Before I began playing Fireteam Elite, I was the typical gamer who played a game for a month or two, then moved onto the next title on the Steam sales list. I never really got into the mindset of trying to improve my skills, figuring that a game like this would get repetitive very quickly. Fortunately, I was wrong. Fireteam Elite is a co-op FPS that pits you against waves of enemies, which you must work with your team to take out. Unlike most shooters, the power of team coordination is at the center of your ability to succeed. And, if you are smart with your spawns, you can turn any game into a fast-paced action-packed match.

Fireteam Elite is an upcoming co-op shooter that challenges you to work together with your allies, especially your fire team, to accomplish goals. Each level will have a specific end goal, whether it’s a critical objective, an end-of-level checkpoint, or a secondary objective. Fireteam Elite’s unique take on the genre is that you are the commander of your own fireteam, selecting one of your four fireteam members to play as and taking control of the team in real-time. The rest of the fireteam will follow your orders, and may disobey if you’re not providing enough direction.

You can’t talk about co-op shooters without mentioning the super popular Team Fortress 2, and it’s clear that Fireteam Elite has some long way to go before it gets close to TF2. Unlike TF2, FTE doesn’t have a single player campaign – instead it takes you through a series of missions where you’ll strike out on your own as a team of elite commandos. It’s a fun game, but a few design flaws – like the forced use of voice chat – make it feel a little unfinished. That said, FTE is well worth the watch, so if you’re into co-op shooters, give it a try.

Fireteam Elite – A Fun Co-Op Shooter That Requires Some Refinement

Aliens: Fireteam Elite, developed by Cold Iron Studios and released by Focus Home Interactive, is a brand-new co-op survival shooter based on the Left 4 Dead concept. While the game mostly follows the same guidelines, it is played in third-person and has a variety of new elements, distinguishing it distinct from the series from which it draws inspiration. In this review, we’ll see whether Alien: Isolation is finally a good Alien shooter, or if it’s simply another unsuccessful effort at creating a good Alien shooter. This is our review of Aliens: Fireteam Elite for PC, in which we dress up as Colonial Marines and take on the Xenomorph infestation in a beautifully crafted atmosphere.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a survival co-op shooter for up to three players at its core. Bots are used to fill empty spots, although the game is always played as a three-player team. The narrative of the game takes place 23 years after the events of the first trilogy. You play as a Colonial Marine on the UAS Endeavor, and your goal is to assist in the containment of a dangerous Xenomorph epidemic in different locations. Your primary center throughout the campaign will be your ship, where you will spend your time while you are not on missions. You’ll find a variety of NPCs here with whom you may converse to discover more about what’s going on in the world, as well as different facilities for restocking your weapons and armor, as well as purchasing more.

Fireteam Elite – A Fun Co-Op Shooter That Requires Some Refinement

You will deploy on different missions from your spacecraft, one of which I will point out is quite easy. The game guarantees that all players have the same narrative advancement and shuts out any objectives that even a single member in the group has not unlocked yet when inviting friends over for co-op gaming. Your inventory and class choices are also controlled by the Esc key, which makes things more easier. However, you may change your class before starting a task. Although there are no cutscenes throughout the missions, there is lots of conversation between NPCs in the missions and your command.

The campaign duration is perhaps the greatest disappointment in Aliens: Fireteam Elite. It keeps you wanting more even after you’ve finished the game. The game features four campaign missions at launch, and each campaign mission has numerous objectives, usually three. The narrative is continuing in these missions, but I didn’t care about the title’s tale since the game seems more like a survival shooter in which you must run-and-gun aliens and accomplish goals without caring about the title’s story. The goals are largely the same as well, requiring you to secure places, protect survivors, and press numerous buttons at various locations in order to progress. This demonstrates that Aliens: Fireteam Elite’s primary emphasis is on co-op enjoyment and shooting mechanics rather than providing a story-driven experience.

Fireteam Elite – A Fun Co-Op Shooter That Requires Some Refinement

Each mission in Aliens: Fireteam Elite is played in three-player teams, however if you choose to play alone, your team will be made up of two robotic AI players who are actually two robotic players. Instead of randomly chosen individuals, your quest will be accompanied by two gamers that resemble synthetic AI robots. I strongly advise you to play the game with your friends since there is when the game shines the brightest. The AI may be very stupid at times, but most of the time it manages to get by on its own. Before beginning a quest or inviting your pals to your party, you may turn matchmaking on or off. To play your unlocked missions, each participant must be on the same campaign progress. This guarantees that all players get the whole narrative, although you may have to replay certain missions.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite, on the other hand, isn’t simply another shooter. Its gameplay and character customization provide a lot of room for experimentation. At present time, there are five classes in the game, each with its own set of weapons and equipment. While weapons may be swapped at any time, certain weapons are class-specific and cannot be worn on other classes. Most classes have a main weapon, which is usually an assault rifle, and a secondary weapon, which may be anything from shotguns to heavy machine guns. A third weapon, a pistol, is also available, with limitless ammunition. Aside from your three weapons, depending on your selected class, you have various active and passive abilities.

Fireteam Elite – A Fun Co-Op Shooter That Requires Some Refinement

Each class has a passive ability that adds additional damage stacks or provides various proximity benefits to your allies. The Gunner, for example, may quickly build damage multipliers if he strikes opponents repeatedly, while the Medic can boost the health of his Trauma Station by collecting up assistance kits. Because there is no life regeneration in the game, you must locate and utilize aid kits to cure yourself if you are injured. Having a Medic on your squad is usually advantageous because his active ability Trauma Center may treat the whole party. There are also a variety of consumables in the game that you can buy from the armory or find in random boxes discovered throughout missions at important places. These are uncommon until you purchase them, and they only last for one usage, so you must be cautious with them and only use them when absolutely necessary.

You have two in-game currencies: Rep Scrip and Requisition Credits. Rep Scrip enables you to access the “special” stock, which is nothing more than useless aesthetic modifications, while Requisition Credits are used to buy weapons and accessories for your guns. Consumables may also be purchased using Requisition Credits. Without any appropriate weapon classifications, the Armory interface simply seems like a jumble. You must figure everything out for yourself by looking at the weapon symbols on the different objects shown in a list in front of you. At this moment, I’m not a fan of the armory screen, and I’ve seen nicer store screens in lower-budget games.

Fireteam Elite – A Fun Co-Op Shooter That Requires Some Refinement

New weapons and accessories were also a bit more expensive than they should have been. This demonstrates that if you want to unlock all of the weapons and their attachments in the game, you’ll have to grind. The weapons aren’t plentiful at the moment, but they’re varied enough, and you have a good selection of accessories to further personalize any weapon. I had to utilize the basic weapons for a long time before I could afford to buy a weapon that isn’t attractive in a game designed only for the mindless killing of Xenomorphs. This is exacerbated by the fact that there are only four campaigns available at launch, since you will soon tire of repeating the same task.

There are, however, a number of methods to make your future runs a bit more interesting. To begin, you have a variety of difficulty levels to choose from, including an Insan level that is nothing short of a massacre, and I don’t mean from the Xenomorphs. Completing every objective in the game on Insane is a huge undertaking in and of itself. Each player on the level has a certain number of lives, which decrease as you are downed but not killed. Each down represents a loss of life, and if you’ve run out of lives, you’re out for good. Aside from the difficulty levels, you may also equip Challenge Cards, which have a variety of effects on the game. There are a variety of buffs and debuffs that offer different perspectives on the same task in the game.

Fireteam Elite – A Fun Co-Op Shooter That Requires Some Refinement

Altering your class’s perks and modifiers is another method to personalize your runs. As you go through the game with your selected class, you will gain experience and unlock new skill slots as well as new skills to equip in them. You may make the game more challenging by eliminating all of these abilities, or you can personalize your gameplay by removing and replacing skills in your slots. Because you have more talents than slots, you may personalize your Colonial Marine to your heart’s content. However, this does take some grinding, as you must first unlock all slots and skills before you can completely customize your Colonial Marine. Your weapon, skill, and ability selections will have a significant impact on how the game plays out for you.

This leads me to the game’s other star, your opponents. As you battle your way through eerie space stations and landscapes, you’ll encounter many Xenomorph varieties. You’ll have to battle different kinds of Xenomorphs, which is another reference to Left 4 Dead, in addition to the usual smaller Xenomorphs who love to outnumber you. Each of these “special” Xenomorphs has its own AI and will attack you in its own manner. For example, you have the Spitters, who will stay a safe distance from you and continue to fire spit at you, which will harm you if it hits you and even if you continue to stand in their spit. The prowler hides in the shadows and attacks you while you’re not looking. However, certain mini-games will enable you to escape on your own. Drones and Warriors, who are considerably heavier, move on their rear legs and prefer a more direct head-on approach to take you down.

Fireteam Elite – A Fun Co-Op Shooter That Requires Some Refinement

Aliens: Fireteam’s gameplay is largely reliant on co-op gaming, which varies from scenario to scenario. On the one hand, you’ll be wandering about levels, hearing the Xenomorphs move all around you in tunnels and tubes, while on the other side, you’ll be overwhelmed by an endless army. The majority of the levels culminate in a defensive position where swarms of Xenomorphs assault you and you must protect it. These defensive situations aren’t simply for mission completion. You’ll sometimes be attacked by a whole swarm mid-level as well, so you never know what’s around the corner.

A variety of Xenomorphs are thrown into these hordes or regular assault waves. You’ll be firing down lesser Xenomorphs from the roof when a Warrior grabs you and starts pummeling you. Similarly, you and your team may be comfortably seated behind your Sentry Turrets until a spitter begins firing from afar, compelling you to leave your safe zone and take it out. This is also when the game’s co-op component comes into play. Whatever class you choose, you will have skills that help your whole squad, and a team that watches out for one another will live longer in the game.

Fireteam Elite – A Fun Co-Op Shooter That Requires Some Refinement

Aliens: Fireteam Elite’s level design is another aspect of the game that I enjoyed. Each campaign leads you to a different place, all of which are well designed. They seem to be eerie and scary, with numerous spooky jump scares, such as an extraterrestrial prancing on you after a closed door or one leaping from a rooftop in a dark chamber. They aren’t very frightening, but they will make you jump in your seat. This lovely level design is, unfortunately, accompanied with a mediocre music that I didn’t really like. It seems out of place, and I finally had to turn it off since it was too dull. This is unexpected since the game’s ambience sound design is fantastic, with alien whispers creeping all about you and important noises at different places during the campaign demonstrating how well the in-game sound is built in addition to the music.

There are also a few issues in the game right now. The most serious issue is that a Xenomorph may get trapped while attacking you. This was especially noticeable for the exceptional ones, such as the Prowler or Warrior, who would get trapped in some random environment item, such as a barrier or a box in its route. Rather of going around it, the Xenomorph would just go through it. During my playthrough, I came across this issue many times, however it was always random and never occurred in the same place again. It wasn’t game-breaking, but it simply looks ridiculous when a xenomorph runs into a box for no apparent reason.

Fireteam Elite – A Fun Co-Op Shooter That Requires Some Refinement

Overall, the game’s gameplay is solid, and slaying hordes of Xenomorph is a lot of fun. The specials provide a challenge, and you must be on your toes at all times to capture these buggers before they get you. While Aliens: Fireteam Elite’s basic concept isn’t new, and there are lots of features influenced by Left 4 Dead in it, it nevertheless offers a unique perspective on the model by mixing it with the fantastic Aliens series. Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a nice, entertaining shooter that is based in the Aliens world. It isn’t perfect, but it is a good, fun shooter nevertheless.

The class system is adequate, and thanks to a robust customisation mechanism, you may tweak your character to your heart’s content. The character design, on the other hand, does not appeal to me. They don’t seem appropriate for a game coming out in 2023, and they made me feel like I was creating a character for the PS3/360 period. The character animations are also stiff, although this is only true for human characters. The Xenomorph animations are excellent. Furthermore, while chatting to us, the NPCs do not have any facial animations. This is something I’ve seen in a number of RPGs, and I’m not sure why. It’s strange to be talking to someone and see that, although you can hear their voice, their face is motionless and moves about randomly. It doesn’t seem very immersive, and it turned me off very quickly. The stunning level design and atmospheric levels of the game definitely appealed to the Alien enthusiast in me. The level design and atmosphere of each level in the game are where the game truly excels.


The Bottom Line:

Aliens: Fireteams Elite is a fun co-op shooter, but the major worry is how the developer plans to maintain the game in the future. The campaign is currently not very long, and after you’ve completed the main objectives a few times, Horde Mode is your sole option in the game. While the action is enjoyable, the game’s character animations are lacking, and the music is also lacking. I liked the atmosphere and atmospheric level design as an Alien fan, and the game is very enjoyable in co-op. However, several bug fixes and improved animations, as well as new objectives, are required to make it the ideal Alien shooter. It’s a fantastic shooter based in the Alien world, but it still needs the polish to be the greatest co-op shooter available at the moment. Aliens: Fireteam Elite will be exactly up your alley if you like co-op shooters and are a fan of the Alien series, but it may seem a bit weak around the edges.

7.5/10 for the overall performance.

I can hear you already saying, “That’s a generic title, how can you possibly be inspired enough to write about it?” Well, I’ll show you. I’ve been playing a lot of Fire team Elite lately, and can’t get enough of the game. It’s a co-op shooter, where players must work together to achieve a goal. At first glance, it’s nothing special, but I think that’s what makes it so enjoyable.. Read more about alien fireteam elite steam and let us know what you think.

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