A Hunt Train is an event where you meet up with other hunters to go on a group hunt in a set place. This is most commonly seen in the form of a fishing tournament, where people compete to catch the biggest fish. These events are usually a lot of fun and you can meet up with friends, family, and co-workers. Hunt Train events allow you to bond with people that are like you, and that can be very beneficial in keeping you accountable.

There are endless reasons to go on a hunt train; from spending time with friends to meeting new people to having a good time and meeting new people. So, why not join an active hunt train? They are an amazing group of people who are more than willing to help you out and teach you the things you need to know to get the most out of your hunt train.

In the gaming world, there are some players that can never be beaten, known as Hunt Trains. Hunt Trains are people that have been playing a game for a long time and have gained a high level of skills and knowledge of the game. These players usually have large amounts of in-game experience to share to the community. These players can be very helpful to new players when they encounter issues or questions about the game.

In Final Fantasy XIV, a hunt train is a player-organized organization devoted to eliminating Hunt targets all across the globe. They typically concentrate on current material, removing targets from previous expansions when the chance arises.

In a previous post, we went over what hunts are and how they operate, but I’ll give you a short primer here so you can get started right away.

Hunts require you to explore the globe for high-value objectives that are ranked in order of difficulty.

These targets aren’t difficult to locate at first, and they respawn rapidly.

However, as you advance to more difficult objectives, you’ll see that the terrifying beasts you’ll need to dispatch aren’t always readily accessible.

After being slain, they may take hours to return, and they can spawn in a variety of locations across a zone.

This may seriously stymie your development.

Hunting is a fun way to pass the time in XIV, but not everyone likes to sit around waiting for a spawn. It’s difficult to travel alone since certain objectives have hidden criteria that must be fulfilled before they emerge.

Even with comprehensive resources like ffxivhunt.com (an amazing website for hunters of all levels), you can’t always locate what you’re looking for in the first place.


What Exactly Is A Hunt Train?

Hunt trains are a player-led solution to this issue.

They typically communicate through Discord servers and cross-world Linkshells (commonly shortened to CWLS).


What is a Hunt Train & How Do I Join One? –Succubi Pie / SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. / Succubi Pie / SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. / SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. / SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD


Some members will serve as scouts, searching for Hunt targets in certain areas. When they find it, they’ll announce it in the Linkshell chat channel and, if they have one, in the associated Discord.

After that, the game begins:

Players will rush to the target’s position and attack it as a team.

They’ll be able to take down numerous targets in rapid succession since they’ll be operating across different universes. As a result, the name “hunt train” was coined. Victory is the next stop.

With the possibility of disappointment as a side effect.

It’s both thrilling and frustrating at times.

Obviously, your search train, or even your much bigger data center, will not be the only one running in your globe. You have the ability of visiting worlds inside your data center in XIV, so you may go to a different server when a target emerges — but so can everyone else!

At times, you may find yourself competing with other groups or hunt trains.

Not everyone like waiting for a full hunt train to arrive before getting started, particularly if they already have the troops needed to take down the target.

There will be moments when you drop everything and hurry over to a spawn spot, just to miss out on the kill.

Even on a hunt train, expect to miss out, but there’s no sense getting all up about it.


What is a Hunt Train & How Do I Join One? –All Rights Reserved. Image source: u/Kaporalhart / SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.


What Is The Procedure For Joining A Hunt Train?

Fortunately, this is the easy part.

The simplest method is to just request an invitation to an existing train in your desired zone. Soon enough, you’ll get an invitation to a group or CWLS.

Outside of the game, you may also join a Discord server to get alerts.

Take, for example, Centurio Hunts(Discord link), which has over 60,000 members and has been around for quite some time.

When I’m waiting for a long train, I prefer to relax by listening to a podcast or watching a TV program, so having alerts sent directly to my desktop when I’m not paying attention is a must.

You’ll probably find it a little simpler that way as well.

Hunt trains may vary greatly across planets and data centers, so if you want additional information, I suggest conducting some preliminary study.


What Are The Advantages Of Becoming A Member Of A Hunt Train?

In a big group, it’s considerably simpler to hunt down these targets.

Hunt trains typically include members from several planets, allowing you to kill the target numerous times when they revive at different periods.

This one is a bit of a sobering truth, and it’s not something I particularly agree with.

However, if you’re not in a hunt train, you’ll be vying for the kill with them.

They’re more numerous since they’re essentially calling hordes of players to a certain area in a matter of seconds.

That’s not to say hunt trains are going to shove past you and steal your kills. But the simple fact that they exist, often operating with remarkable efficiency, means that your individual opportunities are going to be more limited.

You’ll need a hunt train if you’re serious about hunting.

It’s not something you’ll have to commit a lot of time to, and you can usually dip in and out as needed.

Plus, joining one doesn’t cost you anything (besides some space in your chat window), and as an added benefit, it may connect you with other like-minded players with whom you may spend the remainder of the game.

Hunt trains are multiplayer team-based games that pit players against a team of AI-controlled hunters. The hunters are trying to track and kill the players, but players fight back by hunting the hunters down. The idea is to keep your team alive long enough to escape the forest, and eventually kill all the hunters.. Read more about ffxiv hunt train tracker and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hunt train?

Hunt Train is a game mode in Beat Saber that sends players on a hunt for hidden treasure.

What do you get from Hunt trains Ffxiv?

Hunt trains are a type of mount that can be obtained in Final Fantasy XIV. They are not the same as mounts from other games, and they are not used for transportation.

How do you join the hunt train?

You can join the hunt train by pressing the Hunt button on your controller.

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