The Destiny 2 Thieves Landing Ascendant Anchors Map With Locations is a new map released on September 17th, 2018. This map features the locations of the three different types of anchors that are scattered throughout the area.

We learned that there are more Ascendant Anchors to be discovered in the second week of Season of the Lost.

When it comes to the Dreaming City, they are now dispersed in just two areas, one of which being Thieves Landing.

Thieves Landing is one of the first places you visit, and it’s not too hazardous, thus collecting the Ascendant Anchors is simple.

All of the Tangled Shore Thieves’ Landing Locations add up to 8 Ascendant Anchors, bringing the total number of Ascendant Anchors on the Tangled Shore to 16.

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1) The Spawn Point’s Backstory

Make careful to check behind you when you spawn or quick travel to Thieves’ Landing since there is an Ascendant Anchor concealed to the side.

This is one of the Ascendant Anchors that some players overlook since they prefer to hurry ahead in search of them.

2) The Fast Travel Point’s Left Side

As you continue ahead after fast traveling to Thieves’ Landing, there will be an Ascendant Anchor on your left side.

This is one of the easier Ascendant Anchors to find at Thieves’ Landing, although there are still others around.

3) Spider’s Hideout Entrance

If you’ve been to the Tangled Shore previously, you’ll recall Spider’s Hideout, which also happens to be the location of one of the Ascendant Anchors.

You may locate the hideaway by walking around Thieves’ Landing from the left side and looking for the entrance, which is marked by the Ascendant Anchor.

4) Near Sorik’s Cut, on the left side

There is a lengthy tunnel that leads to Sorik’s Cut, and right before you enter it, there is an Ascendant Anchor in plain sight to the left.

Another may be located on the right side of the tunnel opening, not inside the tunnel or within it, but just to the right of the entrance.

5) Right Side of Sorik’s Cut Path

This Ascendant Anchor is located on one of the tunnel entrance’s sides, similar to the other Ascendant Anchor, though it is more concealed than the first.

As you approach the tunnel, you’ll notice this, making the two close it some of the simplest to locate.

6) In the vicinity of the last bridge

There are many bridges at Theivesl Landing, however a secret Ascendant Anchor may be found at the end of the final bridge furthest from the Fast Travel Point.

If you’re on the bridge, you can see it easily, but it won’t be visible from the other side, so if you’re coming from the Fast Travel Point, be sure to turn right and search for it.

7) Behind the Elevator Structure

There is a huge structure at the Fast Travel Point that extends all the way up to the next level, leading to Four-Horn Gulch.

One of the Ascendant Anchors is concealed behind this huge structure, which you may easily enter from the side or via a break in the center.

8) Near Spawn Point, the top of a round building

There are several circular structures in the Spawn Point/Fast Travel Area, one of which has an Ascendant Anchor on top of it.

You can easily get here using jump techniques, and you may even come across a regional chest if you haven’t before.

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