In this article, we will be going through the walkthrough for the Shattered Realm Ruins of Wrath mission in Destiny 2.

The destiny 2 shattered realm ruins of wrath secrets is a mission in the Shattered Realm DLC for Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Shattered Realm Ruins of Wrath Mission Walkthrough

  • Shattered Realm is a kind of mission.
  • Ascendant Plane is the mission’s location.

Another Techeun has gone missing, and it’s up to you to infiltrate the Ascendant Plain and save her from Hive foes this time.

You must go to the Shattered Realm of the Ruins of Wrath (Week 3) and battle your way past adversaries while synchronizing the beacons.

Once you’ve aligned all of the beacons, you’ll be able to locate the missing Techeun, but be warned: the Hive will not give up without a struggle.

Goals of the Mission

Ascend onto the Ascendant Plane.

You must first pass through the portal that leads to the Ascendant Plane, just like you did in the other Shattered Realms.

Then, this time, follow the road to the left, which will lead you to a different location than the previous Shattered Realms.

Find Techeun, who has gone missing.

Follow the route lit by lanterns and keep an eye on your step as you will need to traverse a few gaps before reaching the next beacon.

Set the Beacons in the Right Place (Part 1)

After a big leap down, the first beacon will be simple to approach and is just beyond the starting point, so you should utilize your jump technique to land securely.

You will come upon a platform shortly after crossing a bridge, which you must leap onto and go to the first beacon.

Interact with the first beacon, and you’ll have to protect it against spawning monsters, much like the previous Shattered Realms.

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The Beacon must be protected (Part 1)

At a nearby portal (which you cannot enter), hive opponents will begin to spawn, and you must kill all of them.

You’ll see a percentage that indicates how many opponents are remaining, and if it hits 100%, you’ll be allowed to go on to the next beacon.

Keep an eye out for the spawning Ogres, particularly the Unstoppable Ogre, as they can be quite a problem.

Set the Beacons in the Right Place (Part 2)

Once you’ve finished guarding the first beacon, keep going in the direction of the next beacon, which can be located by following the lanterns.

You’ll be able to see a brilliant beam shooting skyward, indicating the position of the next beacon, and you’ll be able to find it.

Due to the field that inhibits your activities, it may be tough to leap around the following regions, therefore be cautious while jumping.

You must timing your leap or you will be pushed by the boulders that spawn in and fire across the arena.

The Beacon must be protected (Part 2)

Once you’ve begun the second alignment, opponents will start spawning again, and you need be cautious since there are many places where you may fall off.

Keep an eye out for the wizards, who can be very irritating and attack at the same time as the other Hive foes in the area.

There are many places where you may take shelter, which might be advantageous given the large number of attackers and restricted space.

Set the Beacons in the Right Place (Part 3)

You’ll need to make your way to the third beacon, which you can see from your present position, once the second beacon has been aligned.

Jump down to the bridge (follow the lights to locate it) and enter the next section, where you’ll have to battle your way through opponents as well.

Multiple Hive opponents will be present in what looks to be a huge hall, including an Ogre that will shoot projectiles indefinitely. (use headshots to make it more interesting)

Once you’ve gone through the region, activate the third beacon, and An Xohol, Jaws of Xivu Arath, as well as other foes, will appear.

Defeat a Xohol, Xivu Arath’s Jaws

This monster may be a little difficult at first since there will be a lot of opponents fighting alongside it, and the boss will acquire a barrier once you deliver first damage to it.

You’ll need opponents named Ritualist of Xivu Arath to harm the boss, and they’ll generate an aura when they die.

When you enter the aura, you will be able to inflict damage to the monster and his barrier will vanish, but this is just for a short period, so make the most of it.

Set the Techeun free!

Approach a huge floating rock with chains that is ideally where the Techeun is enslaved, and interact with it to release her.

The quest will finish after you have liberated the Techeun, and you will have acquired a new ability for the Wayfinder’s Compass.


  • Because hive opponents, particularly Knights, are better shielded than other adversaries, it may require more Precision Damage to knock them down fast.
  • The Acolytes are simple to defeat; however, the Knights, Wizards, and Ogres should be avoided since they may be irritating at times.
  • When you injure a knight, they prefer to shield and regenerate health, but if their health is low, you may kill them off with a finisher as they try to do so.
  • Wizards have shields that must be destroyed before they may be damaged, including with Precision Damage.
  • When battling Xohol, Jaws of Xivu Arath, try to hide since there are a lot of opponents that may hurt you, and you should wipe all the others before confronting it.


Another Techeun has been saved, this one from the Hive, allowing you to continue working on your Wayfinder’s Compass upgrade.

You’ll be able to activate the Safe Passage ability the next time you visit the H.E.L.M. and check your Compass.

If you look around Mara’s rooms, you’ll find that the Techeun, along with the others you’ve saved, is there.

The shattered realm ruins of wrath align the beacons is one of the missions in Destiny 2. This mission will take you to a new area where you must find and destroy three beacons.

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