The MLB The Show™ 21 6th Inning Program guide – All rewards, conquests, how to earn XP is a walkthrough for all of the rewards, conquests, and how to earn XP you can get in the MLB The Show™ 21 6th Inning Program, including the new Showcase.

For those of you who like sports games, baseball fans, and especially those of you who’ve been following this year’s MLB The Show games, we’ve got some exciting news: we’ve partnered with Sony for MLB The Show 21 and we’re giving away a free download code for MLB The Show 21: The Showcase. Don’t worry, we’re not going to ask you to download anything, we just want you to take a look at the MLB The Show 21: The Showcase.

The MLB The Show franchise has been one of the best sports video games in the market for years, and the latest chapter in the series is no different. If you’re new to the game, or just want help learning how to earn the most rewards in the game, then the MLB The Show 6th Inning Program is for you.

The 5th Inning Program in MLB The Show 21 has come and gone, but as you are undoubtedly aware, the fun doesn’t end there. The 6th Inning Program, which includes new prizes, packs, and a shot at three new Program bosses, was released on August 27 by Sony San Diego. So, what are the benefits of participating in this season’s contest, and how can you advance in this program? Let’s take a look at everything you need to know.

Rewards for the 6th Inning

Let’s start with the 6th Inning Program’s prizes. The following is a list of all the prizes for the 6th Inning Program, as well as the criteria to reach each level:

Level Reward Requirement for XP
1 1500 Stubs with a Diamond Bat Skin 5000
2 Pack of 21 MLB The Show (x5) 10000
3 3000 Stubs with a Diamond Universal Profile Nameplate 17500
4 Bundle of 2 Headliners 25000
5 3000 Stubs and Bat Slam Unlockable Choice Pack 32500
6 Item: Diamond Equipment Glove 40000
7 Cleats for Diamond Equipment 45000
8 Ballin’ is a Pack of Habits (x2) 55000
9 Benefits of a Home Run 70000
10 Pack of 21 MLB The Show (x10) 85000
11 Diamond Choice Pack for the 5th Inning (92 OVR Joakim Soria, 92 OVR Gio Gonzalez, 91 OVR Dexter Fowler) 100000
12 5000 Stubs and an Alternate Home Jersey for the Royals 115000
13 Bundle of 2 Headliners 130000
14 Choice Pack for Gold Ballplayers 145000
15 Ballin’ is a Pack of Habits (x2) 160000
16 Diamond Choice Pack for the 3rd Inning (93 OVR Lorenzo Cain, 92 OVR Patrick Corbin, 92 OVR Aaron Nola) 175000
17 5000 Stubs and a Universal Profile Icon 190000
18 Perks at Diamond Stadium 205000
19 Set of 32 Headliners 220000
20 Choice Pack for Gold Ballplayers 235000
21 5000 Stubs and Diamond Bat Equipment 250000
22 Pack of 21 MLB The Show (x5) 270000
23 5000 Stubs and a Legend Icon Choice Pack 290000
24 Set of 33 Headliners 310000
25 5000 Stubs and a 1990 Red Sox Home Jersey 330000
26 Boss Choice Pack for the 6th Inning 350000
27 5000 Stubs and a Gold Ballplayer Choice Pack 380000
28 Pack of Stadium Classics 410000
29 Pack of 21 MLB The Show (x10) 440000
30 5000 Stubs and an Angels Alternate Jersey 470000
31 Ballin’ is a Pack of Habits (x5) 500000
32 Choice Pack for Diamond Ballplayers 530000
33 Choice Pack for the 2023 All-Star Game 560000
34 Choice Pack for the Home Run Derby 590000
35 Pack of 21 MLB The Show (x20) 620000
36 OVR Diamond Live Series Choice Pack (90+ OVR) 650000

To get one of the three bosses, you’ll still need 350,000 XP. This time, though, SDS has included an additional level. As a result, the 6th Inning Program’s maximum level is 36.

How do I get XP?

XP may be earned in a variety of ways. In MLB The Show 21, players may earn XP by playing different game types, including Road to the Show games, which can be a fast method to get XP. By taking a few swings at the bat or pitching a few innings on the mound, players may earn a significant amount of XP (ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 XP) each game.

Daily and Program tasks are also available for players to accomplish.

It’s worth noting, though, that San Diego Studios has made a minor adjustment to XP gains. From now on, participants in MLB The Show 21 may only earn 35,000 XP each day via gaming. Missions, Conquests, and showdowns are not included. This was done to put a stop to community members’ exploits that allowed them to breeze through the programs in record time.

Conquest in the 6th Inning

There is a unique Conquest, similar to other Inning Programs. This is a Spiral Conquest, and in order to complete it, six teams have to be vanquished. Take a look at the map below:

MLB The Show 21 6th Inning Program guide – All rewards, conquests, how to earn XP

The Show with Major League Baseball This Conquest will provide 25,000 XP to the first 21 players who complete it.

Throughout the month, anticipate another Conquest, as well as a Showdown and additional collections. Typically, SDS publishes numerous player programs over the course of a month, each of which is required for additional XP. On August 31, the inaugural 6th Inning player program will go online. Keep an eye out for the August Monthly Awards and September Topps Now moments as well. Each month, one collection for each is traditionally published.

On September 24, the 6th Inning Program will come to an end.

We put together this guide for MLB The Show 21 6th Inner Program guide so that you can get the most out of your time in the game. This guide will help you get all of the rewards and conquests in the game, so that you can maximize your time playing.. Read more about mlb the show 21 programs not progressing and let us know what you think.

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