Over the past few months I’ve been playing a lot of F2P games, and one of the most important things you can do to improve your experience is to find the best F2P prayer altar locations. But what exactly is a prayer altar and why do you want to find one? And how will finding one affect your gameplay? And what about P2P (or drop-in/drop-out) prayer altars? What’s the difference? And what about consecrated and unholy altars? What should you do if you find a P2P altar and what if you find an unholy one? Find out all this and more in this article!

Prayer, in general, is a powerful tool for helping you to improve your life. When you pray, you put yourself in a position to ask for help, which in turn allows you to take control of your life and make your life better.

If you want to pray in a meaningful way, the answer is simple. Prayer doesn’t have to be difficult. There are many different locations where you can pray, and there are many different ways to pray. Prayer is a deeply personal and intimate act that doesn’t need to be complicated. Finding the right place to pray is just the first step.

By praying, the player can significantly increase their skills, protect themselves from all kinds of attacks, and even restore their health with their prayer points alone.

But there are only a few ways to restore prayer, with altars completely restoring a player’s prayer points in a single game!

This is why altars are incredibly useful in OSRS. Especially in F2P where altars are the only way to recover prayers.

So let’s take a look at the best alternative locations in the game, so you know where to go when you need to.

10. Lumbridge Church

The Best Prayer Altar Locations (F2P + P2P) –

We begin our list with the very first altar you will encounter on your journey, at Lumbridge Church.

This place is useful for beginners practicing entrance prayers with the goblins outside Lumbridge.

Here you can easily restore your prayer points and then continue your rampage!

This place is also available for F2P players, which makes it popular.

The church itself also offers an introduction to the skill of prayer in general, as well as the Restless Ghost quest, which gives the experience of prayer as a reward.

Where to find : In front of Bob’s Axes, just in front of the castle.

9. Edgeville Convention

The Best Prayer Altar Locations (F2P + P2P) –

Edgeville Monastery is home to OSRS monks and is a place of prayer.

You can even buy a prayer skill cloak here when you reach level 99.

The altar is on the second floor. Floor of the monastery and is one of the special altars in OSRS. If you pray at this altar, you get all your prayer points back plus a +2 bonus.

This altar is also available in F2P, which makes it the best altar for F2P, especially for PvP since it is right next to the Wildlands.

The monastery also plays a role in several quests, so you’ll probably visit this place from time to time.

To enter this altar, you will need a prayer of at least level 31.

Where to find : Is in 2. The floor of the monastery in Edgeville.

8. Tribal Statue

The Best Prayer Altar Locations (F2P + P2P) –

Here is another special altar, this time in Tai Bwo Wannai.

Where churches have ordinary altars, this altar is a statue of the tribe. It performs all the same functions but is dedicated to the non-traditional gods Karamji OSRS.

This altar is very useful because it is one of the only places on the whole island of Karamja. Therefore, it can be useful to do quests in the area or kill monsters in the Brimhaven dungeon.

It is also often used in the Tai Bwo Vannai Purification mini-game, which is facilitated by the use of prayers.

Note that you must complete the Tai Bwo Vannai Trio quest to use the altar. This is an intermediate search, so the requirements are not too high.

Where to find : Tai Bwo Wannai is located just above the village of Shilo.

7. Altar of the Damned

The Best Prayer Altar Locations (F2P + P2P) –

This is a rather unique altar deep in Moritania, used in the mini game Shades of Mort’ton.

Unlike most altars where you pray on the altar to get prayer points back, the Altar of the Damned can only replenish your prayer points if bleached bones are burned on the altar.

Bleached bones can be obtained from the undead zeloths that roam the area.

This is useful because in the mini-game you have to fight against different shadows in the catacombs. The use of the melee protection prayer is strongly recommended here.

As in many places in RuneScape, having a method to collect prayers is key to survival, especially for low level players.

Where to find : At the heart of the Shades of Mort’ton mini-game.

6. Darkmeyer

The Best Prayer Altar Locations (F2P + P2P) –

On the upper floor of Darkmeyer is a statue listening to prayers, an altar to the vampire gods of OSRS.

You must pay 1 to 3 health points to use this statue, which are automatically sucked from you when you use the altar.

This is one of the most used altars in OSRS, as many players send vampire guards on a killing mission to get the coveted blood shard.

And these guards only go through the upper level of Darkmeyer.

Using protective prayers is the best method here, as you won’t be consuming food or prayer drinks anyway, due to the conveniently located altar.

To access this location, you will need to start the Sins of the Father quest, as you will only gain access to Darkmire at a certain point in that quest.

Where to find : Located next to the bank on the upper level of the vampire city of Darkmeyer.

5. Elidinis statue

The Best Prayer Altar Locations (F2P + P2P) –

The Elidinis statue can be used as an altar and is by far the best statue in OSRS in terms of overall effect.

The statue is an altar to the god Elydinis, who is worshipped in Narda.

And the statue not only restores prayer like a normal statue does, but it also restores run energy and special attack, heals poison, and restores the player’s health with +7 health points.

As a result, this miniature acts a bit like a decorative pool in a player’s home, making it valuable to some players.

This character becomes especially available to players who have passed the elite desert journal, as the desert amulet (4) allows unlimited teleports to Nard and the character.

To gain access to the statue, you must complete the Eild’s Ghosts quest, which is a medium-level quest.

Where to find : In the temple of Nardach, after completing the Spirits of Elyda quest.

4. Status of Apenatol

The Best Prayer Altar Locations (F2P + P2P) –

Another fantastic statue/altar at the sacred temple of Marimbo in Ape Atoll.

This temple is located in the northeastern part of the city and houses several monkey guardians of a very high level who can heal quickly.

Overall, this is a very popular place to train, as players use the altar here (along with a full set of dharok) to quickly train their strength levels.

A melee prayer means you can stay here indefinitely and gain as much experience as you want.

You can even unlock a teleporter that will send you straight to the temple!

For this method you have to finish Monkey Madness I, but make sure you haven’t finished Monkey Madness II yet, otherwise the guards won’t attack you anymore.

Where to find : Found on the monkey atoll near the Marimbo temple.

3. God Wars Dungeon

The Best Prayer Altar Locations (F2P + P2P) –

There are four altars in the God Wars dungeon, all in the personal rooms of their respective generals.

These altars are special and function differently than other OSRS altars.

First, the altars here can only be used once every 10 minutes. This is likely a mechanism to prevent players from sticking with certain bosses for too long.

Second, they give an extra prayer point for each item associated with the god of that altar. That’s more than the maximum number of prayer points.

Finally, these altars offer a teleportation ability that can be used in an emergency to get out of the final boss room.

It’s the only way out, and you can’t use the door from the inside.

Eventually, this location will be used by everyone who enters the God Wars dungeons – as the extra prayer is absolutely necessary for the long walks.

Where to find : In each of the boss rooms of the God Wars dungeons.

2. Golden Altar

The Best Prayer Altar Locations (F2P + P2P) –

Gold altars are a great option for hunting, as they can be built in a house owned by the player.

This means you can have your own personal altar!

Please note that you must be at least level 75 to do this.

However, a golden altar can also be used to learn to pray, as using dice on a golden altar gives 3.5x extra experience for each die used!

This is by far the best way to train a prayer to 99 – especially for hardcore Ironmen who can’t use the Chaos Altar without great risk.

Where to find : Located in a player’s house. It can be built, but you must be at least level 75 to build it.

1. Chaos Altar

The Best Prayer Altar Locations (F2P + P2P) –

This altar is by far the most popular in OSRS and is located in a level 38 wilderness area.

So this is the closest altar to the Black Dragon King, the Mad Archaeologist, and the Chaos Fanatic.

Most players fighting the Chaos Fanatic and the Mad Archaeologist use the Chaos Altar, as it is easily accessible and provides unlimited prayer points.

And I should add that Chaos Altar is an affordable F2P location, so it’s often used for hp in the deep desert by members and non-members alike.

This place even has a second function beyond the restoration of prayer and is used even more often for this second function:

If you use dice on the altar, you get 3.5 times more experience than normal – and you’re 50% more likely to not use bones as a bonus!

This is one of the better RSO prayer training programs, but at a much higher risk.

Where to find : On level 38 of the wilderness area, on the west side of the wilderness area.Prayer is one of the most important rituals that we can perform in our lives. After all, prayer asks that we connect with those who have gone before us, those who cannot speak for themselves, or those who may no longer be with us. Perhaps prayer is important to us because it seems to have worked so well for others. Indeed, some people have credited prayer with saving their lives.. Read more about osrs prayer guide f2p and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can f2p use bones on altars?

No, you cannot use bones on altars.

Can f2p use chaos altar?

No. Chaos altar is for members only.

What is the fastest way to level up prayer in Runescape?

The fastest way to level up prayer in Runescape is to complete the Desert Treasure quest.

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