Streets of Rage 2 is a side-scrolling beat ‘em up video game developed by Sega and released in 1991. It was one of the first games to use 3D polygon graphics, which paved the way for future games. In the game, players take control of two characters – Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding – who must fight their way through a series of levels as they battle crime.

The streets of rage 2 is a game that was released in 1991. It has been remade into the Streets of Rage 4.

For the first time ever, Streets of Rage 2 has been defeated without dying in Mania mode! In this game, no death mania has ever been attained. Anyone can do it. Any character will do. Ever.

Until now, that is.

Anthopants, a Twitch broadcaster, has achieved something that was believed to be impossible just a year ago! Antho has a long list of Sega Genesis achievements, including personal bests in Gunstar Heroes, The Adventures of Batman and Robin (my personal favorite Genesis game), Golden Axe, and, of course, world records in Streets of Rage 2 and 3 — but this monstrous feat takes it to the next level!

I know you want me to get to the point, so check out Antho’s YouTube account for the run!

“Not even a year ago, everyone, including myself, believed that a life without death was impossible.”

Anthopants –


We must now establish something in this area. Mania mode isn’t simply difficult; it’s also cruel! I consider myself fortunate to have completed the game on regular mode. Then there’s hard mode, which is probably where the vast majority of rational people quit. You may, however, go on Hardest mode if you’re a true diehard. As the name implies, this is the game’s most difficult difficulty. … hold on a second.

The game doesn’t even have a Mania difficulty setting! Unless you’re a total masochist and program your controller with a code. Finding a hot sauce that’s so hot it’s illegal to buy and drinking it every day, over and over, until you can finish the entire bottle without your eyes watering is like finding a hot sauce that’s so hot it’s illegal to buy — and then drinking it every day, over and over, until you can finish the entire bottle without your eyes watering. Are you insane, dude?

Anthopants claims that his path to triumph started with 9+ tries while playing on the Mania Difficulty. Because 9 is the maximum number of lives displayed on the screen, this occurs when you complete the game with 9 or more lives.

You earn lives by collecting points by collecting actual gold bars and money bags, killing evil guys, and receiving end-of-level bonuses. Some additional lives are simply hanging around in boxes and such, much like in real life. In Mania mode, you lose lives simply for not being a human TAS.

But, in all seriousness… Like an old bag of rotten tangerines, you’ll be mobbed, tag-teamed, and thrown about. Buffet will pick on you, and Donavans will have the upper hand.

“I started this journey with 9+ tries with each character, and once that was accomplished, there was nothing left for me to do but get a no death.”

Anthopants –

He offered limitless amusement while building up to the world’s first ever no death Mania.


Since his no death mania run, Antho has been doing challenge runs of Streets of Rage 1, working on a no death mania mode with Max (which I believe he’ll get very soon! ), and dabbling with romhacks — Please check out The Tick + Streets of Rage 2 patch, Antho!


Finally, if you’re like us at Speed Gaming News and can’t get enough of No Death Mania, here’s his on-the-go commentary.

Technically, this is a world record since no one has ever completed this mode without dying before!

Antho is a fantastic person and a fantastic live streamer. Please visit his stream at if you want to see more of his work!

I used to go to my grandparents’ home a few states away when I was a child. I’ll never forget traveling through the mountains, trying to obtain just the perfect amount of sunshine to view my Game Boy screen while listening to the bumps on the road. When we arrived to my grandparents’ house, we’d meet up with other family members and drink a couple of cans of soda before I even gave a thought to what each component could be doing to my body.

With the scent of Christmas delicacies filling the air, we’d simply hang around and talk. My brother and I would be hooked to the TV playing Streets of Rage 2 throughout the bustle of family members coming in and out, stopping to offer hugs, the dread of someone knocking the Sega Genesis, and the sugar high. The quiet hiss of a CRT, the game’s many beautiful locations, Axel’s badass attitude, my brother inadvertently hitting me and then snatching the turkey when he already had full health… There was never a period like the 1990s!

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