taking the form of other organisms. However, contact with the IMT was severed upon their arrival at the AMM.

Microsoft signed a letter of intent with Hideo Kojima’s studio

When Samus encounters E.M.M.I. on her mission to find out what’s going on in the DRZ, she notices that the behavior and purpose of the robots seems to have changed.

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E.M.M.I. is a Galactic Federation robot, so theoretically they shouldn’t be enemies of Samus. But the E.M.M.I. that meets our heroine defines her as a target and pursues her relentlessly. We think the fact that E.M.M.I. has no feelings, combined with his incredible strength, will scare players.

What happens if Samus gets caught?

M.E.s can move freely in their zones. Depending on what their sensors detect, they are programmed to perform up to three different actions, distinguished by the color of the light shining on their heads.

Go through the area without finding Samus.

Microsoft signed a letter of intent with Hideo Kojima’s studio

  • Observation mode (yellow light)

Investigate suspicious vibrations.

Microsoft signed a letter of intent with Hideo Kojima’s studio

Chase Samus at high speed after you see her.

Microsoft signed a letter of intent with Hideo Kojima’s studio

If E.M.M. gets caught by Samus, chances are she won’t survive. Be very careful and make sure you are not seen when exploring the E.M.I. areas.

Microsoft signed a letter of intent with Hideo Kojima’s studio

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If the E.M.M.I. gets you, you have a slim chance of saving your skin. Counterattack at the exact moment the E.M.M.I. opens up to attack you. Of course, the interval is so small that it is almost impossible to go back successfully. In short, it’s better to have peace of mind: Don’t get caught!

Don’t worry, there’s always a checkpoint nearby, which comes in very handy if things go wrong and Samus is captured.

E.M.I. Gates

The I.M.S. is conducted in designated I.M.S. zones. These areas are separated from the rest of the world by gates that only Samus can pass through.

The doors close as the E.M.M.I. visually recognizes Samus and begins to chase her. To reopen it, you have to make sure that the I.M.S. loses track of you.

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The areas in which you have to deal with E.M.M. are limited. What a stress to deal with all the time!

When you enter the E.M.M.I. area, the site layout and the location of the gates are recorded on the map to help you determine your path. Remember to stay calm and consult a map when entering one of these areas.

New capacity: Spectrum camouflage

Spectral camouflage is one of Samus’ new skills: It’s an optical camouflage that makes them invisible. As long as this ability is active, Samus can move without making a sound. The E.M.M.I.’s optical sensors can’t detect it either.

Samus can activate this ability by consuming a special type of energy called Aeion. However, if Samus runs or performs any other action while using this ability, Aeion’s energy will deplete faster. When she is completely exhausted, Samus can still use the spectral cloak, but it takes her own energy. Manage these resources very carefully.

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Spectral camouflage not only prevents E.M.M.I. from noticing Samus, but also allows you to walk through doors that close when someone is spotted.

This skill is useful against all types of enemies, not just E.M.M.I., so you can save it for times when you’re low on energy.

Is E.M.M. Invincible?

E.M.M.I.’s protective armor is made from the strongest materials in the universe and can repel Samus’ most significant attacks.

But by receiving power from the central units (the computers that control each area of the E.M.M.I.), Samus’ cannon is temporarily strengthened and transformed into an Omega Cannon, allowing her to fire the Omega Burst and Omega Blast cannons. E.M.M. is defenseless against both attacks.

Omega Burst

When Samus has activated the Omega Cannon, hold down the L key to aim and press the Y key without releasing to perform a powerful, quick Omega Burst attack. Hit the E.M.M.I.’s head several times to overheat the shield. Destroying it will expose the core, which is the I.M.S.’s weak point.

Download omega

Hold down the R key while aiming at the Omega Cannon to fire the shot. After charging, press the Y key for a deadly explosion of Omega. Hit an open E.M.M.I. core to kill it. When you defeat E.M.M.I., the Omega Cannon will change into a normal Samus Cannon.

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Samus can’t move while the Omega discharge is being prepared. You must overcome your fear as the deadly E.M.M.I. approaches and charge the weapon, then discharge all its energy and finish off the enemy. You’ll feel the tension building up inside you, but if you manage to fight off the attack, you’ll feel incredibly fulfilled.

How many M.E.s are there?

The presentation trailer showed several E.M.M.I.’s, including two different colored models and a broken model.

However, the cover of the game for Samus shows shades of seven E.M.M.Is. Looks like there are more robots than we thought!

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Each I.M.E. has different capabilities, and it will interest you to know which ones they are. E.M.M.Is still full of secrets… but we’ll save those for another time.

In the next section…

In the following Metroid Dread review, we will discuss the seven keywords that define Metroidvania. It will be available soon!At E3 2018, the studio behind the Metal Gear Solid series announced that it had signed a letter of intent with Microsoft Studios to create a new intellectual property. The next day, Konami clarified the situation by announcing that both companies had collaborated on a new game project, and that Microsoft had been working with Hideo Kojima’s team as a publisher on a game that was not Metal Gear. According to GameSpot, both parties have since put the project on hold.. Read more about metal gear solid 6 and let us know what you think.

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