The best slayer monsters are the ones that provide a unique challenge and offer a lot of profit. This list ranks 15 of the most profitable monsters in all five slayer types, from highest to lowest.

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Slayer is a very lucrative talent that exposes you to new creatures and boss battles on a regular basis.

As you progress in Slayer, you’ll unlock new opponents, each with its own set of loot and methods to be slain.

And as time goes on, this becomes one of the most lucrative abilities in the game. However, not all monsters are the same.

So let’s have a look at some of RuneScape’s best Slayer creatures to kill for experience and profit.


Dagannoths are a group of 15 people that live in the Dagannot

15 Best & Most Profitable Slayer Monsters (Ranked) –

Dagannoths are a fantastic monster to work with.

Cannoning them will result in very high slayer and range experience rates, as well as a variety of helpful seeds, such as medium clue scrolls.

If you don’t want to battle the regular Dagannoths, you may always go to Waterbirth Island and fight the Dagannoth Kings there.

They provide certain uncommon drops and are very lucrative, particularly when combined with the elite Fremennik journal, which includes Dagannoth bones.

The greatest places to look are the Catacombs of Kourend, Lighthouse, and Waterbirth Island.


14. Avian diseases

15 Best & Most Profitable Slayer Monsters (Ranked) –

While Aviansies aren’t the most enjoyable experience, they are a good way to get money after you’ve completed the Fremennik hard diary.

This is because they’ll drop well-known addy bars, which may fetch a high price.

And it’s a regular occurrence from them!

With the additional damage and accuracy boost from your slayer helmet, you may utilize the job to battle Kree’Arra.

Kree’arra has a high value drop and is only worth fighting if you’re on a mission.

Only the God War Dungeon is a viable location for fighting Aviansies.


Nechryaels (Nechryaels) (Nechrya

15 Best & Most Profitable Slayer Monsters (Ranked) –

To fight Nechryaels, you must have an 80 slayer level. As a result, it won’t be your first choice.

In OSRS, there are many Nechryaels to be found, with the Catacombs of Kourend being the greatest choice.

These Nechryaels drop a number of high-value goods that may be sold for a profit.

They also have the advantage of being in a multi-combat area, which allows them to ice burst, which gives them a lot of slayer and magic experience.

Alternatively, you may battle them in the slayer tower with melee and still make a decent profit.

In Canifis, look for the Catacombs of Kourend or the Slayer Tower.


12. Demons of the Night

15 Best & Most Profitable Slayer Monsters (Ranked) –

Black Demons can be found everywhere around RuneScape, and they offer a lot of experience with very little work since they will automatically agro you.

For a greater experience, the regular variety may also be cannoned.

If you want to earn money here, you may take on a dark demon assignment and battle Demonic Gorillas.

Demonics drop a plethora of valuable artifacts, including the coveted Zeynte shard, which is worth over 9 million gp!

Just keep in mind that battling these creatures necessitates first completing Monkey Madness II.

Catacombs of Kourend, Taverley Dungeon, Chasm of Fire, and Edgeville Dungeon are all places to look. After Monkey Madness II, Demonic Gorillas can only be discovered in the Tree Gnome Stronghold’s wrecked airship.


Dust Devils (#11)

15 Best & Most Profitable Slayer Monsters (Ranked) –

Dust Devils have a low slayer requirement of 65, making them one of the most lucrative early slayer monsters.

As a consequence, they’re often crowded, particularly at the Kourend Catacombs.

They may also be ice bursted for a huge amount of experience, similar to Nechryaels. However, utilizing melee on them is also acceptable!

The Smoke Dungeon and the Catacombs of Kourend are where you’ll find them.


Kurasks (nine)

15 Best & Most Profitable Slayer Monsters (Ranked) –

Kurasks need a slayer level of 70 to fight, and they’re also one of the most farmed opponents on the list because to their capacity to produce a lot of money.

They can only be hurt by weapons with leaf blades or wide bolts/arrows.

However, if you can take some down, you’ll often find yourself dropping costly notes, herbs, and alchables, making these jobs excellent ways to increase your cash account.

The Fremennik Slayer Caves and the Iorwerth Dungeon are the only places where you may find them.


Gargoyles (nine)

15 Best & Most Profitable Slayer Monsters (Ranked) –

These monsters, who need level 75 Slayer, are very profitable and provide a lot of experience.

If slain on assignment, they produce approximately 350k gold every hour, which isn’t bad for a non-boss opponent!

Why is the price so high? The majority of this is due to their drop table, which contains a large number of rune items and notable bars.

If you’re ready for a challenge, you may take on the Grotesque Gargoyles, the gargoyle boss.

Where to Find: These foes can only be found in the Slayer Tower. The Grotesque Gargoyles reside on the top level of the tower, and entering their lair needs a granite key.


Greater Demons (number 8)

15 Best & Most Profitable Slayer Monsters (Ranked) –

Greater Demons are a fantastic AFK opponent to battle for some quick slayer experience, particularly in the Catacombs of Kourend, where they will immediately agro you.

Greater Demon missions have a financial motive, thus they’re being used to fight K’ril in the God War Dungeon.

K’ril features a number of high-value drops, including the Zamorakian Spear, which is worth over 15 million!

However, battling K’ril on task is only beneficial since the damage increase makes him much more tolerable.

Greater Demons may be found in the Chasm of Fire, Karamja Dungeon, and the Catacombs of Kourend. The God Wars Dungeon is where K’ril may be found.


7. The Kraken (boss)

15 Best & Most Profitable Slayer Monsters (Ranked) –

To battle the Kraken, you’ll need at least 87 Slayers and can earn almost 900k each hour (assuming you can get 60 kills in one hour).

So this slayer beast has a lot going for it.

Kraken is also a relatively simple boss to defeat, since his accuracy is poor and the only damage he does is through his tentacles, which only inflict little damage.

The main disadvantage of this monster is that he can only be slain when on assignment, therefore you may wish to use a slaughter bracelet to prolong the job.

Kraken Cove is located near the fishing community.


Skeletal Wyverns are a kind of skeletal wyvern.

15 Best & Most Profitable Slayer Monsters (Ranked) –

Skeletal Wyverns are very profitable. However, they have a low rate of experience.

Regardless, most gamers prefer to battle them since the profit each job is over 700k per hour!

They also drop high-level goods such as dragon platelegs and rune items.

Seeds, bolts, and runes are just a few of the stacking drops available.

The easiest way to kill them is at range, since you can safely identify them and suffer no damage!

There’s also a section of their cave that can only be accessed by slayers. They do, however, require a slayer level of 72 to square off against.

Where to Find: The Skeletal Wyverns may only be found in the Asgarnia Ice Dungeon.


Thermonuclear Smoke Devil (number 5)

15 Best & Most Profitable Slayer Monsters (Ranked) –

Another Slayer boss is Thermy, who needs a slayer level of 93 to even try to fight.

He is, however, a relatively simple monster to defeat, as he produces approximately 1 million gold each hour.

As you would expect, he’s very well-liked!

Rare goods, such as the Occult necklace, Smoke Battlestaff, and Dragon Chainbody, are also dropped by him.

You should utilize melee gear here, with slash weapons being the most important.

At the outset of the battle, dragon claws and Crystal halberds may deal a lot of damage to him.

Where to Find It: In the Smoke Devil Dungeon, near Castle Wars. Make sure you’re wearing a Slayer helmet or a face mask!


4. Bloodthirsty Black Dragons

15 Best & Most Profitable Slayer Monsters (Ranked) –

To kill these monsters, you’ll need a slayer level of at least 77, which isn’t too high but not too low.

And these dragons can make up to 1.1 million gold each hour, which is ridiculously high for a non-boss opponent.

They drop a lot of alchables, arrows, and runes, so hunting them down is well worth your effort.

To deal with them effectively, I suggest utilizing a Twisted Bow or a Dragon Hunter Crossbow.

I should also point you that the slayer experience you’ll get here is very excellent!

Only in the Catacombs of Kourend can you find it.


Abyssal Sire is the third of the three Abyssal Sires.

15 Best & Most Profitable Slayer Monsters (Ranked) –

The Sire is one of the most difficult bosses on the list, needing at least 85 slayer to defeat.

However, the Sire should make around 1.5 million dollars per hour and has a fantastic drop table!

The real battle may be tiresome and exhausting. However, once you get into the flow of things, it becomes a lot simpler.

It’s also not a very difficult battle. However, it is not as simple as Kraken or Thermy.

Where to Find: The Sire may be found in the Nexus, which is accessed through fairy cod DIP.


Cerberus is number two.

15 Best & Most Profitable Slayer Monsters (Ranked) –

Cerberus is by far the most difficult monster on this list, requiring you to pay close attention at all times. Cerberus’ movement pattern must also be carefully observed.

Cerberus is a high level slayer boss, requiring a minimum slayer level of 91 to even begin the battle.

Cerberus, on the other hand, can generate 2.4 million gold each hour, making him one of the most profitable bosses in OSRS (outside of raids).

To kill her, I suggest utilizing a Twisted Bow or Blowpipe for range, or melee gear with a powerful crush weapon.

Cerberus may be found near the conclusion of the Taverley Dungeon. Be cautious, since she is a formidable foe!


Hydra, the Alchemical

15 Best & Most Profitable Slayer Monsters (Ranked) –

The Hydra is by far the most profitable slayer monster in OSRS.

However, this monster has the highest stat requirement, requiring a minimum of 95 Slayer!

The Hydra collects around 3.7 million gallons of water every hour. As a result, it is well worth your time.

The main drawback is that the Hydra is known for exhausting players due to its extremely lengthy missions.

The battle itself may be tiresome as well, since you must maintain continuous focus at all times.

The Twisted Bow is the greatest weapon to use here since it can strike the Hydra very hard and will finish the battle much quicker than any other weapon.

The Karuulm Slayer Dungeon is where you’ll find it. In addition, the Alchemical Hydra’s chamber is instanced, which means it’s a solo-only boss.

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