Pokémon UNITE is a new mobile game that allows players to build their own team of monsters and battle other teams. The game features a variety of unique mechanics, including the ability for players to use items in battle, which makes it an exciting addition to the Pokémon franchise.

The pokemon unite snorlax guide is a detailed build, items, and moves for the best Pokémon UNITE Snorlax.

Pokémon UNITE Snorlax: best build, items, and moves

Snorlax is a high-maintenance Pokémon that you’d want to cuddle with if you knew someone who had one, but not one you’d want to deal with on your own. It eats, sleeps, and sits on objects, which isn’t ideal for a good trainer-trainee connection but surprisingly useful on the battlefield. In Pokémon UNITE, this is the greatest Snorlax build.

Snorlax’s function is to act as a moving wall. Snorlax’s role as one of the game’s most accessible Defenders is to put up obstacles in the lanes that delay opponents attempting to advance toward your objectives, and hopefully beat them back. As a result, a solid Pokémon UNITE Snorlax build emphasizes protection while still providing some strength for when things get nasty.

Also, if you like Defenders, you may be interested in our Slowbro build guide. In our Pokémon UNITE area, we offer guidelines for most Pokémon.

In Pokémon UNITE, the best Snorlax build is

In Pokémon UNITE, this is the greatest Snorlax build:

  • Eject Button is a battle item.
  • Leftovers, Assault Vest, and Rocky Helmet are among the items being held.
  • Heavy Slam, Block are among the moves available.

Pokémon UNITE Snorlax: best build, items, and moves


To begin, you’ll need Leftovers, Assault Vest, and Rocky Helmet. Outside of battle, the Leftovers replenish Snorlax’s health, which is useful for keeping you going between fights. The Assault Vest provides Snorlax with a shield that prevents some special attack damage and regenerates outside of combat, allowing you to last a bit longer in battle. Finally, the Rocky Helmet returns to your attackers a portion of the damage Snorlax takes. This will speed up encounters a little since you’ll be taking a lot of damage in your Defender responsibilities. Attempt to upgrade at least two of your Battle Items to level 20 as usual.

In terms of combat equipment, an Eject Button might be useful if you’re approaching death and need to flee quickly. In the current Pokémon UNITE meta, it’s also a popular option for almost every build.


Snorlax’s moves in Pokémon UNITE are as follows:

  • Tackle: When the user charges forward belly first, it does damage and slams the first opponent Pokemon it comes into touch with. The user’s next basic becomes a boosted attack after this move.
  • Rest: Causes the user to fall asleep on the spot, restoring their health. While this move is active, any Pokemon not on the user’s team are unable to move.
  • Hefty Slam (Lv. 6): The user slams down its heavy body, inflicting damage and hurling opponent Pokemon in the region of effect. Increases the amount of damage this move does.
  • Flail (Lv. 6): Causes the user to flail about, boosting the user’s basic attack damage as their HP decreases. This move’s damage rises when it is upgraded. If the user has low HP while performing this move, the user’s HP will be restored by the move’s basic attacks that strike enemy Pokemon.
  • Block (Lv. 8) requires the user to extend their arms wide to form a wall and provides a shield. Opposing Pokemon are unable to get through the wall and are shoved if they do. While this move is active, upgrading lowers the amount of damage the user takes.
  • Yawn (Lv. 8): The user lets out a massive yawn that lulls enemy Pokemon into a drowsy haze, putting them to sleep. When this move is used, upgrading reduces the movement speed of opponent Pokemon for a brief period of time.
  • Power Nap (Unite): Causes the user to fall asleep and start snoring, inflicting damage and tossing opponent Pokemon in the area of influence over time. While sleeping, the person becomes resistant to obstacles and has their HP replenished on a regular basis.

Now it’s time to make some moves. You begin with only Tackle and progress to level 3 when you learn Rest. When you reach level 6, swap Tackle for Heavy Slam for a massive AoE knockback strike that does a lot of damage while also giving Snorlax some breathing space. Change Rest for Block at level 8. Block transforms Snorlax into an impenetrable wall that enemy Pokémon can’t get through, which is important for Defender responsibilities. Finally, at level 9, you’ll acquire Power Nap, a Unite move that transforms Snorlax into a barrier that does damage over a wide area while simultaneously replenishing its health.

Whatever you do, keep your main objective in mind: hold the line. While the rest of the squad goes on the attack, push back your opponents with all you’ve got. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Moveset is best for snorlax?

Snorlax is a Pokémon with no movesets.

Is snorlax good in Pokemon unite?

I am unable to answer this question.

What is the best item for snorlax?

The best item for snorlax is the Ultra Ball, which will make it easier to catch.

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