There is a problem with the game ARK: Survival Evolved and the solution is to make a server that allows you to get thatch in ARK. This server is very likely to come to life, since the lead programmer of ARK clearly stated that he wants to use it in the ARK game as a means to make it more fun for the players.

The Ark is an upcoming, open-world sandbox game that’s currently in development by Studio Wildcard. It’s a first-person survival game where you’ll battle wild creatures, build bases, hunt for resources, and craft tools. It’ll be released for Windows PC, but it’s currently in development for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and a variety of VR headsets.

In ARK: Survival Evolved (the voxel-based survival sandbox), players must gather resources and craft weapons and structures to survive against dinosaurs, and it’s a difficult task, especially if you’re a newbie.

That’s a common resource that’s easy to come by when you first start Ark, but there will come a moment when you’ll need a bigger supply.

Players often utilize thatch to construct structures, early-game equipment, and even as a secondary fuel source for fires.

While players may gather thatch on their own, some equipment and animals make the process easier and faster.

How do you get rid of thatch?

Thatch may be collected by striking trees with your fists, tools, or specific animals, but not all species will do so.

A Pick is preferable than a Hatchet when utilizing simple tools since it gathers more Thatch while the Hatchet collects more Wood.

The bigger the tree, the more resources it typically produces, making Redwood trees, for example, a superior option for Thatch or Wood.

The Most Effective Way To Farm Thatch

The easiest method to acquire Thatch is to use an Excavation Rig, which is new with the Genesis Part 2 map, but if it isn’t accessible, you may use a Brontosaurus, Mantis with a Pick instead.

The Megaloceros is another excellent species for harvesting Thatch since it is simple to tame and quick on its feet; alternatively, a Mining Drill may also produce a significant quantity.

Uses of Thatch

Early-game buildings, primarily Thatch or Wood structures, and later-game Stone Structures need thatch.

Some goods and other beneficial constructions also need a certain quantity of that’s, necessitating the need for a large supply in the future.

When making, you’ll need Thatch for the following:



  • Basket of Fish
  • Fish Net
  • Trap for fish
  • Rod for fishing
  • Lasso
  • Paintbrush
  • Parachute
  • Hatchet of Stones
  • Picking Stones


  • Hook for grappling
  • Arrow made of metal
  • Bolt of Spear
  • Arrow of Stone



  • Ceiling in Adobe Photoshop
  • Dinosaur Gate is a place where you can see dinosaurs. (Adobe)
  • Adobe Gateway to the Dinosaurs (Adobe Dinosaur Gateway) is
  • Adobe Entrance
  • Doorframe in Adobe Photoshop
  • Double Door in Adobe
  • Double Doorframe in Adobe Photoshop
  • Foundation for Adobe Fence
  • Adobe Fence Assistance
  • Adobe Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to
  • Hatchframe by Adobe
  • Adobe Ladder (Adobe)
  • Adobe Pillar is a software program that allows you to create
  • Adobe Railing is a program that allows you to create
  • Adobe Ramp (Adobe Photoshop)
  • Staircase in Adobe Photoshop
  • Stairs in Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Trapdoor is a program that allows you to open a
  • Triangle Ceiling in Adobe
  • Triangle Foundation by Adobe
  • Triangle Roof in Adobe
  • Adobe Photoshop Wall
  • Adobe Window (Adobe)
  • Windowframe in Adobe Photoshop
  • Turret of the Ballista
  • Adobe Dinosaur Gate is a behemoth.
  • Adobe’s colossal Dinosaur Gateway
  • Dinosaur Gate with Behemoth Reinforcement
  • Gateway to the Behemoth Stone Dinosaur
  • Bookshelf
  • Campfire
  • Cannon
  • Turret for Catapults
  • Bin for Compost
  • Pot to cook in
  • Crate for Delivery
  • Dinosaur Gate
  • Dinosaur Gateway
  • Trough for Feeding
  • Gift Box
  • Christmas Tree
  • Adobe Hatchframe is a massive frame created by Adobe.
  • Adobe’s Giant Trapdoor
  • Trapdoor with a Giant Reinforcement
  • Hatchframe made of Giant Stone
  • Walls of Adobe
  • Plot With A Lot Of Crops
  • A Massive Stone retaining wall
  • Large Storage Container
  • Large Taxidermy Collection
  • Massive Wooden Structure
  • Mannequin for Loadout
  • Plot with a Medium Crop
  • Taxidermy Base (Medium)
  • Mirror
  • Flag with Multiple Panels
  • Ladder with Ropes on Wheels
  • Bin for Preserving
  • Plate of Pressure
  • Dinosaur Gate Reinforcement
  • Double Door with Reinforcement
  • Trapdoor with Reinforcement
  • Window that has been reinforced
  • Door made of wood with Reinforcement
  • Rope Ladder
  • Uncomplicated Bed
  • Flag with a single panel
  • Roof with a Slant
  • Left: Slanted Adobe Wall
  • Right: Slanted Adobe Wall
  • Stone Sloped Roof
  • Left Slanted Stone Wall
  • Right: Slanted Stone Wall
  • Roof with Slanted Thatch
  • Left: Slanted Wall made with thatch
  • Right: Slanted Thatch Wall
  • Left Slanted Wood Wall
  • Right: Slanted Wood Wall
  • Wooden Roof with a Slant
  • Plot for a Small Crop
  • Taxidermy Base of a Small Size
  • Torch in the Air
  • Ceiling made of stone
  • Gateway to the Stone Dinosaurs
  • Doorframe made of stone
  • Double Stone Doorframe
  • The Foundation of a Stone Fence
  • Support for Stone Fence
  • Fireplace made of stone
  • The Foundation is Made of Stone
  • Hatchframe made of stone
  • A Pillar of Stone
  • Railing made of stone
  • Staircase made of stone
  • Stairs made of stone
  • Triangle-shaped stone ceiling
  • Triangle of Stone Foundation
  • Triangle Roof of Stone
  • Stone Wall
  • Window Frame Made of Stone
  • Box for storing things
  • Tent
  • Ceiling made with thatch
  • Door made with thatch
  • Doorframe made of thatch
  • The Foundation of Thatch
  • Thatch Wall
  • Dummy for Training
  • Vessel
  • Torch for the Wall
  • Wardrums
  • a water source
  • Bench made of wood
  • Billboard made of wood
  • Cage made of wood
  • Catwalk made of wood
  • Ceiling made of wood
  • Chair made of wood
  • Wooden Door
  • Doorframe made of wood
  • Double Wooden Door
  • Double Doorframe Made of Wood
  • Foundation for a Wooden Fence
  • Support for Wooden Fence
  • Foundation made of wood
  • Hatchframe made of wood
  • Ladder made of wood
  • Pillar made of wood
  • Railing made of wood
  • Ramp made of wood
  • Sign made of wood
  • Staircase made of wood
  • Stairs made of wood
  • Trapdoor made of wood
  • Triangle Ceiling Made of Wood
  • Triangle of Wooden Foundation
  • Triangle Roof Made of Wood
  • Wall made of wood
  • Sign on the Wall Made of Wood
  • Window made of wood
  • Window Frame Made of Wood


  • Liquid Beer
  • Canoe
  • Fertilizer
  • Note


Thatch is very helpful in the early phases of playing on a map, and it is even needed for other crafting goods later on.

It’s important to have at least the appropriate tools or animals, as well as a nearby area with trees, to maintain a healthy supply of Thatch.

Although larger quantities of thatch may be required on occasion, it is very simple to gather since a significant quantity is typically collected when trees are cut.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get thatch in Ark survival evolved?

You can get thatch in Ark survival evolved by using a stone pickaxe to mine it from the ground.

How do you get thatch easy in Ark?

You can get thatch in Ark by using a tamed animal to eat it.

What is the best thatch collector ark?

The best thatch collector ark is the one you feel most comfortable with.

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