[NAME]  is the first social sandbox MMO (that is, an MMO which doesn’t have a “real world” player versus player mode) that allows you to build your own virtual home, with photo-realistic 3D modeling that can be shared by friends and the world. With a full-time commitment in the game, you can create your own beautiful neighborhood and live as a society of people. The game is free and persistent, meaning you will always be able to play it regardless of your real life. You can even invite your friends to play the game with you.

PROJECT X is a new MMO that is being developed by a small indie dev team. We have been developing this game as our personal project for the past six months, and we are now ready to start taking it seriously. We will be a closed beta test and are looking for a few dedicated gamers to help us break this game.

PROJECT X is a new MMO coming to Kickstarter in March 2016. It is a home builder game where you construct your own community. Work with your friends to build, craft, farm, defend, and explore your own space. The game will feature a variety of crafting recipes, building tools, a realistic day/night cycle, and a diverse selection of animals.. Read more about best sandbox mmo 2023 and let us know what you think.

First and first, let me begin on a cautious and protective note, since we’re not talking about most/any new MMORPGs or even Sandbox MMOs that you’d usually see come through these parts. We’re also a little mobile-first in our design at the moment (despite the fact that we’re a team consisting of PC and Console players!) So, for the time being, we’re not attempting to establish any higher expectations.

Of course, we have big plans and ideas for creating a loving and fascinating world that everyone will like playing in, and we’d love to hear from anybody who’s interested in our game and how they’d want to see it progress (comment below!). Anyway, now that we’ve gotten everything out of the way, allow me to present our game:

PROJECT X, a new social sandbox MMO — come build your new home!


PROJECT X is a social sandbox MMO that we’ve just released. Saying that might conjure up images of a variety of other social sandbox games, so if we had to describe ourselves in terms of comparisons, we’d describe ourselves as a long-lasting Animal Crossing island experience hosted on your best friend’s Minecraft server, with all the DNA of hanging out in an interesting Habbo Hotel lobby.

— but we hope that’s the end of the similarities. Our goals are to really capture and scale the finest social aspects of those kinds of games to the greatest number of people feasible.


There’s already a lot you can do on the islands with basic harvesting, building, and play tools to construct your own ideal house and start influencing the environment around you. We aim to allow more deeper experiences around constructing and creating fun interactive or beautiful places for you to live, hang out, and play as development continues. Consider mini-games, obstacle courses, and other enjoyable activities that you may create on your own.

To us, you should be able to take your phone (or tablet, laptop, console…) out for a few minutes and have a fantastic time in an unique and artistically created community environment. You may earn some money, goods, or other advancements while playing on someone else’s amazing world creation and engaging with a live, ever-expanding, and enigmatic island culture, which, in turn, enables your own contributions to this world.

You may share fresh builds on our social network, which is integrated within the game (and doggos)

We’re hard at work on the next edition of the Beta, but we’re actively encouraging people to sign up for our current Private Beta by visiting our website:

We are most active on Discord, where it’s also easiest to follow along with any new development and share some ideas on the game. We also certainly wouldn’t mind you following us on Twitter or helping get our subreddit started! <3


Life on the island should be easy from now on, and the possibilities limitless. We already have our own exciting road map of goals and new ways to empower players to build, connect, and play, but we want to hear what the community has to say about everything, and at this point, we’re just looking for people with the right gaming background to tell us if we’re getting off track from building the game they want to play.


Thank you for taking the time to look at our website. I look forward to seeing you again soon!

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In the beginning, there was a simple idea: we wanted to make a game where players could come together and create their own unique living spaces to live in. This was the idea that led to the creation of “Project X”. But, as time went by, we realized that the idea could be expanded to create a whole new type of social game – a social sandbox MMO.. Read more about sandbox fantasy mmorpg and let us know what you think.

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