Current generation of consoles have opened up a new world of gaming that will not only satisfy your gaming needs but will also allow you to play games that you have never played before. One of the most popular ones is Xbox which has some really amazing games. One of the best games that you can play on Xbox is “Scarlet Nexus”.

What is the Scarlet Nexus? “The Scarlet Nexus is an organization that has a goal of increasing the knowledge of the abilities system in Super Smash Brothers Melee, and to give a little bit of information about the capabilities of the different characters.

Throughout the years, Scarlet cell has been the most famous and popular fighting cell in Black Order. It was the best fighting cell in Black Order, the best can fight in both human and supernatural world. The cell has a lot of abilities, and has used many techniques and power in different fighting and saving missions.

Scarlet Nexus SAS Abilities Guide – How to Use SAS System, Abilities

This guide to SAS capabilities in Scarlet Nexus will show you what the SAS system is in the game, how to use it and what its capabilities are. SAS allows you to use the ability of one of your team members in your group.

Using the SAS system and the power of your party members, you can apply these effects to your weapons and attacks. As you progress through the story and unlock new group members, you gain additional skills that you can use with your teammate.

You can also unlock the Simultaneous SAS skill, which allows you to have more than one active skill at a time.

Scarlet Nexus SAS Skill Guide

Now that you know how the SAS system works, let’s look at all the skills involved and how they become more powerful as you strengthen your bond with a group member.


This skill opens when the Shiden Knight joins your group. When you use this ability, all attacks and psychokinesis electrify objects and shock them when used continuously.

This ability will increase as you strengthen your bond with Shiden Ritter. Every time you connect with a character, you enhance that ability by giving it more effects. The modernization levels are as follows:

  • Level 1: Increased range of electrokinesis and combo weapons.
  • Level 2: A wave of electro-kinesis and the vision of the Guardian
  • Level 3: Increased recovery rate SAS and Combo V
  • Level 4: Vision on attack
  • Level 5: Extension of SAS effect and refusal of shock
  • Level 6: Electrokinetic dome and shock absorber


This skill opens when Arashi Spring joins your group. Using this skill slows down time, giving you enough time to take out multiple enemies or make a clean grab.

If the connection with Arashi becomes stronger, the speed improves with the following effects:

  • Level 1: Speed
  • Step Two: Enhanced SAS recovery, guard sight
  • Level 3: Combined display
  • Level 4: Vision on attack
  • Level 5: Extending the impact of SAS
  • Level 6: Re-acceleration of psychokinesis


This possibility opens when Kyoka Eden joins the group. This ability allows you to duplicate items that can be used for psychokinesis. In addition, you can attack with multiple items, and you can easily break enemy shields.

By strengthening your connection to Kioka, the following levels open up:

  • Level 1: Duplication
  • Level 2: Increased SAS recovery speed, Guardian Vision
  • Level 3: Lining, combined view
  • Level 4: Vision on attack
  • Level 5: SAS effect expansion, additional redundancy
  • Level 6: SAS extended effect, additional redundancy


This skill is unlocked when Kagero Donne joins your group. It completely hides you from enemies and gives you the ability to be invisible. The best part is that it still allows you to attack enemies while remaining invisible.

By increasing your connection to Kagero, you unlock the following skill levels:

  • Level 1: Invisibility, cunning.
  • Level 2: Increased SAS recovery speed, Guardian Vision
  • Level 3: Permanent invisibility, combined view
  • Level 4: Vision on attack
  • Level 5: SAS effect in the long term
  • Level 6: Permanent invisibility, critical invisibility


This ability comes to light when Hanabi Ichijo joins the group. This allows you to shoot flames at weapons and targets to attack them with psychokinesis. This increases the damage with each hit, and also has a stinging effect on the target when used multiple times.

Connection with Hanabi strengthens this ability and unlocks the next levels:

  • Level 1: Pyrokinesis, Extended Range of Weapon Combos
  • Level 2: The flow of the flame, the vision of the guardian
  • Level 3: Increased SAS recovery rate, Combo V
  • Level 4: Vision on attack
  • Level 5: Sustained effect of SAS, burn denial
  • Level 6: Flamethrower, pyrokinesis enhancement


This gift comes to light when Tsugumi Nazar joins the group. This ability allows you to see invisible enemies and better see through fog. As you strengthen your bond with Tsugumi, your skill level increases:

  • Level 1: clairvoyance, reading attack
  • Level 2: Housing failure, Guardian Vision
  • Level 3: Psychokinesis Reading Attack, Combined Vision
  • Level 4: Increased SAS recovery rate, visibility of attacks
  • Level 5: SAS effect in the long term
  • Level 6: Increased breaking efficiency and falling speed


This ability is unlocked when Gemma Garrison joins the group. With this ability, you can harden and strengthen your body to neutralize incoming attacks. The more you get hit, the shorter the duration of the skill.

As you increase your connection to Gemma, the following levels of this gift are unlocked:

  • Level 1: Sclerokinesis
  • Level 2: Increased SAS recovery speed, Guardian Vision
  • Level 3: Denial of disease state, combo vision.
  • Level 4: Vision on attack
  • Level 5: SAS effect in the long term
  • Level 6: Automatic sclerokinesis


This skill is unlocked when Luca Travers joins your party. Enables rapid teleportation from one place to another. This method is effective against enemies that you can sneak up on and hit well a few times, then teleport and dodge the attack.

By increasing your connection with Luca, you unlock the next levels of this skill:

  • Level 1: Teleportation
  • Level 2: Teleportation in the air, guardian vision
  • Level 3: Increased SAS recovery rate, Combo V
  • Level 4: Vision on attack
  • Level 5: SAS effect in the long term
  • Level 6: Charged teleportation attack

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This concludes our guide to the capabilities of Scarlet Nexus SAS. Post your comments below.

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